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June 2017
Happy Father's Day
We all need peaceful times now and then, just to sit back and appreciate life's good gifts of family and friendship.

We hope your Father's Day is one of those all too rare, relaxing days that brings you happiness.

A note from The Accounting Sleuth:
Earnings Season Update

We said this before, but nothing would improve the economic fortunes of the US economy more than a drastic cut in corporate taxes.

But, if these tax cuts are no longer on the table, what explains the overall strength of the stock market?
What Happens to Your 401(k) at Retirement?

When it comes to your 401(k), how much do you know about how it works or what it cost?

Did you know you are paying revenue sharing fees to:
  • Mutual Fund Manager
  • Record Keeper
  • Administrator
  • Financial Advisor
Stop the madness! Watch Wayne Connors, with 401(k) Investor, LLC to see how you can cut your 401(k) fees by thousands of dollars.
5 costly inherited IRA mistakes

When an IRA owner dies, and leaves the IRA to a non-spouse beneficiary, (like a child, grandchild or siblings), they must be aware of the rules to avoid a mistake which may cause the end of the inherited IRA along with a monster tax bill.
Here are the most common non-spouse IRA beneficiary errors...

Watch Ed Slott share quick tips on what you need to know about inherited IRA's.

Inherited IRA Mistakes.
Makes Sure You Know the Rules
In This Issue
Which Tax Free plan would you rather have?
Annual Contribution?
ROTH=$6,500 (50 & older)
IUL=No limit

Pre 59½ Penalty?
ROTH=Yes. 10% + State

Market Risk?

Stock Principal? 
ROTH=No guarantee
IUL=Yes, guaranteed!

Tax Free Distribution?
ROTH= Over 5 yrs &  59½
IUL=Yes. No restrictions.

Loans Allowed?
IUL = Yes (with no $ limit)

IRS Penalty Free?

Let's take a closer look at how an IUL can better serve you in your retirement.
Take Control of Your Retirement

It's no surprise that baby boomers' retirement confidence recently hit an all-time low - less than a quarter are confident they'll have enough savings to last throughout their retirement years.
  • Taxes
  • Investment losses
  • Health care expenses
  • Living longer than expected
With so many challenges, what can you do now to prepare for a successful retirement?
Ready to Start Your Social Security Benefits?
Make sure you have all the facts...

Join us for this educational event and learn how to get your best benefit from Social Security:

Wednesday evening at 6:30pm
June 14th in Plano, TX
at the Schimelpfenig Library
Thursday evening at 6:30pm
June 15th in Allen, TX
at the Allen Library

Please reserve your seat today by calling (800) 898-3572 RSVP Code 371718 or online.