Volume 11 | June 2018
Grand Knight’s Report
Worthy Brother Knights:

May was a busy month for our council:

The Family Breakfast produced $788.87 for the SJN Athletics; Softball Field. Thank you Chairman Hugh Gardiner.

The Family BBQ Event produced $828.81 for the Charity Fund. Thank you Chairman Steve Brischer.

The Anderson Graduation Rider Event produced $500 for the Charity Fund. Thank you Knights that participated!

The Running of The Silver Rose Mass celebrated by Father Sunny continued the KOC commitment to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Thank you Father Sunny for your homily depicting the Silver Rose origin and the KOC history.

At the State Convention in Savannah our council 7923 was awarded the Top spot for our Youth Event; Troop 522 Flag Retirement and Family Breakfast Event. Our Event will now compete with the other state's Youth submissions followed by the International Youth Event submissions - so stay tuned. Our Youth award plaque will be hung for your viewing at the Newman Center. Thank you Chairman Todd Eaton.
The St. Vincent DePaul Food collections continued by Chairman Frank Swider. Thank You Frank.

Hey!! We are only one insurance product away from earning our Star Council. Thank you to the 7 Knights that purchased an insurance product.
(Annuities are $100 and we need one more Knight)

While the month of May was a busy and successful month, June begins with finishing the drill; which includes our election of New Officers, assignment of Directors and recommit Chairman. We will also be announcing our Knight of the Year which is a difficult task as so many of you have stepped up and outperformed. Thank you all for really creating the atmosphere that is conducive to what we stand for; Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

We hope to see you at the next Business meeting June 11th. Please check the calendar Tom Marasco maintains for our council. Thank you Tom!

May God continue to Bless you and Your Families,

  Business Meeting Highlights
Treasurer Report

Treasurer PGK Tom Marasco reported:
  • Checking Balance
  • $27,927.11
  • Of which
  • Peterka Fund - $2,586.80

Financial Secretary's Report

The Financial Secretary, PGK Jim McHugh reported:
  • 279 total members
  • 167 associates
  • 91 insurance members
  • 21 Inactive
  • 13 Honorary
  • 29 Honory Life
  • Membership quota is 17 and we have 18. Insurance quota is 6 and we have 2.
Report of Program Director
Deputy Grand Knight, Michael MacFarlane reported:

  • April Breakfast: $945.93 for Prison Ministry 
  • May Breakfast: $788.87 for SJN Athletics
  • Nov 10 festival - still gathering information from Jim Callahan
  • Letter from parishioner asking family and friends to park at SJN and have a few people there who are available to bring people to graduation party in exchange for $500 donation to our council. Date is Friday May 25th, 2-6 in the afternoon, then 7-10. 50 people, 1.8 miles away.
  • BK Harvey James explains insurance: likely it will be your personal insurance first before Knight’s insurance kicks in.
  • We have plans for the building. PGK Houston Feaster is going to be our lead.
  • Plans being passed around.
  • Running of the Rose is May 29th.
  • GK Mark Davis asked for Knights that are retired that have a day off, please attend. Need as many Knights as we can for the 9 AM mass. Honor Guard will be there.
  • Gwinnett Stripers baseball game June 9th
  • Food tickets + Baseball-only tickets available. Tickets are $14 each or $30 each if you want the all you can eat and drink (non alcoholic).
Good of the Order
In last month's business meeting, the following items were included in the Good of the Order:

  • BK Trevor Chen won the 50/50 drawing.
  • PGK Hugh Gardiner was selected for the attendance raffle and won $150.
  Recognizing Knights  
GK Mark Davis Recognized the following Knights:

  • The Knight of the Month was awarded to PGK Houston Feaster.
  • Family of the Month was awarded to BK Derek Smith, wife Janet and sons Michael and Patrick.
Upcoming Council Events

June 3rd @ Reynold's Hall - Monthly Breakfast - 8:30am - 1:00pm

June 4th @ Neumann Center - Officer/Planning Meeting - 7:00pm

June 11th @ Neumann Center - Business Meeting - Rosary - 6:30pm, Meeting - 7:00pm

June 17th @ SJN - Knight's Mass - 8:30am

June 18th @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

June 25th @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

Membership Director Report
Brother Knights,

A summary of our Recruiting efforts in May 2018.

