Since the court upheld the CMS final rulling on Hospital Price Transparency, hospitals will be required to provide patient access to their negotiated rates for care starting January 1, 2021.
In response to this historically momentous change, CostFlex will be hosting a client webinar and round table discussion to find out how we can help our user group family. This event will be held July 22, 2020 at 2:00pm Central.
In addition to a full team of CostFlex consultants, we will also include a panel of guest speakers to help maximize the received benefit of attending this round table discussion.
If you or a colleague is interested in being a guest speaker on the panel, please let us know!
To register for this webinar, click here .
As we are all experiencing a particularly challenging 2020 calendar year of business during the current pandemic and the downstream revenue impact, the CostFlex Development Team has been working on tools and solutions to assist our client family. One of the most exciting releases from this development period is the “Year Over Year Reporting Series.”
This reporting series will allow CostFlex clients to quantify the variances quickly and accurately in charges, cost and counts from one year to another. Most clients who have adopted this reporting are sharing 2019 versus the same months in 2020 as you might assume.
Similar to other dynamic CostFlex reports, this report can use any demographic information when building the datasets to be used for the year over year comparison.
If you need assistance running this new report, please contact the CostFlex Support Team.
Based on user input, we are adding new dashboards to the Benchmarking product that are immediately available to all clients who are participating in the 2020 Benchmarking project.
In addition to the ER level dashboards, there are additional dashboards/charts included in the ER Level Benchmarking reporting that are not pictured here.
For more information or a demonstration for your decision support staff, please contact the CostFlex Support Team.
Additionally, if your organization is not utilizing these powerful reporting tools currently, CostFlex Support can quickly assist you with pulling the initial data needed from your CostFlex databases and establishing the monthly feeds required going forward.
This initial release is FREE to all active CostFlex clients.
In a constant effort to improve our tools and our clients’ user experience, the CostFlex Development Team will be releasing the new CostFlex Launcher in August. The new CostFlex Launcher will replace the existing CostFlex Switchboard.
We are looking for volunteers during this month of July to give feedback before releasing to all clients next month. If you are interested in helping us, please reach out!

Contact us for more information at (800) 398-5753 or support@costflex.com.
(800) 398-5753