Yes, YOUR doctor!
Your doctor may be closed for business in the near future. There is a shortage of physicians nationwide, at last count 14,000 and growing. Although much of your care in the future will be automated, an adequate number of doctors will not be available for at least the next 10 years, but don't panic!
You will want to know how you can best prevent the illnesses that eliminate your need for medical intervention. Does every illness require a prescribed pharmaceutical? And what are your options?
You'll get to have your questions answered and be given simple solutions for managing your health at A Day with the Doctor - Friday June 24th in Santa Fe.
The trend has been for your insurance to pay when you are sick but to compensate very little towards keeping you well. Doctors have been experts of disease but most have limited training in disease prevention and screening exams are an excellent tool for early detection, once you are sick.
Here's the good news! We all can be healthier. Many of your disorders are completely reversible. Here's the catch. Only you can make the investment of time, energy and intention to feel better and, even, look younger. I'm giving you the best strategies from the masters of nutritional medicine, anti-aging care and energetic healing in simple techniques for everyday living!
Join me for A Day with the Doctor to Relax, Rewind & Renew how you will
care for yourself, starting NOW.

Healthy Living Idea:

Don't forget to spend 15-20 minutes outdoors daily in the summer heat, to warm up the body, burn more calories, improve your immune system and elevate your mood by increasing your serotonin.

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At One To One Events , you learn to take the steps to improve your health and enrich your life! 

Join me for A Day with the Doctor Friday, June 24th in Santa Fe, NM

About One To One Integrated Health
One To One is a medically guided wellness program designed for lifestyle enhancement and health rejuvenation, where the focus is on the person and not solely on the process.