Volume 15 | October 2018
Grand Knight’s Report
Worthy Brother Knights,

The recent KOC "Knight Line" article entitled, "How To Help Catholics and Grow Your Council" challenges All Knights to be reliable examples of integrity, trustworthiness and to be devout sons of God. That is not easy! I suspect we are all working on this challenge, yes?

I do know that through prayer, corporal works and willingness to participate, we can accomplish our mission to help others and succeed in growing our council.

Our Membership Director, Mark Dallas is very energetic and is anxious for our council to keep growing and to expedite progress of our current Knights to the 4th Degree. Strength comes in numbers and to see the enormous contributions of a solid base in our council, it is no doubt we can accomplish our goal to bring in 17 additional Knights, move the majority of first degree and second Knights to the 4th degree and increase participation of all knights through corporal works. Planned activities allow all of us the opportunity to participate.

Our October is packed with activity - including the beginning of Phase 2 of our Neumann Center remodel. I hope most of you can attend the Business Meeting and Flag Retirement Ceremony on Monday evening October 8th.  The Flag Retirement Ceremony will be led by the Boy Scout Troop 522 beginning at 6 PM. Todd Eaton, our Family Director organized this event. Bring your worn United States flag that needs retirement to this event at 5:30 PM. We will join the scouts at 6PM, then head up to the new space at the Neumann Center for our Business Meeting at 7. The Scouts will continue to retire the flags while we our conducting our meeting then join us for some hot dogs, drinks and snacks at 7:45 PM.

Sunday, Oct. 7th is our Family Breakfast with proceeds going to the Respect For Life ministry and Thursday, Oct 18th is our Octoberfest Dinner with proceeds to help with the remodel of the Neumann Center. Hugh Gardiner is our Chairman of both events and we all appreciate any help you can provide.
Sunday, October 21st is our Knight's Family Rosary and Mass. Harvey James, our Chancellor facilitates this event and the numbers of Knights and families continue to grow. Although we haven't filled the Marion Chapel yet for the Rosary but pray we will.

For the Knights that can join us for lunch every Tuesday at 12:30 PM, the Charity committee reviews requests lead by Chairman Tom Marasco. See the calendar for location as it changes every month. This month it is at Wild Wings on Highway 124 in the Shops formally known as The Avenue. October 20th the St. John Neumann Regional Catholic school has requested the Knights to help with an event in their cafeteria and Frank Swider is Chairman of that event. See Frank for details.

I conclude by thanking Jim Carroll, Alex Naumis, Stephen Drzik and Ed Dantzer who lead us in most of the monthly Family Knight masses in Regalia.

Thank you Paul Hayes, Ken Fehner, Derek Smith, Michael Everette, Mark Giuliano, Klen Klein for your work as Leaders in the This Man is You progam Friday mornings at 5:45 AM to 7 AM. There are many Knights in our council that meet every week for " This Man Is You" faith enhancement and we encourage all of you that can please come and check this out!!!! Many of our new Knights last year came from this group. Father Sunny leads us with prayer and conversation with a breakfast and coffee before many head out to work on Friday morning.

Thank you Houston Feaster and Mike MacFarlane for your leadership in the Neumann Center remodel.

Thank you Deacon Greg, Ken Fehner, Robert Lemon and David Werve for the work you are about to do with the RCIA program and All the Knights that participate or can't participate like they want to but do pray, support, and contribute when they can.

Vivat Jesus,
Mark Davis
  Business Meeting Highlights
Treasurer Report

Treasurer PGK Tom Marasco reported:
  • Checking Balance
  • $22,458.90
  • Of which we have in the Peterka Fund - $2,658.00
  • Money Market Fund
  • $74,019.32 (as of Aug)

Financial Secretary's Report

The Financial Secretary, PGK Jim McHugh reported:
  • 280 total members
  • 163 associates
  • 96 insurance members
  • 21 Inactive
  • 12 Honorary
  • 32 Honorary Life
  • Membership quota is 18 and we have a gain of 1. Insurance quota is 6 and we have a gain of 0.
Report of Program Director in Last Business Meeting
DGK Mike MacFarlane reported:

  • Profit of $1001.02 from September breakfast.
  • Coming Thursday 9/13, Lasagna dinner. Tom still need bodies for working the floor and clean up. 
  • Renovation of the Neumann continues. Electrical should be done by Wednesday 9/12, and some trim finished. Should be completed by weekend of 9/15-16.  
  • Upcoming November 10th Festival preparations continue, with bookings. Frank Swider mentioned he has some food that could possible be used if needed. 
  • Teresa Sullivan Advance Director has asked Knights for help for her fund raiser on 10/20 700pm, to be held at the school cafeteria for 100 people. Help in serving food (buffet style) and clean up. Mike MacFarlane to get so more details. 
  • Got update on the Boy Scout Pope Pius XII Religious Award 2018 Program from Woody Lott
Good of the Order
In last month's business meeting, the following items were included in the Good of the Order:

  • PGK Houston Feaster won the 50/50 drawing for $16.
  • BK Trevor Chen was selected for the attendance raffle and was present and won $100. The award will be $50 next month.
  Recognizing Knights  
GK Mark Davis Recognized the following Knights:

  • DGK Mike MacFarlane received Knight of the Month for July.
  • BK Larry Hoffman received Knight of the Month for August
  • Family of the month for August goes to BK Dave Andrews and his wife Milagros.
  • BK Alex Naumis was announced and certificated for his 4th Degree.
Prayers for Knights in Need

Please pray for the following Knights in need:

  • BK Frank Swider's two daughters
  • PGK and FDD Brad Burnett
  • BK Warren Thomas and his wife Ann

Flag Retirement

Council 7923 along with Boy Scout Troop 522 will have a Flag Retirement ceremony on October 8th at 6pm before the business meeting.

Please bring your used flags at this ceremony so the Scouts may retire them properly.
Membership Director Report

BK Mark Dallas reported:

  • Working on 3 possible candidates, 2 from the Latino Mass on 8/19 that Alex Naumis talked about the Knights, and then passed out info packets after. Mark Dallas has a parishioner friend he’s been speaking with.  
  • Charlie Brantley went thru his 2nd Degree exemplification on 8/28.  
  • We want to do a big Push to get our 1st and 2nd Degree Brothers to go thru the 2nd and 3rd degree exemplifications coming up on October 6th, at St. Jude in Sandy Springs. 
  • The State will have a 4th Degree exemplification on November 10th at Holy Family in Marietta.
  • Remember, the 3rd Monday of every month, we plan to host a 1st degree. On Mondays with no candidates, we intend to practice. 
Council 7923 Officers

Fr. Sunny Punnaknziyil - 770-923-6633
Deacon Mike Hayward - 678-787-1972 (Assistant)

Grand Knight
GK Mark Davis - 770-313-8068

Deputy Grand Knight
DGK Michael MacFarlane - 678-380-0280

BK Harvey James - 770-235-6686

BK Ben McCormack - 678-597-8142

PGK Tom Marasco - 404-642-9270

BK Jason Rhoden - 470-268-6408

BK Randy McCormack - 770-564-8708

Financial Secretary
PGK Jim McHugh - 678-925-5811

Inside Guard
BK Larry Hoffman - 770-972-1180

Outside Guard
BK Alex Naumis - 404-556-1683

BK David Werve - 678-983-6397
PGK Houston Feaster - 404-456-9678

1st Year Trustee
BK Ralph Oshinski - 770-979-5187

2nd Year Trustee
PGK Bruce Rago - 770-270-0003

3rd Year Trustee
PGK Dominick Druda - 678-510-3950

District Deputy
DD Mike Basak - 404-218-8987

Insurance Field Agent
Happy Birthday Knights

Tracy Hill 10/6
Robert Barthen 10/9
Louis T. Camerio, Jr 10/9
Raymond DuVarney 10/11
Adrian DeSilva 10/11
Michael A. Clark 10/11
Fr. Christopher Monturo 10/11
William H. Bensel 10/12
Robert Marszalek 10/14
Louis Samaritan 10/16
Joseph V. Trettel 10/19
Bud Zebehazy 10/19
Robert A. Lind 10/20
Philip J. Petzelt 10/22
Michael Jones 10/25
James E. Crotty 10/25
Alberto Aponte 10/26
Tom Gryzinski 10/30
Joke of the Month
Upcoming Council Events

October 1st @ Neumann Center - Officer/Planing Meeting - 7:00pm

October 7th @ Reynold's Hall - Monthly Breakfast - 8:30am - 1:00pm

October 8th @ Outdoor Firepit - Flag Retirement - 6:00pm

October 8th @ Neumann Center - Business Meeting - Rosary - 6:30pm, Meeting - 7:00pm

October 15th @ Neumann Center - 1st Degree or Practice and Social Meeting - 7:00pm

October 18th @ Reynold's Hall - Lasagna Dinner - 5:30pm - 8:00pm

October 21st @ SJN - Knight's Mass - 8:30am, Rosary - 8:00am

October 22nd @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

October 25th @ Neumann Center - 4th Degree Meeting - Dinner 7:00pm, Meeting 8:00pm

October 29th @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

November 4th @ Neumann Center - Officer/Planing Meeting - 7:00pm

November 5th @ Reynold's Hall - Monthly Breakfast - 8:30am - 1:00pm

Knights in Action

BK Bill and Mary Betzel always work the dinners and breakfasts
PGK Houston Feaster with wife Anne at their 50th Anniversary Dinner
BKs Glenn Klein, David Werve and Jerry Demerly with PGK Dominic Druda working the Lasagna Dinner
PGK Tom Marasco with his granddaughter at the Lasagna Dinner
Parishioners enjoying the Lasagna Dinner
BK Tony Madore, wife Stephanie and children at the Lasagna Dinner
Come on out to the Oktoberfest Dinner
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