Volume 40 | November 2020
Grand Knight’s Report
Worthy Brother Knights,

We look forward to our 2nd on-line-order, BBQ Pulled Pork Dinner, that will take place on Saturday November 7th. I’ll have final numbers for the dinner in the December newsletter.  

Our meetings continue to go well, with masks being worn, and everyone socially distanced. I also started having our monthly Officers Meeting, held on the first Monday of the month. We held one in October, and will have one in November as well. All Knights, not just the Officers are welcome to attend.
We gained two new Knight’s in October. Christian Hartnett and Tom Giovinazzo, both went through the on-line Exemplification and are now 3rd Degree Knights! When you see them, please congratulate them. We must continue recruiting by letting men out there know who the Knights are, and what we do.  

We’re still dealing with having COVID in our lives. I continue to pray for the health and safety of you my Brother Knights and your families.

Vivat Jesus,

Mark Dallas
 Business Meeting Highlights
Treasurer Report

Treasurer, PGK Steve Brischler reported:
  • Checking Balance
  • $9,867.39 in checking includes: 
  • $3,102.80 in Peterka fund
  • $37,890.60 in Assets

Financial Secretary's Report

The Financial Secretary, PGK Jim McHugh last reported:
  • 276 total members
  • 166 associates
  • 91 insurance members
  • 19 Inactive
  • 8 Honorary
  • 36 Honorary Life
Program Director Highlights
There are many opportunities for service at the Sisters of the Visitation convent in Snellville with numerous facility and groundskeeping projects needing help. The DGK will put together a list and description of the projects and provide that along with a point of contact for the convent so that Knights can select projects and find out when they can come to offer service. We have done service work there in the past, and with 27 acres and large building there is virtually a continuous list of projects needing attention.
50/50 Drawing
PGK Mark Davis won $10.00 in the 50/50.
Knight of the Month - PGK Dominic Druda and BK Frank Swider for making the Turkey Dinner a success.

Family of the Month - BK Bill and Mary Bensel - for always working every dinner event.
Prayers for Knights in Need

Please pray for the following Knights in need (list from the last meeting):

  • All BK’s - For all our military and first responders who keep us safe every day. 

  • GK Mark Dallas – For brother-in-law Mike Fain who is battling brain cancer.

  • PGK Mark Davis – For his Father (Pop) to improve his strength so he is be able to go to Mass. He is 90 years old. 

  • BK David Werve – For Aida Galarza complete cure of illness.

  • BK Mickey Finnegan – For Ms. Helen Young who is seriously ill.

  • BK Alex Naumis – MRI prostate cancer.
New Business

BBQ pork dinner on-line orders are ongoing for Saturday, November 7th, 2020. As of October 19th, we had 63 dinners that have been sold.  

BK David Werve is looking into the Monastery sales that would begin November 14th. His update on the upcoming Monastery Sales, and the plan is all sales will be done on-line. BK Ken Fehner will set up the sales on our website.  

BK David Werve is also planning to sell Christmas cards to send to active Service Members.
Council 7923 Officers

Fr. Sunny Punnaknziyil - 770-923-6633
Deacon Mike Hayward - 678-787-1972 (Assistant)

Grand Knight
GK Mark Dallas - 404-825-2033

Deputy Grand Knight
DGK Glenn Klein - 770-923-8640

BK Harvey James - 770-235-6686

BK Brian Jeffers - 678-699-5796

PGK Steve Brischler - 770-378-0134

BK Charlie Brantley - 856-577-0059

BK Larry Hoffman - 770-972-1180

Financial Secretary
PGK Jim McHugh - 678-925-5811

Inside Guard
BK William Verciglio - 770-722-9190

Outside Guard
BK Alex Naumis - 404-556-1683

BK David Werve - 678-983-6397
PGK Houston Feaster - 404-456-9678

1st Year Trustee
PGK Michael MacFarlane - 770-527-9983

2nd Year Trustee
PGK Mark Davis - 770-313-8068

3rd Year Trustee
BK Ralph Oshinski - 678-294-8074

District Deputy
DD Mike Basak - 404-218-8987

Insurance Field Agent
BK John Paul (JP) Williams - 678-787-2201
Happy Birthday Knights

Theodore Asher 11/2
Albert R Miner 11/4
Charles Kachmar 11/5
Michael J. Knox 11/6
Robert Lemon 11/8
Roberto Del Valle 11/8
James A. Carroll 11/9
Gregory R. Kane 11/10
Joseph J. Estafen 11/10
Harry Holmes 11/10
Rocco Totino 11/11
John Vandenheuvel 11/12
Mark Dallas 11/13
Karl Schutz 11/14
Edward Reyes 11/15
Terry Markley 11/16
Daniel Kinard 11/19
Minh C. Ta 11/19
Christopher Van Lede 11/20
Thomas L Hamberger 11/21
Christopher Doran 11/21
Paul Pieper 11/23
Brad Garrett 11/29
Todd Eaton 11/29
Ronald G. Mueller 11/30
Raymond Espinosa 11/30
Joke of the Month
Upcoming Council Events

November 2nd @ Neumann Center - Officer/Planing Meeting - 7:00pm

November 7th @ St. John Neumann Church - Memorial Mass - 9:00am

November 7th @ Reynold's Hall - Carry Out BBQ Pork Meal - 11:00am - 1:00pm

November 9th @ Neumann Center - Member Meeting - Rosary - 6:30pm, Meeting - 7:00pm

November 16th @ Neumann Center - First Degree or Practice and Social Meeting - 7:00pm

November 19th @ SJN Fire Pit - Flag Retirement - 6:00pm

November 19th @ Neumann Center - 4th Degree Meeting and Dinner - 7:00pm

November 23rd @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

November 30th @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

December 7th @ Neumann Center - Officer/Planing Meeting - 7:00pm

Knights in Action

PGK Dominic Druda - Knight of the Month
Please bring your old worn flags to the Flag Retirement on November 19th at 6pm.
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