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Small Grant Program: Next Steps

By now you have seen the HEAL Campaign Request for Proposals for a total of $40,000 in funding and its piqued your interest - GREAT!  


Do you have questions about your eligibility or what kinds of projects will be funded? Make sure to read up on the FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions. Even if you have other questions, reach out to HEAL Staff, that's what we're here for!


Then what?

Gather support. Turn to community groups and departments in city government. 


Then what?

Review your HEAL Resolution. What goals are feasible to achieve in the grant timeline (August through February)? 


Don't yet have a HEAL Resolution? There is still time to adopt a HEAL Resolution to join the Campaign and apply for a HEAL grant. All cities, towns, and counties that join the HEAL Campaign by adopting  HEAL Resolution by June 25, 2015 are eligible to apply for a grant. 


Then what?


Choose the policy you want to implement. If you've already adopted a HEAL policy, but just need funding, you're well on your way! If you haven't yet moved beyond the HEAL Resolution to adopting a policy, you can still apply for a grant, but you still need to specify which policy the funding will be used to implement. 

Then what?


Articulate your implementation plan in the application. In addition to conveying how the implementation of the HEAL policy will expand opportunities for residents and/or employees to access healthy, affordable foods and/or be more physically active, pay close attention to clearly answering the following:


  • How will the HEAL policy be sustained after the grant period?
  • How will you measure the outcomes of implementing this policy?
  • How can you focus your efforts on populations bearing the highest burden of chronic disease or in under-served neighborhoods, populations or communities?

Don't forget!

The application deadline is June 25 and we encourage each and every one of you to join the Campaign today and apply for a grant.


If you are not yet a HEAL City, Town, or County join the Campaign today or contact Marisa Jones.


HEAL Leaders Club - Who's in the LEAD?

The Maryland HEAL Leaders Club forms are rolling in - have you submitted yours yet? While formal recognition will take place on June 30 at the Maryland Municipal League convention in Ocean City, its never too too early to start moving up for 2016!

Get ready Virginia HEAL Leaders!  You still have until August 15 to submit your forms. Start filling them out now so you can spend your summer months enjoying your healthy, active community!

 What's it all about?

The HEAL Campaign encourages you to renew your commitment to shaping your community into a healthy, prosperous place to live, work, and play by participating in the HEAL Leaders Club.

 Have you already passed a HEAL Resolution but have yet to adopt a policy?


Your next step would be to:

  1. Work with your city's stakeholders and HEAL Community Coach to adopt a new HEAL policy
  2. Submit an implementation plan for the new policy
  3. Take the short survey to let us know how we can better support you in the upcoming year

That's it? 

Yep! Now you're a BRONZE member, and ready to start looking towards adopting and implementing new HEAL policies - GOLD, here you come!



Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Interested in learning more about building community engagement?

Please join the HEAL Cities Campaigns of Colorado, the Mid-Atlantic, California,and the Northwest in exploring the topic of Community Engagement and its unique role in cities. 


Why should I participate?

Seeking out and listening to community voices is an important aspect of planning for a healthy future. Providing opportunities for the community to contribute their time and talent to implementing healthy plans, policies and programs is critical to success. The small cities of Milliken, CO and Falls City, OR successfully used community engagement strategies to create healthy environments for their residents. The active involvement of community members assured timely completion of important projects, and ensured that infrastructure investments met the needs of the city and residents alike. 

What will I learn?

1. Success stories of two rural, small cities
2. Tips for engaging residents in planning
3. Benefits of engaging residents in project implementation 


Speakers will include Mayor Terry Ungricht of Falls City, OR and Anne Best Johnson, AICP, from Miliken, CO. This is the first in a three part series of HEAL National Webinars covering topics of Community Engagement, Parks, and Implementation


Community Engagement: An Essential Building Block in HEAL Cities on June 4, 2015 at 1:00PM EST



For additional support, please visit our website, or email me at mjones@institutephi.org. 



Marisa Jones
HEAL Cities, Towns & Counties
Its been an incredible year for the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign for the Mid-Atlantic, and we sincerely thank you for being a part of it. This year we reached over 1 Million Maryland and Virginia residents with new HEAL Resolutions and policies. Congratulations and thank you to all of our members, our League Partners, and Kaiser Permanente for being part of the healthy communities movement. 

We look forward to the journey ahead with the welcoming of new members and Community Coaches, the roll out of the HEAL Leaders Club, the Small Grant Program, and strengthening our relationships with you for the common goal of shaping healthy, prosperous communities.



For additional support, please visit our website, or email me at mjones@institutephi.org. 



Marisa Jones
HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign