October 6, 2017


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Oct 9
  Student Holiday  --  Staff Development Day
Oct 10 5:00-6:45  
   5:00-5:45 Kinder, First and Second OPEN HOUSE

   6:00-6:45 Third, Fourth and Fifth OPEN HOUSE

              ARE INVITED!!!!

Oct 11
  2nd Grade to the Altharita Yeargin Art Museum
Oct 12 9:45am   PTA General Meeting, HCE Library,
  Dr. Scott Muri, Superintendent SBISD,  will be the guest      speaker. 
Oct 19 Oct 20 NOON
  Noon Dismissal for Parent Conferences
Oct 27
  Field Day 

  Classroom Spelling Bee's in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades
Nov 10 9:00am   SAVE THE DATE:  Veterans' Day Performance
  3rd and 4th grade families and veterans invited to   
  performance as 3rd and 4th grade honor our veterans       
  with Patriotic songs.  

HCE PTA General Meeting
October 12, Thursday
9:45 in the Library @ HCE

Dr. Muri is the speaker.  
You don't want  to miss all the great information 
he will  share about our district and the 2017 Bond. 

Counselor's Corner
By Andrea Chvatal
For the past two weeks I have been in your child's classroom introducing myself and my role at Hunters Creek.  Students love seeing my family picture and some of my favorite things.  Our school has been so fortunate to have a School Counselor on campus for so many years - most of the students are very or somewhat familiar with how I support them.  I conduct guidance lessons every two weeks in every classroom.  My main priority is preventing and removing barriers to learning, so that children can be in the classroom doing their best.  Sometimes that means giving the teacher or parent ideas, speaking directly to the students, or supporting the student inside the classroom for a short time, in order to help them refocus.  I also am the Leadership Council sponsor, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, the Advanced Academics liaison coordinating the Credit by Exams on campus.  I get to be a part of so many good things - there is never a dull moment!
The results of the Parenting with Love & Logic survey are in and it looks like our school does not have enough interest to host a book study.  I'll continue to send out tidbits each week on parenting, what your students are learning in the classroom and how you can further that learning. 
Here's a link to a great article on how to avoid a power struggle with your child: Turn Your Word Into Gold
October 23rd- 27th
Each fall during Red Ribbon week, communities around the country unite to educate children about the benefits of a HEALTHY lifestyle.  

This year's national Red Ribbon week theme is "Don't worry, be HEALTHY".  
Additionally, Hunters Creek Elementary wants to emphasize the importance of exercising, staying positive, and eating good all to maintain a HEALTHY lifestyle.  
We are giving you a big head start so you can get your Cougar ready for the following dress up themes and remind them to "Don't Worry, Be HEALTHY".  
Monday: Get Fit for a BRIGHT future-  Neon Day
Tuesday:    Eat your GREENS- 
Camo Day
                                                 (That says Camo Day but you can't see it!)
Wednesday: Keep calm and EXERCISE on-  Crazy Socks Day
Thursday: Invest in REST-  Pajama Day
Friday: Hair's to a HEALTHY Lifestyle-  Crazy Hair Day
     3rd and 4th Grade Veterans Day Salute!
On November 10th the third and fourth grades will perform a program of patriotic songs to celebrate Veterans Day.

Friday, November 10th
Hunters Creek Cafeteria
9:00 a.m.

Please invite family members who are veterans to come to the performance. There will be special rows saved for seating for families who bring veterans. 

The students and parents love to see our current or past members of the military in uniform.                             


Important Information about the GT Identification Process
Parent Referral Forms are available on-line at 

These forms must be completed by Monday, October 23, 2017.  This electronic process for parents is new this year.  Parents new to School Mint will need to create a log-in and password and go through the process of "Applying to a School".  The grade you are "applying to" is the student's current grade at Hunters Creek Elementary.  

