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Could this be the next disruptor?

For me, 1987 was a special year. Not only was that the year I received my Media/Marketing degree, but it was also the year I started my career in marketing at WPBR Radio in Palm Beach. Since that initial job, I have worked for a half dozen or so firms over the past 30+ years working for some of the largest media companies in Executive roles. My longest stop was at The Walt Disney Company/ABC for 12 years in Chicago. Lately, I have been thinking recently how I can expand on our offerings to best leverage my knowledge, my wisdom and my relationships for various businesses. I really would love to disrupt the traditional marketing agency model. And then, I had a lightbulb moment!


Our program is a completely out of the box way of re-engineering the traditional media management model. We are now offering a monthly flat-fee subscription that gives you access to an experienced marketing individual with the most talented contacts in the industry to help you with:

Creative/Video Production


Paid Social Media

Media Strategy

Website Design

Content Writing/Strategy

And More!

This program is ideal for not only new companies but also long standing firms that may not have the most mature marketing departments and are technologically challenged in several key areas.

Our model offers several benefits including cost savings, access to specialized expertise and marketing technology, scalability and flexibility. Sound intriguing? If you would like to learn more, please contact us here!

Are TV ad prices going down?

TV pricing has always been predicated on supply and demand. It there is high demand putting a strain on the available ad inventory, then pricing will increase. Currently, we are seeing a shift. The television advertising industry is expected to experience a sustained decrease in ad prices. This trend may continue to persist over the coming years, which poses challenges for marketers and advertisers.

This shift could be attributed to various factors, such as the rise of digital platforms and changing viewer behaviors, leading to a decrease in demand for traditional television advertisements. Even though the Writers Guild of America has reached a tentative deal, the strike has already made an impact as well.

However, sports content is still being consumed heavily with many consumers tuning into the NFL and NCAA. Live sports continues to garner high ratings which translate into higher ad costs. That is one of the areas where traditional tv is healthy.

Is Direct Mail making a comeback?

The latest buzz in the marketing world revolves around a surprising twist: direct mail, the old-school of advertising, is making a major comeback. This revival is not just a standalone trend; it's becoming an integral part of the omnichannel marketing strategy.

Direct mail is redefining itself within the modern marketing landscape, aligning with digital channels seamlessly. By bridging the gap between online and offline advertising, marketers are finding innovative ways to merge direct mail with online strategies, creating a cohesive and personalized brand experience for consumers.

39% of marketers have already successfully integrated direct mail into their omnichannel strategies. Majority of brands are utilizing direct mail for customer acquisition, which may have been seen as questionable through digital means.

This integration is reshaping how businesses approach their marketing efforts, demonstrating that the future of direct mail lies in its ability to mix with digital platforms, marking a new era in the world of marketing where the old and the new coexist and complement each other in surprising ways.

How to become even more 'Social'

Are you looking to enhance your social media marketing campaigns? With the digital world bursting with competition and endless content, having a clear strategy helps you cut through the noise.

First, create goals for your business that help outline the rest of your strategy. Some goals can include brand awareness, generate leads, grow audience, customer care, and drive traffic. There are a variety of social media tools that can help you achieve and track these goals.

Once you know your audience, you can figure out the best platforms that your brand needs to be on and what to post. Each platform is different, so it important to know which ones your brand needs to be utilizing and which ones are not as important.

Brands should analyze metrics that directly align with their goals. The most important social media metrics to track are reach, clicks, engagement, hashtag performance, organic and paid likes, and more. The type of content your brand publishes should be based on your goals, audience, and identity.

When it comes to social media, it is always important to be adaptable as social campaigns are extremely unpredictable. Brands need to always be analyzing their campaigns to make any changes as needed. If you need help with your social media marketing campaigns, please reach out to us here!

Influencer Marketing can also be done 'Swift'ly

Taylor Swift's powerful influence has certainly been felt in the NFL these past couple of weeks. She has brought in a whole new audience, commonly known as "the Swifties", which has made a huge impact on sales for the Kansas City Chiefs.

There was a 63% increase in viewership for women ages 18-49 for the Chiefs/Bears game, Chiefs ticket sales went up three times, and Travis Kelce's jersey sales increased by 400%. Kelce's followers also increased tremendously in just a couple days after Taylor Swift was cheering him on.

This shows how an influencer's popularity can help boost a brand's visibility and reputation. Many influencers, like Taylor Swift, have a loyal following that trusts their opinion. If your brand is thinking of getting into influencer marketing to achieve the "Taylor Swift Effect", reach out to us here!


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What are the top 5 marketing trends in 2023?

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Get help from 'The Mouse'!

Whether you've been at your marketing position for 1 year or for 20 years, the pressure to produce and come up with the right strategies to reach your target audience is always there.

Did you hear that the average consumer today is exposed to 10,000 plus promotional messages a day?

Recently, Google put out a study that determined to even exist in a consumer’s mind, a brand needs to make

22 impressions a month digitally with that consumer. Therefore, you really need to make sure you have enough

frequency with your campaigns to get through the clutter in your target’s mind.

It is also critical to reach your customer on multiple platforms. This is how they are spending their media day. Therefore, it is critical that your messaging gets targeted and delivered in multiple online and offline ways.


As a 12 year former Disney executive, I have discovered the best ways on how brands can cut through the clutter to reach their target.

By teaming up with us, we make the process enjoyable with minimal stress.

We will listen to you and always be committed to you. We strive to run our business with passion and humility all with the utmost integrity.

We look forward to empowering you to do your best work.

Until next month,

Roger Keys

Founder and CEO

Marketing Keys

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Journey into Learning

Are you trying to find the best fit school to enroll your child(ren) in? Lycée Français de Chicago is a great option!

Discover what makes their Pre-K to Grade 12 educational journey unique. Join them at their Open House on Saturday, November 4, 2023, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

You will have the opportunity to visit their beautiful campus and a chance to meet their teachers and team. Pre-register here.

Seen on the Streets!

Have you been following this bus around town?

Sacred Heart is a Catholic, Independent school that educates students Pre-School-8 to become active, informed, responsible citizens with a conviction to serve others and to shape a changing world.

Head here to learn more about Sacred Heart and their mission!

Are you Socially Challenged?

During my 16 years as a business owner, I have discovered there are (3) main challenges that businesses have when it comes to managing their social media platforms:

1) A lack of time to post consistently enabling your company to grow its following

2) A lack of strategy/knowledge on the type of content and messaging to post in order to grow your following

3) A lack of knowledge of which social media platform(s) a company should utilize in order to effectively target on social media

If one or more of these challenges hits home, we can help! We have a reasonable and effective solution to manage your social media platforms. Our solution combines the wisdom of a 30-year media vet with the talents and creativity of our Gen Z social media expert, Cate Bender.  


For more information, please contact Marketing Keys at (312) 375-5007 or you can email us HERE!

Fill up your lead funnel!

In the days of Mad Men, creativity was everything. The goal was for a brand to be the most creative creating a tag line to resonate with the audience. Now, creativity takes a back seat to targeting through data and reaching your target synergistically through multiple mediums with an integrated marketing campaign.

Find out how Marketing Keys can help leverage your current database list and reach those people along with others that have similar traits and characteristics through other online platforms.

For more details, Contact us here!

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