An inside story about what happens when a creator with a history of espousing unpopular ideas espouses the wrong unpopular idea.

With her life at risk for a charge of blasphemy struck down by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the British government turned its back. Is asylum only for some?

Jamie Palmer provides a personal and meticulous overview of many of the reasons he long ago abandoned theories of a JFK assassination conspiracy.

Toby Young speaks with two authors about the counter-intuitive realities around "white privilege" and the unfettered identity politics of the British Labour Party.

Unpopular political opinions that go against established dogma now require social restitution. At what cost?

Can you be charged with sexual harassment for discussing the differences between men and women? Probably.

As the ideological conformity that is a demonstrable reality of the modern campus extends outward to other institutions, like law and the tech sector, how concerned should we be?

It's not something many parents want to hear, but we're as not important as we believe. Why?

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"The basis of this enforcement is a kind of groupthink, derived from a politics of compassion, moral relativism, and privilege theory. Divergent opinions are not censored, they are self-censored. Artists who disagree do not speak up. To do so is to risk losing funding in an industry that relies almost entirely on philanthropic donations from organizations that routinely signal their virtue to one another, the artists they supposedly serve, and the progressive milieu at large. Artists who value their careers and industry friendships will not express views that put those things at risk."

A Thanksgiving prayer for mercy

As the family screamed, Jesus Murphy!

Drank quite enough
Told opponents: Get stuffed!


As we contemplate the frontiers of what makes us human and how to move beyond, transgender theory plays an important role. Pointing this out gets you in trouble.

Psychedelic drugs were prohibited before proper investigation. Many taking a closer look at the positive side of LSD and its cousins are demanding a do-over.

Why is the place where the natural sciences and the behavioral sciences meet so fraught with danger?

Jon Kay shows how censorship comes in many forms. It doesn't take a government to put a governor on free expression.

I am an associate professor of sociology at California State University, Los Angeles. I am broadly interested in the study of moral conflict — clashes of right and wrong — and had written mostly about law, violence, and genocide until more recently I began to examine the conflicts on college campuses over microaggressions, safe spaces, trigger warnings, and free speech.