  • We gained two new Members. 
  • Noah Saunders, who just completed RCIA. A new 1st (Admissions) Degree Brother.
  • Mark Lamparter who returned to our Order, after being inactive for 10 years. He is a 1st (Admissions) Degree Brother.
  • With the addition of these Brother Knights we have exceeded our new member quota in pursuit of the Star Council Award.

  • Two BKs have advanced to the 2nd (Formation) Degree.
  • Noah Saunders.
  • Judson Baker who has also just completed RCIA.

  • Three BKs were accepted as 4th (Patriotic) Degree Sir Knights in our Assembly 2475.
  • Ray Espinosa, who returned to the order in March, as a 3rd (Knighthood) Degree, after many years, advanced to 4th Degree on May 5th.
  • Jack Kozsey, who has been a member of 7923 for approximately 5 years, advanced to 4th Degree on May 5th.
  • Jim Callahan, who returned to the Order in March, as a reapplication, was verified as a 4th Degree Knight in May.
  • With the addition of these three Sir Knights, our Council 7923 has added 13 new members to Assembly 2475 this Fraternal Year.  

Vivat Jesus
Harry MD 7923
Council 7923 Officers

Fr. Sunny Punnaknziyil 770-923-6633
Deacon Mike Hayward 678-787-1972 (Assistant)

Grand Knight
GK Mark Davis 770-313-8068

Deputy Grand Knight
DGK Michael MacFarlane 678-380-0280

BK Harvey James 770-235-6686

BK Ben McCormack 678-597-8142

PGK Tom Marasco 770-978-1207

BK Leon Urban 404-277-3120

BK Ted Asher 678-296-6192

Financial Secretary
PGK Jim McHugh 678-925-5811

Inside Guard
BK Larry Hoffman 770-972-1180

Outside Guard
BK Alex Naumis 404-556-1683

BK David Werve - 678-983-6397
PGK Houston Feaster - 404-456-9678

1st Year Trustee
PGK Bruce Rago 770-270-0003

2nd Year Trustee
PGK Dominick Druda 678-510-3950

3rd Year Trustee
PGK Ed Reyes 770-280-5913

District Deputy
DD Mike Basak 404-218-8987

Insurance Field Agent
Happy Birthday Knights

Tim Young 6/1
Hung Doan 6/2
Louis H. Lobe 6/2
David L Grosch 6/2
Joe Odom 6/2
Mark Davis 6/3
William J. Bierster 6/8
Stephen Drzik 6/8
Thaddeus Ugha 6/10
Joseph A. Galasso 6/12
Wayne J.DeGray 6/14
Edward J. Blake 6/15
William Manning 6/15
Karl T. Frey 6/17
Larry D. Sheeter 6/18
Ray Kaplan 6/20
Tim Daly 6/23
Ruben Nunez 6/24
Mark Tkacik 6/24
Douglas Richards 6/25
Chris Bernsten 6/25
Greg Bertram 6/28
Bill Marten 6/28
Jeff Carr 6/29
Patrick Hogan 6/29
James Merritt 6/30

Joke of the Month
Upcoming Council Events

June 3rd @ Reynold's Hall - Monthly Breakfast - 8:30am - 1:00pm

June 4th @ Neumann Center - Officer/Planning Meeting - 7:00pm

June 11th @ Neumann Center - Business Meeting - Rosary - 6:30pm, Meeting - 7:00pm

June 17th @ SJN - Knight's Mass - 8:30am

June 18th @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

June 25th @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

Knights in Action

New 4th Degree Knights (r-l) FDD Brad Burnett, BK Raymond Espinosa, GK Mark Davis, BK Jack Kozey, DD Mike Basak
Knights helping with transportation for a Graduation Party
Fr. Sunny and PGK Hugh Gardiner with members of SJN Softball
BK Michael Smith, a player with SJN Softball, GK Mark Davis, Fr. Sunny and PGK Hugh Gardiner with Patrick and David Rom of SJN Softball
Council 7923 recognized for best Youth Service Program in this year's State Convention
PGK Steve Brischler, Chairman of the Memorial Day BBQ Take-Out
Next Knight's Dinner- Thanksgiving in July
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