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In case you missed it, Fox News' Megyn Kelly, who apparently fancies herself more as a factory wall pin-up than a credible news source, recently attacked Joe the Plumber calling him a racist for an article that she wanted the public to think he had written titled, "America Needs a White Republican President" which was in fact written by Kevin Jackson, who is only slightly lighter than am I.

But there sat Kelly, in all her insult-feigned glory, railing about how deplorable Joe was for writing such an insulting, insensitive, and racist article.  But as I stated in the above paragraph, Joe the Plumber who is white did not write the article; Kevin Jackson who is black wrote the article.  Joe simply reposted it.

If Kelly were a man it would be said that she has some set of cojones for attacking Joe.  That said, her appearance doesn't rule out her having some set of cojones.  Why didn't Kelly take time on her show to call Jehmu Greene a racist when Greene used the one invective that bespeaks unparalleled racist intent above all others when used by blacks?  Greene called white, male, conservative Tucker Carlson a "Bow-tyin' WHITE BOY" right on the air in the middle of a debate in which she was unable to best Carlson.  Kelly not only ignored Greene's racist epithets, but she has had Greene on her show even more frequently since Greene's racist name-calling episode.  

Kelly is emblematic of how low race-mongering, duplicitous whites in media will stoop to ingratiate themselves with black hate-mongers.  Fox News and Kelly have ignored numerous and ongoing petitions and requests from The Daily Rant (TDR) for Jehmu Greene to be fired as Don Imus and other prominent television personalities were for saying things that were not only not as bad but that weren't intended to convey the racist animosity Greene intended with her diatribe.

Kelly is a shameful example of how the media tries to undermine true conservatives by either ignoring them or falsely accusing them.  There is no question but that Kelly knew Joe had not written the article.  There is absolutely no way her researchers would not have informed her of same.  My personal assistant and researcher would never permit me to make such a mistake.  It simply is not an option.

I believe Kelly accused Joe of being a racist to ingratiate herself with the White House and to show her bona fides to the race-mongering bigoted racists she fawns over on the air such as Jehmu Greene.  

In any event, America desperately needs another president because the half-a-Kenyan in office now is a marginally successful Neo-Leninist but a damnable American.  And if it takes a black, white, Puerto-Rican, or whatever person to set things straight, sobeit that's who we want.  As long as they are constitutionalists who can legitimately prove they were born here and haven't hidden all their past.   Oh, and they don't have a wife who has to waste $15,000 of taxpayers' money for the make-up person who paints her up for each public appearance.


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