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August 2, 2019  Issue 79
Residents of District E,
As we begin to gear up for the upcoming school year, my staff has been hard at work coordinating the annual round of fall town hall meetings in the district. I invite you to save the date for the following two meetings that will be held:
Clear Lake/Southeast Houston
Thursday, October 10
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Space Center Houston - Special Events Building
1601 East NASA Parkway
Houston, Texas 77058
Kingwood/Lake Houston
Thursday, October 17
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Kingwood Community Center - Main Room
4102 Rustic Woods Drive
Kingwood, Texas 77345
As always, I have extended the invitation to several city departments including Houston Public Works as well as Houston Parks and Recreation and a variety of community speakers. In addition to various information tables for residents to peruse before the meetings begin.
In Clear Lake/Southeast Houston, we have invited the folks from Commissioner Adrian Garcia's Office to provide an update on the El Dorado Boulevard widening project. Exploration Green has also been invited to participate in our town hall to discuss their progress towards completion. Houston Public Works and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department will be in attendance to discuss the complete pavement replacement at the Ellington Airport/Clear Lake Neighborhood Recycling Center as well as the Sylvan Rodriguez Park Habitat Restoration Project. 

In Kingwood/Lake Houston, the focus of the meeting will be on flood  remediation projects, update on dredging activities, the creation of a Lake Houston Maintenance Program, and announcement of the FEMA Award for floodgates on the Lake Houston Spillway Dam.

We look forward to hearing these updates and learning of the community's questions, comments and concerns. If you have never been before, it is the perfect opportunity to be engaged in your community and have your questions answered. We hope you will join us. Please feel free to invite a neighbor, friend or colleague! Everyone is more than welcome to attend.
This year is also an election year, and I encourage everyone to register to vote. If you are not already, you can register online by visiting  or by visiting the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector's office, which has many branches across the city. I am proud to announce that I formally submitted my paperwork to run for my last term for the District E City Council position. Thank you to all who have supported me thus far and for the privilege to serve. I feel honored and blessed to have had the opportunity and hope to be able to continue to represent the constituents of District E.


Dave Martin
The District E Office
900 Bagby, First Floor
Houston, TX 77002
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FEMA Awards funding for Lake Houston Spillway Flood Gates

Houston City Council Member Dave Martin is excited to announce the District E office has received notification from the Honorable Congressman Dan Crenshaw (TX-02) regarding the award of The United States Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Federal grants for the State of Texas Associated with Hurricane Harvey. Council Member Martin is most thrilled about the award of a Hazard Mitigation Grant through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) in the amount of $47,170,953 for the City of Houston Lake Houston Dam Spillway Improvement Project  (Federal Share $35,378,214.75, Non-Federal Share $11,792,738.25).  This award is pursuant to the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Section 404, and 44 CFR Part 206.434.

Congressman Crenshaw announced to Council Member Martin: 
"Today FEMA approved nearly $3.3 million for Phase 1 of the gates at the Lake Houston Dam.  These gates will increase the flow out of Lake Houston significantly.  This money will ensure that the final design  will not impact downstream residents and will provide the anticipated relief to the Lake Houston area.  Increasing the conveyance will have positive impacts for the entire San Jacinto watershed including the East Fork and the West Fork."

It has been nearly two years since Hurricane Harvey devastated numerous cities along the Texas Coastline including the Kingwood and Lake Houston communities. Since August 27, 2017 Council Member Martin has stayed committed to finding solutions and identifying projects for the Lake Houston Area in order to reduce the risk of flooding and improving safety for residents. This is evident in the completion of the dredging along the West Fork of the San Jacinto River, where nearly 2 million cubic yards of debris were removed earlier this year to re-establish flow and reduce blockages in the river caused by Hurricane Harvey. 

Additionally, Council Member Martin fought for the complete removal of the mouth-bar which is located at the confluence of the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston south of Deerwood Country Club. The mouth-bar is currently in the process of being dredged and to date 250,000 cubic yards of sediment has been removed from this area. The current mouth-bar dredging project will remove nearly 500,000 cubic yards of debris associated with Hurricane Harvey. Council Member Martin along with help from Congressman Crenshaw continues to fight for the removal of even more material from the mouth-bar. 

