Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Whether you are Irish or just Irish for just one day a year, everyone is familiar with the traditions of wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, pinning on lucky shamrocks and that the nation never seems to forget the coverage of a real Leprechaun that was reportedly spotted in Mobile, AL a few years ago, but how well do you know your St. Patrick's Day trivia?
Click the links below to test your knowledge about St. Patrick's Day and revisit a viral story about the Leprechaun in Mobile Alabama.

CostFlex 2021 User Group Webinar Series
The 2021 Annual User Group Conference is just around the corner and the CostFlex team is very excited to be hosting this educational event for our client family!

As we have shared in recent newsletters and surveys, the 2021 CostFlex User Group Conference will be held as virtual events the week of April 26-30, 2021 occurring at 2 p.m. CDT daily. Sessions are based on 90 minute blocks with allotments of time for Q&A.

Through previous client surveys, CostFlex has built the program contents based on your input and the agenda of sessions is available on our website.

Professional CPE credits will be awarded for attendees through the Alabama Board of Accountancy.

Registration for the webinar series is currently open and all registered participants will be receiving a “webinar kit” in the mail before the event that will include supporting documentation and a little bit of fun too!

Be sure to watch your Inbox for updated event information and please do not hesitate to contact CostFlex Support with any questions and/or special requests as well.
New Report: Audit - Worktask Heat Map Analysis
For all CostFlex Total Cost Accounting client organizations, this report feature was created to support procedure level cost auditing and has quickly become a ‘go to’ tool that helps maintain a highest level of cost data accuracy with less time from your assigned cost accountant’s normal audit routines.
For an overview, the “Worktask Heat Map Analysis” is an extremely useful report that allows you quickly see trends in the quantities, charges, and costs of worktasks. The report gives the end user the options to specify a range of months, specify up to 3 grouping levels of the data (Worktask, Department, Title, Rev Code, HCPCS, NDC, etc) and then on the report written to Excel, graphically show if a value is out of the norm. This is a vital tool in the cost accountant’s toolbox to make sure that the calculated costs for this month is in line with prior months, data that you cannot see using the “Price vs Cost” report series. To access the report go to the “Audit - Worktask History - Multiple Sorts” on your report selection screen.
If you or your team would like a demonstration of this new reporting functionality, please do not hesitate to send a request for a Zoom meeting with CostFlex Support.
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