Volume 9 | April 2018
Grand Knight’s Report
Worthy Brother Knights:

Wow! Frank and Mike! You definitely know how to motivate our council to produce a record breaking Fish Fry Event. Thank you for your Leadership. Thank you Brother Knights for your hard work and contributions that led to an AWESOME March for our council.

March was a busy month for us and added to the Fish Fry Events, we hosted a very successful Family Breakfast and St. Patrick's Day Dinner. Thank you Ted Asher, Hugh Gardiner, Jim McHugh and Brother Knights that helped!
Harvey, Thank you for organizing a well attended Family Knights mass! You keep having to add additional reserved seating.

Thank you all for your prayers, determination, persistence and strength that has given Harry Holmes the ability to bring in new blood and encourage Knights to progress through the degree process.
We are closing in membership goal of 17 - which with some prayers, we will accomplish that goal on April 16th. Also we need 2 more Knights to enroll in insurance products which include annuities to accomplish our goal of 6 for the year. These two goals are mandatory along with the charitable work we do with our parish, community and building the domestic church activities that will yield us "Star Council". We haven't achieved "Star Council" since Hugh Gardiner was Grand Knight! That was 5 years ago. Let us finish the drill and achieve these goals we set out to do last July.

Finally, April will be a lot calmer than March but we will be busy! We start out with our Family Breakfast on the 8th and proceeds go to the Prison Ministry. We will host a First Degree ceremony on April 16th and since there are 5 Sundays in April we will pray the rosary in the chapel before the 8:30 AM Knight's mass on the fifth Sunday. Also - Stay tuned for the dates of the upcoming Tootsie Roll Drive to benefit SMILE and state charity. Kroger will validate the times they have for us to collect money in front of their store.

May God continue to bless you, your families, our church community and the charitable ministries we serve.

Vivat Jesus,

  Business Meeting Highlights
Treasurer Report

Treasurer PGK Tom Marasco reported:
  • Checking Balance
  • $16,450.90
  • Of which
  • Peterka Fund - $2,459.80

Financial Secretary's Report

The Financial Secretary, PGK Jim McHugh was not present, so no report was given. Membership from the previous month is:
  • 275 total members
  • 165 associates
  • 89 insurance members
  • 21 Inactive
  • 13 Honorary
  • 29 Honory Life
Report of Program Director
Grand Knight, Mark Davis reported:

  • Fish fries have been so successful. Thanks for all contributions to the fish fry events.
  • We took in ~$5100 and profited over $3200. We are 72.7% of our goal after 4 of 6 weeks (66%). 448 total meals sold.
  • BK Michael MacFarlane is resigning from the Inside Guard position.
  • GK Mark Davis told the members DK Thaddeus Ugha is no longer able to serve as DGK, so GK would like a motion for BK Mike MacFarlane to fill the roll as Deputy Grand Knight. A motion was made, seconded and approved.
  • There is now an open Inside Guard position.
  • Larry Hoffman expressed interest, so a motion was made, seconded and approved.
Good of the Order
In last month's business meeting, the following items were included in the Good of the Order:

  • BK Walter Czerniawski won the 50/50 drawing.
  • BK Ray Kaplan was selected for the attendance raffle and was not present. The prize will roll-over to $125.
  Recognizing Knights  
GK Mark Davis Recognized the following Knights:

  • The Knight of the Month was awarded to PGK Jim McHugh for the St. Patrick's Day Dinner.
  • Family of the Month was awarded to BK Mike Staffieri and his wife Sandy and son Anthony for their help at the fish fry and daughter Natalie who is at UGA.
Note from the Membership Director
Brother Knights,

Listed below are the upcoming 1st,2nd, 3rd, and 4th Degree Exemplifications. If you wish to attend any of these Ceremonies please let me or Grand Knight Mark know, no later than 5 working days before the scheduled event. In the case of 4th Degree... 3 weeks, please.

In the future these Ceremonies will be posted on the 7923 Activity Calendar. I will be glad to help you schedule the options which would be most convenient for you. Just make your wishes known to me, or Grand Knight Mark.