These dredging efforts were just one part of Council Member Martin's bigger picture for the Lake Houston Area to combat flooding, along with the installation of flood gates on the Lake Houston Spillway Dam. Council Member Martin has been working diligently over the last two years, with Congressman Crenshaw, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd, State Senator Brandon Creighton, State Representative Dan Huberty, City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, and City of Houston Chief Resiliency Officer Stephen Costello, to obtain flood control infrastructure for the City of Houston on the Lake Houston Spillway Dam. 

After hearing the news regarding the FEMA Award Council Member Martin had these words to say:
"The Lake Houston Dam gates were always my number one priority as these additional gates give us the ability to proactively release water from Lake Houston in an expeditious fashion if needed during an emergency. Words cannot do justice to say how pleased I am knowing our gates will be built. It's been 22 months of hard work and persistence. I am forever grateful to Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Governor Greg Abbott, Chief Nim Kidd, Senator Creighton, Representative Huberty, Mayor Sylvester Turner, Stephen Costello, former Chief Recovery Officer Marvin Odum, and Congressman Dan Crenshaw's Field Representative Kaaren Cambio. Without these great leaders this project would've never come to fruition. We are truly blessed."

Funding for the City of Houston Lake Houston Dam Spillway Improvement Project is awarded directly to the State of Texas in full. Phase I funding will be released to the City of Houston from the State of Texas. Once those funds are released to the City of Houston the City will begin the process of permitting, engineering, design, and environmental assessment to increase the outflow capacity of the Lake Houston Spillway Dam. Once Phase I of the project is complete the City of Houston will renew the cost benefit analysis and submit to FEMA for their review. Upon their review of the completed cost benefit analysis after Phase I completion, the additional funds provided to the state of Texas for this project will be released to the City for completion of Phase II construction. Once the funding is received by the City of Houston the two phases are expected to be completed within thirty-six months, with the possibility of extension if needed. This is exciting news for the City of Houston, residents of Lake Houston and Kingwood. 

Along with the award of the City of Houston Lake Houston Dam Spillway Improvement Project Hazard Mitigation Grant FEMA has also announced three other grants impacting District E. Lonestar College's Kingwood Campus has been awarded two public assistance grants for Emergency Protective Measures in the amounts of $6,276,131.22 and $2,502,914.79. Clear Creek Independent School District was also awarded a public assistance grant for Emergency Protective Measures in the amount of $1,303,060.49. The funding for these three grants is authorized under Section 403 of the Robert T. Stafford Act.
"Beat the Heat" Cooling Centers 

The summer months can put a strain on anyone's electricity budget. Several "Beat the Heat" cooling centers have been opened up throughout the City and County, offering Houstonians a place to keep cool and minimize home electricity usage while enjoying free water and snacks. These centers are open weekdays through September.  In District E, residents can visit: 

5002 E Nasa Parkway, Seabrook, Texas, 77586
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

4102 Rustic Woods, Kingwood, Texas 77345
Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. 6 p.m. 

Complete Pavement Replacement Scheduled for Ellington Airport/Clear Lake Neighborhood Recycling Center 

Houston Public Works has started a complete pavement replacement at Ellington Airport/Clear Lake Neighborhood Recycling Center. Over the last couple of years, Council Member Martin has provided patching of potholes within the recycling center. Understanding these asphalt patches are often short term solutions, Council Member Martin continued to push for a more substantial long-term project, which has been secured. The scope of work includes replacing all existing asphalt with concrete to improve driving conditions and to preserve and prolong the life of the road base. 
The work is expected to be completed by October 2019, weather permitting. To maintain access to the recycling containers, crews have sectioned the work so they begin working outside the fence allowing accessibility to the containers. There will be a barricade and traffic cones outlining the safe pathway to the containers. Once the first phase is complete, residents will be able to drive on the newly poured concrete to access the recycling containers while crews begin work on the opposite side. Crews will be on site from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., daily. 
After the work outside of the fencing has been completed, crews will begin replacing the pavement inside the fence where the containers are located. At that time, it will be determined by the City of Houston Solid Waste Department if the site will need to be closed for the remainder of the project. Once this decision is made, Council Member Martin will make sure to communicate this change to residents as he understand the importance of having access to this facility. Council Member Martin hopes to limit the number of accessibility issues to the facility during this pavement replacement, but encourages patience from residents as this project is underway. Council Member Martin will provide updates on access to the recycling center on his Facebook page and Twitter
El Dorado Boulevard Widening Project Begins 