Feel free to call Andrea Chvatal, 713-251-6000 ext. 6044, for questions.
Planned Experiences have been completed in class.
Two-Step Process
SBISD has developed a two-step identification process to efficiently assess students' needs for the services provided by the Gifted and Talented Program. Level 1 is the first step of the process. Data in Level 1 of the process will be collected for every student referred for the GT program. This step includes collecting data from:
  •  students through the Planned Experience,
  •  teachers through a standardized behavioral inventory,
  •  parents through the parent inventory through School Mint on-line
  •  MAP District Testing (NRT) completed in the classrooms with teachers.
A student must have at least one score that meets the GT standard in Level 1 to continue in the identification process. Students who have no scores meeting the GT standard in Level 1 will not continue in the identification process and will not be tested.
Level 2 is the second step of the identification process. Level 2 includes the administration of nationally standardized, norm-referenced tests. This testing will take place during the school day. The district identification committee will review the data collected for all students who completed Level 2 of the process to determine which students' data indicate the need for GT services.
Honor Scores for Two Years
SBISD will honor test scores for two years, beginning in 1st grade. The publishers of standardized tests clearly indicate that the scores are representative of a student's ability for a two-year period. For this reason, we will honor a student's scores acquired through the GT identification process for two years - this does not include Kindergarten students. Students may be referred each year, but the previous year's test scores will be utilized. Students that were tested last year will not be re-tested again this school year for GT identification.
October 23rd
 GT On-line  Referral Deadline  

No late referrals will be accepted due to timeline constraints.

New to this stuff?  Here is some quick info about both four our new parents.

Open House for Families - Parents and Grandparents are Invited
This is a time for children to bring their parents to the classrooms, show them around and show off some of their work. They will also want to take you to see the library, gym, music and art rooms.  Many of our students also visit other learning spaces and will want to show you those places as well.  All our teachers will be there to meet and greet as you tour the classroom and school.  

Kinder, First and Second rooms will be open 5:00-5:45.  
Third, Fourth and Fifth rooms will be open 6:00-6:45. 

Our PTA Board has encouraged our teachers to post a Wish List for their classroom. We have so many generous parents who give to Annual Fund, support the Auction and donate to the PTA in other ways to support the operating budget.  This is a way to give directly to your child's classroom.  

Parent Conferences
Each fall the teachers meet with the parents of each student to share beginning of the year assessment, goals for learning and to answer questions. The conferences are scheduled for 20-25 minutes. If you don't feel you had enough time, please set another date to meet as there are probably parents outside the door waiting to come in.  

Each year I remind parents how much time and effort teachers put into the preparation for each student's conference.  It takes, at the very least, 60-90 minutes to prepare for one student - collecting the data, looking for strengths and areas for growth to share with parents, preparing documents and reports to share with parents, and organizing what to share with the parents.  

If you have not signed up for your parent-teacher conference yet - please do it as soon as possible.  Most teachers sent out a sign up genius with time slots. If you didn't get that, email the teacher.  
Tough Minds and Tender Hearts

I've been sharing the Guidepost to Help Parents Cultivate Empathy from Richard Weissbourd and Stephanie Jones's article, Making Caring Common Project. Empathy is at the heart of what it means to be human. 

Empathy is key to preventing bullying and many other forms of cruelty.  Empathy includes valuing other perspectives and people. It's about perspective-taking and compassion

They offer five guideposts to help parents cultivate empathy. The five guideposts are based on research and the wisdom of practitioners. I'll share one each week.  

First Guidepost to Help Parents Cultivate Empathy
Empathize with your child and model empathy for others 

Second Guidepost is
Make caring for others a priority and set high ethical expectations
If children are to value others' perspectives and show compassion for them, it's very important that they hear from their parents that caring about others is a top priority, and that it is just as important as their own happiness. Even though most parents say that raising caring children is a top priority, often children aren't hearing that message.

Try this:
1. Keeping to a clear message. Consider the daily messages you send to children about the importance of caring. For example, instead of saying "The most important thing is that you're happy," you might say "The most important thing is that you're kind and that you're happy."

