Upcoming CostFlex Webinar
Costing & Reporting Strategies to Handle COVID-19 Patients
In the wake of this unprecedented pandemic, hospitals world-wide are facing costing and reporting challenges for COVID-19 patients.

Join us Wednesday, May 27th at 2pm (CDT) to discuss costing and reporting strategies that other CostFlex clients are utilizing.

CostFlex Services Available to Help You
CostFlex has been fielding quite a few support calls from clients that are requesting assistance with daily operational short falls. These requests are primarily related to gaps in their decision support reporting due to staff furlough and other related staffing struggles during this pandemic.

Because of this, we are sending out some important client offers that were recently created in an attempt to help everyone where we can.

CostFlex is offering the following services to current CostFlex clients:
  1. Consulting services for analysis / reporting needs (up to 4 hours free per client).
  2. CostFlex can run your cost accounting system if you are short on staff (fee for consulting services).
Consulting services for analysis and reporting needs .

(up to 4 hours free per client)

CostFlex can help run analysis on COVID-19 cases, quantify loss of revenue, run monthly costs or validate data, and model payer contract changes (i.e. Medicare).
CostFlex can run your cost accounting system if you are short on staff.

(fee for consulting services)

Currently, CostFlex runs cost accounting systems for several clients. In order to take advantage of this service, CostFlex would need a remote access connection to the CostFlex database and current month's source files.
Utilizing the web based client portal, hospital analysts can quickly and accurately generate high/low/average cost comparisons of similar service lines from all included facilities. This is truly a powerful tool!

Contact us for more information at (800) 398-5753 or support@costflex.com.
(800) 398-5753