Harris County Precinct 2 has recently started the El Dorado Boulevard widening project by removing trees near the existing sidewalk along the western side of El  Dorado Boulevard, between Clear Lake City Boulevard and Horsepen Bayou. The removal is expected to be completed by the end of August, weather permitting.

As there are over 1000 trees planted along this easement of El Dorado Boulevard, less than 10% will be removed. The tree removal process is necessary in order for CenterPoint to begin relocating their power lines. Crews will be on site, removing trees, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Following the tree removal and the relocation of the CenterPoint power lines, Harris County Precinct 2 will begin widening the roadway. 

All trees being removed will be replanted within the project boundaries, if not more. The 100 to 150 newly replanted trees will support the new landscape as well as decrease the need for maintenance on the newly installed hike and bike path. This new hike and bike path will not only improve connectivity in the area, but increase Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility. 

Construction on the roadway is expected to begin early this fall and take 18 months to complete, weather permitting. This work  should not require any lane closures on El Dorado Boulevard.  A s a result of these activities, please be aware of pedestrian traffic control efforts to ensure pedestrian safety. The District E office will continue to provide updates throughout the duration of the project. 
Mouth-Bar Dredging Update

Dredging of the mouth-bar, a sand bar located where the San Jacinto River meets Lake Houston south of Deerwood Country Club, began on Tuesday, June 25. Great Lakes Dredging has removed roughly 220,000 cubic yards of sediment from the nearly 500,000 cubic yard project. The removal of this sediment is happening with much more ease due to the lack of debris in the material that is being picked up. Great Lakes Dredging is still encountering large trees throughout the project but not with as much frequency as they had when dredging the west fork of the river. The project is expected to be completed early this fall.

Council Member Martin understands that without repetitive dredging throughout the Lake Houston region, our community will continue to see sand bars develop throughout the river and lake. As a result, the Council Member continues to work with local, state, and federal officials to develop a long range maintenance plan for the East and West Forks of the San Jacinto River as well as Lake Houston for the removal of floatable debris and sediment. 

During this year's City of Houston Budget vote Council Member Martin submitted an amendment that was supported by his City Council Colleagues and Mayor Sylvester Turner that establishes for the first time ever a Lake Houston Maintenance Program. Council Member Martin submitted this amendment for the first time last year but it failed. 

After the passage of this amendment this June, Council Member Martin is already hard at work identifying stakeholders, outlining program criteria, and creating implementation strategies. The main goals for the Lake Houston Maintenance Program are to establish regular lake maintenance for the removal of floatable debris as well as implement a sediment management component for the river and lake. 
District E Safe Sidewalk Projects 

This month, Houston Public Works will be constructing safe sidewalks in District E. These sidewalk projects have been requested by Council Member Martin  i n an effort to provide increased pedestrian mobility as well as safety. 

On Wednesday, August 7, Houston Public Works  will begin   installing concrete sidewalks and wheelchair ramps on the east side of South Shaver, from 4415 South Shaver Street to the driveway at Yes Prep Southeast Public Sch ool, 353 Crenshaw Road, Houston, Texas 77034.  Construction is expected to be completed Wednesday, August 28, weather permitting. More information on this project can be found here

The installation of this sidewalk became a priority for Council Member Martin after an administrator at Yes Prep Public Schools  contacted the District E office regarding the lack of sidewalk for students traveling to and from Yes Prep Southeast Public School.  To address the safety hazards the lack of sidewalk posed, Council Member Martin was happy to allocate $80,904.00 from Council District Service Funds for the installation of the sidewalk. 