2. Prioritizing caring when you talk with other important adults in your children's lives. For example, ask teachers and coaches whether your children are caring community members in addition to asking about their academic skills, grades, or performance.

3. Helping your children understand that the world doesn't revolve around them. It's vital at times for parents to put children's concern for others above their happiness, for example, insisting at times that children turn off the TV and help around the house, be polite even when they are in a bad mood, or not dominate the airwaves when they are talking to other children or adults.

Dr. Scott Muri, Spring Branch Superintendent, will be visiting our campus for the PTA meeting NEXT THURSDAY, October 12 at 9:45 in the library. He'll talk about when HCE may be getting a new building and he'll discuss the upcoming bond and answer your questions.

Thank you to Natalie Castellanos, Angie Murray and Beth Silsby for kicking off our annual Spelling Bee for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders! The first practice is Tuesday. Remind the kids about the t-shirt design contest!!

Remember that Fridays are HCE Spirit Days...wear your favorite HCE gear and show your Cougar Pride!

Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE at open house next Tuesday night.

Jennifer Daly
HCE PTA President
Our Cougars will want to "BEE" their best at HCE on Friday, October 27
th during their Classroom Spelling Bees! The following instructions are about the Classroom Bee plus activities that may benefit your Cougar:
General Information
Cougars in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade compete in the spelling bee at the classroom level.  Be prepared for your Cougar to be the best they can "BEE" at HCE to spell their way to the next level. The top two Cougars from each class advance to the School Spelling Bee.
Local levels and dates for the Bee:
  • Classroom     - Friday, October 27th       
  • School            - Thursday, December 7th
  • District           - Wednesday, February 21st
  • Regional        - TBA
Word Lists
There are three lists of words to study for each grade. Each list has a level assigned to it and the words will be used in level order during the Classroom Bee (i.e. Level One, Level Two and Level Three). These are the actual words to be used in each Classroom Bee. Word lists are either attached in this packet or they have already been sent home. They will also be available in the school office and library.
Morning Practice Sessions
Classroom Bee non-mandatory word practice sessions are held before and after school on the dates noted below. Please drop your students off as soon as the gates open at 7:20am so we can start promptly. After school sessions start at 3:00pm. If you are interested in these sessions for your Cougar, please complete and return the permission slip in this packet to the Spelling Bee box in the front office by Monday, October 9th.
  • Tuesday, October 10th       3:00-3:30pm in the Library
  • Tuesday, October 17th       3:00-3:30pm in the Library
  • Thursday, October 19th     7:20-7:50am in the Library
  • Tuesday, October 24th       7:20-7:50am in the Library
Volunteers are needed for practice sessions!! Parents, please make sure to RSVP for word calling at the below link on Sign-up Genius:

Logo Contest
We encourage each 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Cougar to participate in the contest to design a logo for the HCE Spelling Bee. Our theme this year is "Bee-lieve in yourself". Please find the attached form in this packet. All entries are due by Monday, October 23rd. The logo contest winner will be announced on Friday, October 27th.
Good luck!! If you have any questions about the spelling bee, please contact:

Angie Murray /
Beth Silsby/ or 
Natalie Castellanos /

HCE Presents "Flying High Field Day"
Friday, October 27th
Kinder &1st 8:15 - 9:45
2nd & 3rd 10:15 - 11:45
4th & 5th 12:30 - 2:00
To sign up, visit Sign Up Genius by clicking below:
Sign up to volunteer either during your child's time slot or an alternate time slot which would allow you to walk around with your child's class

Every Month Should Be Lice Prevention Month

Information provided by the HCE Health Lifestyles Committee: 
Niki D'Agostino, Keri Wagner & Laura Zehl
Art projects are usually relaxing and fun, so this can be a great downtime activity for kids! Reflections is a national PTA contest and this year's theme is  "Within Reach . Students can submit artwork in more than one of the following categories:

Dance Choreography
Film Production
Musical Composition
Visual Arts

Entering is easy. Please review the category  rules  and  previous submissions Entry forms  also are available in the front office, and the art and music classrooms. Drop off forms with the artwork at the front office by 3 p.m. on Friday, October 27thKids who sign up will automatically enter into a drawing to win a ukulele! Entries will be judged in November. Students will be recognized and celebrated during the school year, so stay tuned!
Lastly, any HCE student who loves to draw can enter the 2019 Reflections  theme search  to win $100!
For theme ideas or additional information on Reflections, contact Lorena Guilanshah at .

