CostFlex Newsletter

January 2020
The current CostFlex staff have been developing and supporting healthcare cost accounting and financial decision support software for over 30 years. CostFlex clients consist of large and small stand-alone hospitals, multi-facility organizations, clinics, physician groups, home health businesses and more.

CostFlex is an independent niche vendor which interfaces with all other vendors. Because CostFlex is not a department of a larger health corporation, CostFlex delivers five-star support to clients, 60-day turnkey installations, and provides ‘no charge’ upgrades and interfaces.
2020 CostFlex User Group Conference
Join us April 22-24, 2020 for the CostFlex User Group Conference in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Early Bird Pricing Ends February 15, 2020
Month Specific Costing Lock
One of the many enhancements added this past month, is the ability to lock down costing for a month. For example, you have calculated costs for the month and validated the numbers to be used in reporting. If you do not want anyone to re-calculate the costs for that month, simply check the box and the costing for the month will be locked.
Effective Mid January 2020
To enhance our clients’ ease of use and desktop reporting capabilities, CostFlex has seamlessly integrated the Microsoft Office software tools into many of our product modules. Currently, Microsoft Office 2003 is the oldest version that can be utilized.
However, for our upcoming 2020 product release, all clients will need to upgrade to a minimum of Microsoft Office 2010. If you are not currently on 2010, there are free run-time downloads from Microsoft that will provide the needed capabilities to continue uninterrupted. Notices will arrive in advance to let everyone know when this new CostFlex release will be releases and available for installation.