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January 31, 2019
This week I took part in meetings with State Senators Syverson, Rezin, Manar, Fowler, and Hastings to discuss the current condition of Illinois' transportation infrastructure and the need to invest in our infrastructure in order to promote further business growth. I also took part in a dinner with women transportation infrastructure advocates and newly elected Democratic women legislators to provide detailed information about the condition of our infrastructure and funding options. In general, the meetings were positive with the legislators engaging deeply in the content and expressing an interest in improving our infrastructure to attract business growth. The meetings took place as part of the Transportation for Illinois Coalition.

Representative McDermed plans to introduce next week the legislation that Ben Brockschmidt put together with the input of infrastructure council members and the Representative.

We still have no update on an IDOT Secretary, with rumors continuing to swirl and change day to day.

Senate Committees have been named and House Committees have been named but the legislators serving on them has not yet been publicized. In the House, there is an Appropriations-Capital committee for the first time, which indicates that House leadership is committed to moving a capital bill. Rep. Arroyo is expected to Chair that committee. We do not yet know the Minority Spokesman, but are hearing rumors that it will be a longtime transportation advocate. It appears Rep. Evans has moved to the Labor Committee, but he continues to remain committed to advocating for infrastructure investment. I expect Rep. McDermed to remain on a Transportation committee, but have not confirmed. In the Senate, Senator Sandoval continues to Chair Transportation and Senator Don DeWitte, a new Senator and former St. Charles Mayor, serves as the Minority Spokesman.
Draft comments to the US Army Corps of Engineers are available here for you to review. Please reach out with any questions or suggested edits by email or phone.


The IDOT Freight Advisory Committee met last week to discuss an update on efforts to expand truck parking options along the Interstates. 

The committee also heard from Chamber member Hanson about their project to relocate third street rail to 10th street and build several grade crossing separations. You can learn more about the project at


The Transportation for Illinois Coalition has scheduled its 2019 Lobby Day for Wednesday, April 3.

If you would like to attend the Lobby Day, please fill out the registration form here and return to Jennifer at TFIC or you can send to me. 2019 is shaping up to be a big year in infrastructure funding, and the TFIC Lobby Day is always a well-organized opportunity to interact with elected officials in Springfield.


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