We need volunteers to help our amazing new librarian, Ms. Stultz, keep our school library running smoothly. Each year, we ask parent volunteers to help with special projects in the library through our Core Volunteer Group or to volunteer during your child's classroom time.
If you're interested in volunteering during your child's class time please sign up at
If you're interested in being included in the Core Volunteer Group or if you have any questions, please email the Library Chair, Natasha Balette, at
Thank you to all parents who have already signed-up! We hope to hear from you soon!

The PTA is looking for interested volunteers to help out in the Teacher Workroom.  Ideally, each volunteer will work once a month on Tuesday or Thursday in the workroom making copies, cutting, pasting and laminating for our HCE teachers.  Most likely the commitment is no longer than a couple of hours a month.  The time spent in the workroom helps our faculty and staff so much and allows them to spend more time focused on the classroom. 
Please contact Kelly Siblik at to volunteer today.
When contacting about volunteering, please mention if you are interested in working the first Tuesday, third Thursday, etc. There is not a designated time on the volunteer day so just come in that day when you can. We will have training once all Tuesday and Thursday volunteer positions are filled. Thanks in advance!
3 Easy Ways To Help Hunters Creek Elementary!!

Box Tops for Education -
  • Simply clip Box Tops from hundreds of participating brands.
  • Please, put Box Tops in a plastic bag (or envelope) labeled with the child's and teacher's name and current grade.  Ask your child to hand them in to his/her teacher.
  • Send only valid coupons, the coupons EXPIRE after 3 years.
  • Register at to earn eBox Tops.  This is an online version of Box Top and are electronically credited to our school's account, with no clipping required. All you have to do is shop at hundreds of your favorite stores through the and the money is automatically credited to our school!
  • The class that submits the most Box Tops will win an ice cream party at the end of the year!
Kroger's "Neighbor to Neighbor" Program -
  • Link your Kroger Card to HCE online at  Organization #83363.  HCE receives 1% of every purchase made with your Kroger Plus Card.  
Amazon Smile- 
  • Visit and go to "pick your charitable organization" and type Hunters Creek Elementary and select Houston, Texas. It will come as PTA.
  • Only eligible purchases will result in a donation. 
These are all easy ways to earn money for HCE!  
Contact Ann Staley for more information or with questions at

Don't forget to complete your ANNUAL VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION. 

You need to do 2 things to complete your annual volunteer registration. 
1.  Register with SBISD at
2.  Attend on of the HCE volunteer trainings to be scheduled throughout the       year. 
3. Volunteers who were cleared last year are 'good to go' for the beginning
    of the year only.  

NEW THIS YEAR - iKids is offering 

iKids is registering now for Spanish classes during the day at HCE!  

Classes will be offered during Lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays for grades 2 - 5. 

For any questions or to register, please contact iKids at 713-665-5200 or

CLICK HERE for registration information.  

iKids U After-School Program

iKids U registration is going on now for 2017-2018  School Year!  

Turn in registrations at the HCE front office, visit iKids online at, or register by phone at 713-665-5200.  iKids U offers a variety of onsite after-school opportunities at HCE including Stay & Play, Enrichment classes, and One on One services.  Customize your child's after-school schedule with part-time and full-time options available!  iKids U starts on the first day of school and classes are filling-up fast so enroll today!
Hunters Creek Elementary | School & PTA | 713-251-6000| Email | Website

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Deadline is Wednesday by 10:00 am