Please consider advancing in the Order. Each of the Ceremonies is distinct and will serve to motivate you to be a better Knight, Catholic, man, family member, leader, and citizen. There are no fees until the 4th Degree.

Additionally, as mentioned in the 1st Degree Ceremony, please review your insurance position, to make sure you have provided for your family. Fr McGivney founded our order to provide a secure and safe future for the families of the members.

Known Degree Exemplifications in the next few weeks:

Saturday April 7, a 1st and 2nd Degree in Peachtree City, a bit distant but not impossible to do.

Monday April 16, a 1st Degree at SJN Council 7923

Saturday April 21st, a 2nd Degree at St Benedict's and a 2nd Degree at St Marguerete.

Monday April 23rd, a 1st Degree at St Monica's.

Saturday April 28th, a 3rd Degree in Fayetteville, may be worth the trip if no other 3rd Degrees are scheduled.

Saturday May 5th a 4th Degree at St Monica's.

As new Ceremonies are planned they will be posted on the 7923 Activities Calendar, and announced at Business meetings.

God Bless you,

SK Harry J. Holmes
Membership Director and Degree Coordinator 
Knights of Columbus Council 7923 - Lilburn GA
Council 7923 Officers

Fr. Sunny Punnaknziyil 770-923-6633
Deacon Mike Hayward 678-787-1972 (Assistant)

Grand Knight
GK Mark Davis 770-313-8068

Deputy Grand Knight
DGK Michael MacFarlane 678-380-0280

BK Harvey James 770-235-6686

BK Ben McCormack 678-597-8142

PGK Tom Marasco 770-978-1207

BK Leon Urban 404-277-3120

BK Ted Asher 678-296-6192

Financial Secretary
PGK Jim McHugh 678-925-5811

Inside Guard
BK Larry Hoffman 770-972-1180

Outside Guard
BK Alex Naumis 404-556-1683

BK David Werve - 678-983-6397
PGK Houston Feaster - 404-456-9678

1st Year Trustee
PGK Bruce Rago 770-270-0003

2nd Year Trustee
PGK Dominick Druda 678-510-3950

3rd Year Trustee
PGK Ed Reyes 770-280-5913

District Deputy
DD Mike Basak 404-218-8987

Insurance Field Agent
Happy Birthday Knights

Rudolf J Kozsey 4/2
Deacon Ray Brown 4/2
Paul Varuso 4/4
David Brennen 4/4
Steve Brischler 4/5
Gary J. Jira 4/10
Justin Machado 4/14
Warren J. Thomas, Jr 4/14
Jeff Hairston 4/15
Ajit Jose 4/15
John B. Rago 4/16
Roger Moonen 4/17
Alejandro Naumis 4/20
Doug Copeland 4/22
Reginald F Clark 4/24
Frank Swider 4/28

Joke of the Month
Upcoming Council Events

April 2nd @ Neumann Center - Officer/Planning Meeting - 7:00pm

April 8th @ Reynold's Hall - Monthly Breakfast - 8:30am - 1:00pm

April 9th @ Neumann Center - Business Meeting - Rosary - 6:30pm, Meeting - 7:00pm

April 16th @ Neumann Center - 1st Degree and Social Meeting - 7:00pm (Candidates arrive at 6:30pm)

April 23rd @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

April 29th @ SJN - Knight's Mass - 8:30am (Rosary @ 8:00 am)

March 30th @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

Knights in Action

Fr. Sunny and Deacon Greg coming to the St. Patrick's Day Dinner right after Mass.
PGK Jim McHugh and BKs Wayne DeGray and Tom Izzo serve customers at the St. Patrick's Day Dinner.
PGK Houston Feaster and BKs Randy Merritt and David Werve cleaning up after every event.
BK Mike Staffieri and PGK Jim McHugh in their green for St. Patrick's Day Dinner.
Serving crew taking a "coffee" break at the dinner.
BKs Leon Urban and Roberto Del Valle chat during the St. Patrick's Day Dinner.
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