On Thursday, August 8, Houston Public Works will begin installing missing pieces of concrete sidewalk panels at 5458 Allendale Road. Construction is expected to be completed by Thursday, August 15. Crews will operate between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. A lane closure is expected.  The scope of the project is about 30 feet long, and the goal is to complete the sidewalk to create a safe sidewalk for students and residents traveling to and from Patterson Elementary School and Meadowcreek Village Park. 

In Kingwood, on August 8, Houston Public Works will begin installing missing concrete panels along High Valley Drive from Kingwood Drive to Stately Oak Street. Construction is anticipated to be completed by Friday, September 6. The scope of the project is about 870 feet long, and will close the gap between High Valley Drive and Kingwood Drive near Houston Fire Department Station 103. 

As a result of the construction activities throughout District E, please be aware of flaggers and caution devices, like orange traffic control barriers, that will be put in place on site to help with traffic flow through the construction zone. Council Member Martin looks forward to the completion of these projects and improved connectivity within District E. 
Miles Street Road Pavement Replacement Project

The Miles Street Road Pavement Replacement Project will begin the week of Monday, August 5. In late July, the project was delayed due to complications with the traffic plan. Those issues have since been resolved. 
The project will replace the existing asphalt with concrete to improve safety and mobility on Miles Street from Market Street to Industrial Road. The scope of work includes replacement of the roadway pavement, manhole adjusting, and re-grading the roadside ditches to facilitate drainage. The project is expected to be completed by end of January 2020, weather permitting. 
For more more information on the project click hereThis project is being funded through the City of Houston's Dedicated Drainage and Street Renewal Fund in the amount of the $2,568,358.83.  For those who were unable to attend the July 9 Public Meeting regarding this project, the  presentation , Frequently Asked Questions document (in  English  and  Spanish ) and  project map  are  available here .  Questions or comments related to this project may be sent directly to Houston Public Works by  emailing
Taylor Gully Update

Last month,  Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) began a desilt project on the upstream portion of Taylor Gully from Bassingham to the Harris County line. The work is expected to be completed by September 2019, weather permitting.
This maintenance project became a priority for Council Member Martin after the May 2019 rain events that flooded over 300 homes in the Kingwood community. During these rain events, intense rainfall rates greatly exceeded internal and primary drainage system capabilities resulting in significant and at times deep street flooding and sheetflow. On May 8, City of Houston contractors, as well as Harris County Flood Control District, investigated their designated drainage systems and determined the flooding was potentially caused by development upstream in Montgomery County that sent large volumes of sheetflow into the Elm Grove subdivision and  Taylor Gully (G103-80-03-1).
You can read more about the project plans by reading our press release at this link. After completing this reach of channel, HCFCD staff will investigate Taylor Gully further downstream, where HCFCD completed a desilt job in the spring of 2019. HCFCD will open up any constrictions and desilt the channel if necessary.
Harris County Flood Control District Berry Bayou Update

Stormwater channel improvements along Berry Bayou Tributary C106-03-00 from the South Houston city limits near Genoa Street to about Shawnee Street are nearing completion. This is a portion of Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) Project C106-03-00-C006, the third phase of channel improvements along this Berry Bayou tributary in the Sims Bayou watershed. The $5.87 million Phase 3 project, under construction since early 2018, was designed to reduce the risk of area flooding by providing greater depth and improved conveyance through replacing the existing earthen channel with a concrete-lined channel with a low-flow section. 

Due to a late 2017 court ruling limiting HCFCD's usage of a 19-foot maintenance easement north of the Redford Apartments (1221 Redford Street, Houston, 77034), HCFCD will be repackaging and rebidding the remaining 65% of the Phase 3 project from Shawnee to Interstate 45 to reflect changed conditions regarding access to the channel. This change removes approximately 4,800 linear foot portion from the current 7,279 linear foot Phase 3 construction contract, which will now end south of the bridge at Shawnee Street. A new phase 4 will include the 4,800 linear foot portion of the work. 

In order to complete the remaining work, HCFCD has initiated a new project, Project ID C106-03-00-C007, Phase 4 Channel Conveyance Improvements. The Phase 4 project will begin south of Shawnee Street and end south of Edgebrook Drive near Interstate 45.  Patriot Construction tentatively plans to complete the modified scope of the Phase 3 project by the end of August 2019. HCFCD plans to advertise the Phase 4 project for construction bids in approximately October 2019.

