Costing Out the Plan is "Not In The Cards"?
At Affordable Energy For New Jersey, we continue to try to advocate for transparency so that people can have the facts and true costs of the energy proposals being advocated for.

That is why it was unfortunate this week to see the Executive Director for the League of Conservation Voters join the state of New Jersey and the Board of Public Utilities in denying our calls for transparency in the Energy Master Plan saying, "costing out the plan is not in the cards, so don't hold your breath."

Such a flippant response does nothing to provide clean or affordable energy to anyone. It underscores the desire of advocates to speak in slogan that is not based in fact, because they refuse to actually demand transparency that would provide those facts and undermine those very slogans. The people of this great state are the ones who will lose out and pay for these irresponsible attempts to make such serious decisions literally and figuratively in the dark without even attempting to find out the true costs and facts.
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