I just wanted to remind you about the Community Engagement Panel (CEP) meeting regarding the threat to nuclear waste from earthquakes and tsunamis along our shore. We'll learn about new discoveries using state of the art deep geological 3D mapping, presented by Scripps Institute of Oceanography. It takes place at 5:30 P.M. on Thursday, 2/16, at the Ocean Institute in the Dana Point Harbor. More details can be found here.

We have submitted this list of questions in advance of the meeting so there is a better chance of getting complete answers Thursday night, (a big thank you to those who sent me their questions). Having a good turnout at this meeting will give these questions more weight as Edison ponders our future. Please take this opportunity to stand with us to make public safety the rule and not just another company slogan.

This table refers to how much toxic waste may be released into our ocean in the process of decommissioning San Onofre. It is part of our list of questions, but I wasn't able to add it to my word document. You can see the whole report here. Just for example, here is a one of the tables in the report that seems to indicate that they could flush out 3500 pounds of Arsenic in just one day, along with other highly toxic materials.
Only slightly relevant...

I was recently interviewed by a friend  of the family about what other activists might learn from the lessons we encountered in our quest to keep SONGS shut down. Andy Toepel is an activist in his own right, taking a spiritual and scientific approach to address nuclear issues, visiting Fukushima and many other nuclear sites on his journey. My son, Nate, and I got up early to join Andy for his Vedic sunrise prayer and Agnihotra fire ceremony. I've never given an interview in my pajamas before, but I think it lends itself to the informal atmosphere of our morning session.  I was glad to have a chance to share on a personal level and I hope it helps others in some way. Thanks Andy!

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