Special thanks to Project Coordinator and avid community advocate, James Muecke, for his dedication to the project and commitment to flood mitigation in the Edgebrook corridor. 

Bens Branch Update

Bens Branch, a Harris County Flood Control District channel within the Kingwood community stretching from Northpark to the West Fork of the San Jacinto River, was completely inundated with water and sediment during Hurricane Harvey. As a result, a considerable buildup of sediment infiltrated the southern bends of the channel south of Kingwood Drive around Town Center and behind the Lake Houston YMCA. This stretch of Bens Branch Channel from Kingwood Drive to about 1,800 linear feet downstream of West Lake Houston Parkway, is owned by the   Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD)
As property owners of this channel, HCFCD has completed a field survey of the reach to remove sediment accumulations within the system and restore channel conveyance capacity. Conveyance Restoration on Bens Branch is currently in the post award phase.  A recommendation to award to Solid Bridge Construction, LLC, was made Tuesday, July 9 at Harris County Commissioners Court. The Harris County Purchasing Agent's office will now work to obtain the executed contract, and the necessary bonds from the Contractor, moving the project forward to construction. Based on the current timeline, the project is scheduled to begin late August 2019, weather permitting.
Other channels in Kingwood and the Lake Houston communities within the City of Houston are also being evaluated by HCFCD for projects. Currently, there is one portion of Ben's Branch, between Woodland Hills and Rocky Woods Drive, that is under final review with City of Houston Legal, HCFCD and the Bens Branch Trail Association. Once that final review is complete HCFCD will be the owners of the Bens Branch channel, in its entirety, from Northpark Drive to 1,800 linear feet south of the channel's intersection with West Lake Houston Parkway. Eventually most open and natural channels will be maintained by HCFCD while the City of Houston maintains all closed storm sewer systems. 
Sylvan Rodriguez Park Habitat Restoration Scheduled

Last month, the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) began habitat restoration work at Sylvan Rodriguez Park. With the finalization of the  revised Sylvan Rodriguez Park Master Plan and community feedback in support of a natural park,  the City of Houston is targeting 72 acres of the 113 acre park to restore to coastal prairie and riparian forest ecosystem. 
Grant funding has been secured through the Texas General Land Office for three out of the four identified phases. The first phase of the project includes the clearing of several Chinese tallow and other non-native trees within 14 acres of the interior of the park. The removal of these trees is expected to be completed by the end of August 2019, weather permitting. Following the removal, the contractor will be mulching the trees onsite.  The site will then be seeded and planted with native grasses and wildflowers through several community planting events held in the fall by HPARD. The District E office will notify residents once these planting events are scheduled. 
As a result of the restoration activities, please be aware of signage and flags preventing the public from entering the work site. There will be an increase in noise levels due to equipment in the area, but it is not expected to impact the adjacent neighborhoods. Crews will be working on site Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
The restoration of coastal wetland prairie and forested riparian ecosystems at Sylvan Rodriguez Park will promote ecosystem regulating functions through soil retention, reduced sedimentation, and water purification. The restored prairie habitat will provide increased erosion control through the deep prairie grass roots and will provide bank stabilization in the riparian areas. Additionally, restoration of the area will help to slow and absorb floodwaters during rain events. The habitat created at the restoration site will attract many different wildlife species to the area including native insect pollinators and migratory birds. 
This project will also provide educational opportunities for visitors of the park to experience and learn about the historic natural habitats that once existed in Houston. Interpretive signage along the boardwalk trails will deliver information on the importance of native prairies and wetlands and their impacts on wildlife and people. 
Dylan Duncan Skate Park Ribbon Cutting

On Tuesday, July 16, Council Member Martin, in partnership with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, hosted a ribbon cutting celebration to unveil the new improvements and renovations at the Dylan Duncan Skatepark in Kingwood. In Fiscal Year 2019,  Council Member Martin was happy to allocate $49,332 of his Council District Service Funds to make the necessary renovations with the goal of improving safety and maximizing enjoyment for park goers. 

