Sorry to mention it, but summer’s almost over. Let us help you get a start on your fall calendar – find a volunteer role, use our family story to plan a safety meeting, and read how students will be hearing safety messages with your help. 
Preventable fatality? You figure it out.
No one knows exactly what went wrong the day Rico Iannucci was killed at his construction job. He was operating a backhoe when it suddenly engaged, shot through a fence and went over a cliff. Rico was 65; an experienced worker who took good care of his equipment. His death – especially when he could have retired – was a devastating blow to his wife, children and grandchildren. Every fatality is preventable. What would you have done to prevent this one? Read Rico’s story, and challenge yourself and your employees to figure out what steps you would put in place to prevent a similar equipment tragedy. Then review the recommendations from the inquest into Rico’s death. 
Safety for the next generation – thanks to you 
For our Threads of Life volunteer speakers, one of their favourite things is to share their safety message with students. It’s a chance to make sure that tomorrow’s workers start with a built-in commitment to health and safety. Every fall, a number of our speakers make presentations in high school classrooms and college auditoriums. Did you know you’ve been helping to make that happen? Schools can’t afford to cover a speaker’s travel expenses or make a donation to Threads of Life, so our dedicated partners and donors step in. This fall, the funds you’ve given will help bring Threads of Life speakers to trades students, high school co-op students, and more. 
A volunteer spot custom fit for you
Two women in yellow t-shirts and vest smiling. One holds a clipboard.
We each bring different interests and skills to the world – thank goodness. An event like Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy needs lots of volunteers, and calls out a range of abilities. Outgoing type? Why not seek out sponsors in your community? Detail oriented? There’s a place for you in logistics. Born creative? Promotions could use a hand! Whether you can give a few hours a month or just a morning on the day of walk, your local Steps for Life committee will be glad to have your help. Volunteering with Steps for Life is a great way to meet new people in your community, expand your professional network, and develop your skills. 
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