The Dylan Duncan Skatepark, originally named the Kingwood Skatepark, was the very first public skatepark built by the City of Houston in 2004. It was renamed the Dylan Duncan Skatepark in December of 2006 after Dylan Jacob Duncan, an avid skater in the Kingwood area who passed away in 2005.
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate these new improvements, including Elton Fritz, President of the Trailwood Village Homeowners Association, Robert Scarfo, Humble ISD Board of Trustees, and Daryl Palmer, Community Activist. We would also like to extend a special thanks to Nancy Harper, Dylan Duncan's mom, who attended the event with Dylan's friends and family.
Overlay Complete at Woodland Hills and Northpark 

The Woodland Hills at Northpark Drive intersection overlay project began Tuesday, July 23. The resurfacing of the intersection was completed on Friday, July 26. Striping was completed on Wednesday, July 31 and loop detectors were installed today, August 2. Council Member Martin is happy to report that his project is now complete and looks forward to the improved driving conditions at this intersection.

The cost of the project is $134,415.70, which is being funded through Council Member Martin's Fiscal Year 2018 Council District Service Funds. 
Reseda Drive Safe Sidewalk Project

Houston Public Works will began making  repairs to an existing sidewalk on Reseda Drive between Diana Lane and Torry Pines Road, last month. 

As of this week, they are roughly 30% complete.  Council Member Martin requested this project in collaboration with the Exploration Green Conservancy. This project will improve the sidewalk surface.  Additionally, the area has seen more foot traffic since the completion of Exploration Green Phase One. 

To address the safety hazards the sidewalk posed, Council Member Martin was happy to allocate $51,600 from Council District Service Funds to make the necessary repairs. C onstruction is anticipated to be completed before the start of the 2019 to 2020 school year. 
Harris County Flood Control District Huffman Meeting

On Thursday, July 11, Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) hosted a Community Engagement Meeting to discuss upcoming bond projects in the Huffman area. HCFCD staff was present to gather public input and ideas from the community regarding the upcoming San Jacinto River, Luce Bayou, and Cedar Bayou bond projects. You can read more about the HCFCD bond projects  here on their website.

For more information, you can view the presentation here. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Harris County Flood Control District Hotline by calling 713-684-4000.
Forest Cove Townhomes 

The District E office continues to monitor the progress of the Harris County Flood Control District Buyout Process. As of this month, HCFCD has continued with the purchase and demolition of some properties located in the Forest Cove Townhome Community as part of their  Home Buyout Program
HCFCD has purchased all units in the following buildings: 1102 Marina, 1050 Marina, 1060 Marina, 1040 Marina, 1030 Marina, 930 Aqua Vista, and 803/5 Timberline. There are approximately 19 more units to purchase to have complete ownership.
The following buildings have been demolished: 1050 Marina, 1060 Marina, and 803/5 Timberline. HCFCD is in the process of demolishing 1102 Marina, 1040 Marina, 1030 Marina, and 930 Aqua Vista. As HCFCD completes ownership on the 19 remaining units, the demolitions of those buildings will follow.
The District E office greatly appreciates everything HCFCD has done in keeping our office informed on the status of the demolition process for these Hurricane Harvey buyout properties. We would also like to thank the City of Houston Police Department and Houston Fire Department for their efforts in monitoring this area and responding to concerns when needed. Council Member Martin encourages residents to continue reporting any suspicious activity or illegal dumping to 3-1-1 by calling (713) 837-0311.
HPD Clear Lake School Supply Giveaway

The Houston Police Department Clear Lake Division will be hosting its 2nd Annual School Supply Giveaway on August 3, 2019. The event will be held from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. at the Grace Community Church, located at 14505 Gulf Freeway. 

The goal of this event is to help lessen the financial burden on families by providing school supplies for students in the area. Last year's event was a success and this years will be bigger and better. Come out with the family for school supplies and fun!
First Responders Back to School Bash in Kingwood

Council Member Martin encourages all Kingwood residents to attend the 2nd Annual First Responders Back to School Bash which will be held on August 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Creekwood Middle School, 3603 West Lake Houston Parkway. It's a great opportunity to interact with local law enforcement, and celebrate the end of summer before the 2019 to 2020 school year begins. 
Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership Legislative Update

On Tuesday, July 23, Council Member Martin attended Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership's (BAHEP) Annual Legislative Session Wrap-Up Reception at the South Shore Harbour Resort. Attendees had the opportunity to hear updates from Senators Larry Taylor and Carol Alvarado, and Representatives Dennis Paul, Ed Thompson, and Mary Ann Perez on the 86th Texas Legislative Session. These legislators covered several topics during the discussion including transportation, education, school safety, and coastal spine protection. 

Thank you to BAHEP for organizing another successful legislative update and to our elected officials for representing our region in Austin, Texas. 
Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce Inaugural Pinnacle Business Awards

On Tuesday, July 23, the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce hosted their Inaugural Pinnacle Business Awards, honoring several businesses in the Lake Houston Area.

Congratulations to this years winners:  Small Business of the Year, Pines Montessori School, Large Business of the Year, JLA Realty, and Franchise Business of the Year, Chick-fil-A at Wilson/Beltway 8. 

Council Member Martin congratulates the award recipients on their achievements and accomplishments in the Lake Houston area. 
Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce General Membership Lunch

On Wednesday, July 31, Council Member Martin and staff attended the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce General Membership Luncheon at the Hilton NASA Clear Lake. The luncheon spotlighted Ellington Airport General Manager Arturo Machuca who provided an update on the Future of the Houston Spaceport. 
The Phase 1 Expansion at the Houston Spaceport is now underway with the construction of streets, water and wastewater, pipelines, electrical power, distribution and communication facilities approved by City Council in October 2018. The construction is anticipated to be completed by May 2020, weather permitting. 
Community Grant Workshops

Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) will be hosting Community Grant Workshops in District E in the coming weeks. 

The goal of the HAA introductory grants workshop is to create a mutual learning environment where HAA will share information about the City of Houston's grant programs as well as learn the needs of the community through this in-person session.

A meeting in Clear Lake recently took place on Tuesday, July 30. Kingwood residents/artists are encouraged to save the date for the workshop on Saturday, August 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Kingwood Community Center, 4102 Rustic Woods, Kingwood, Texas 77345. 
Houston Fire Department Back to School Immunizations

The Houston Fire Department and the Care Van Program once again are teaming up to provide free immunizations at their annual Back-To-School Immunization Extravaganza on August 15 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the HFD Val Jahnke Training Facility, 8030 Braniff, Houston, Texas 77061. 

The free immunizations are only available for uninsured 
or Medicaid children ages 4 to 18 years. Children with CHIP or private insurance cannot be serviced. Parents must accompany their children and provide their most current immunization records. 

If you have any questions please contact HFD Public Affairs at 832-394-6636 or  
Houston Police Department Summer Crime Prevention Tips

Council Member Martin reminds District E residents of the following safety tips from HPD:  
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked whether you are home or away;
  • Activate your alarm system regardless of how long you anticipate being away from home;
  • Never leave jewelry or valuables in plain view;
  • Take photos of valuables and their identification numbers and keep these images on a zip drive;
  • Set interior home lights on a timer;
  • Maintain adequate exterior lighting and keep bushes and shrubs trimmed;
  • Always keep your vehicle car doors locked and windows closed;
  • While out shopping, do not move items from inside your vehicle into the trunk in public view;
  • Finally, get to know your neighbors, be aware of your surroundings at all time and report all suspicious activity to the police immediately.
Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run

Mark your calendars! The annual 9/11 Heroes Run will be held on Saturday, September 7 at City Hall. 
Founded in honor of 1st Lieutenant Travis Manion, who gave his life while serving in Iraq in 2009, the Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) assists American veterans and the families of the fallen in addition to organizing a number of charitable initiatives including the 9/11 Heroes Run. Interested participants can register online  here
The 9/11 Heroes Run is more than the race, there are opportunities to become a foundation ambassador.  TMF's Character Does Matter Program provides veterans and their families with an opportunity to inspire young adults to develop their leadership skills, live with character, and call them to serve within their communities in honor of fallen heroes. For more information on the foundation click  here.
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Please email the District E office if you would like us to include your upcoming event in future newsletters! 

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