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November 2, 2018  Issue 70
R esidents of District E,
This coming Tuesday, November 6, is Election Day, and there are two very important items on quite possibly the longest ballot in recent history. Please make sure to go all the way to the bottom of the ballot to vote on City of Houston Propositions A and B. Early voting will continue through 7:00 p.m. this evening. To find your early voting location, please visit this website.
City of Houston Proposition A is clarifying previous language regarding ReBuild Houston, a program dedicated to improving City of Houston streets and drainage infrastructure. This program is funded using four different sources which include: ad valorem taxes, third-party funds, drainage utility charge, and developer impact fees. These funds are applied differently to support the ReBuild Houston program.
The District E Office has received questions about what Proposition A does, and the simple answer is it puts a lockbox around revenue from the drainage fee and restricts its use for only flooding, drainage and street improvements. To date, 98% of the drainage utility charge collected since 2012 has been used for drainage and infrastructure projects. The remaining 2% is to support the personnel associated with these specific types of projects.
Through the collection of ad valorem taxes, the ReBuild Houston Program has paid down $1.1 billion in old debt related to drainage and infrastructure projects. Since ReBuild Houston went in to affect, the City has not accrued any new debt associated with drainage and infrastructure projects as this program only funds projects through a pay-as-you-go model moving the City towards zero debt by 2043.
It is important to be clear that a vote in favor of Proposition A means a lockbox will be secured, dedicating the drainage utility fee collected on City of Houston Water Bills to projects related specifically to flooding, drainage, and street improvements. A vote in opposition of Proposition A means that the city will lose a dedicated funding source for flooding, drainage, and street improvements. The drainage fee included in your monthly water bill will not change with either a "yes" or "no" vote.
City of Houston Proposition B is a vote to tie firefighters' pay to police officer pay without any additional requirements on education or work hours. I've said it since I first was voted into office, firefighters deserve a raise. There is no denying these men and women provide a service to the City of Houston with great risk to their lives.
A vote in support of Proposition B would require the City of Houston to give firefighters a minimum 25% raise the first year and additional raises equal to police in future years. The City may have to lay off firefighters, other employees, and reduce services to public safety, parks and libraries to accommodate that raise. I believe firefighters deserve a raise. Mayor Turner still has an offer of a 9.5% raise on the table over the next three years. Fire and police have different job duties, work hours, shifts, and training requirements.
When heading to the polls please remember that casting a "straight party" vote does not include the "yes" or "no" votes on ReBuild Houston and the Fire Union Petition. Make sure you go all the way down the ballot to cast your votes.

Additionally, I would like to make you aware the District E office will be closed on November 12 in observance of Veterans Day, and on November 22 and 23 in observance of Thanksgiving. 

As always, it is a pleasure serving you. 


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Houston Public Media: Red, White and Blue

On Friday, October 19, Council Member Martin appeared alongside Houston City Controller Chris B. Brown on an episode of Houston Public Media: "Red, White and Blue" to speak on Houston's Financial Health. The discussion included the financial implications of Proposition A and Proposition B to be decided by voters on Tuesday, November 6. 

To view the episode, please click  here

San Jacinto River Dredging Update

The dredging project is well under way on the West Fork of the San Jacinto River. Both dredges are in the water. One is located just to the east of the US59 Bridge and the other is to the west of the West Lake Houston Parkway Bridge. There is roughly six miles of pipe in the river right now pumping material from the river to two disposal sites.
Due to the amount of equipment and debris in the water, it is strongly recommended that recreational boaters or residents traveling the river observe extreme caution and implement a "no wake zone" in areas immediately adjacent to the dredges.
Additionally, it is encouraged that residents not explore the areas near the dredges for the safety of the crews as well as your own personal safety. The dredges will be conducting work between US59 and West Lake Houston Parkway until late April 2019, barring any additional weather delays. The dredges are currently being run twenty-four hours seven days a week, and have collected a total of 110,000 cubic yards. It is important to note that a large portion of the work completed to date has been mobilization of the miles of pipe needed to dredge as well as assembling the dredges themselves. 
Council Member Martin is working diligently with the support of Mayor Turner on the addition of the "mouth bar" to the existing scope of work. The Council Member is confident that a large portion of this sediment build up area to the south of Deerwood Country Club will be removed.
Plans for this addition of the "mouth bar" to the existing scope are not confirmed at this time, but City of Houston Chief Resiliency Officer Stephen Costello is working very closely with the Texas Department of Emergency Management, Army Corps of Engineers, and Federal Emergency Management Administration. As soon as the addition of this dredging location is confirmed our office will notify the community.

Ben's Branch Conveyance Restoration Project

Ben's Branch is a channel within the Kingwood community which stretches from Northpark to the West Fork of the San Jacinto River. During Hurricane Harvey this channel was completely inundated with water and sediment.
As a result of Hurricane Harvey, a considerable buildup of sediment has infiltrated the southern bends of the channel south of Kingwood Drive around Town Center and behind the Lake Houston YMCA. This stretch of Ben's Branch Channel from Kingwood Drive to about 1,800 linear feet downstream of West Lake Houston Parkway is  owned by the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD). 
As property owners, HCFCD is currently conducting a field survey of the reach to remove sediment accumulations within the system and restore channel conveyance capacity. The next steps for HCFCD are to develop a set of construction plans for a desiltation project to have the sediment removed. The final design for this project is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2019. Once final design has been completed HCFCD will bid the project. A timeline for construction does not exist at this time.
Other channels in Kingwood and the Lake Houston communities within the City of Houston are also being evaluated by HCFCD for projects. There is one portion of Ben's Branch, between Woodland Hills and Rocky Woods Drive, that is currently under review with City of Houston Legal, HCFCD and the Bens Branch Trail Association.
This review has no impact on the Ben's Branch Conveyance Restoration Project. Eventually all open and natural channels will be maintained by HCFCD while the City of Houston maintains all closed storm sewer systems and drainage. To monitor progress of this and other Harris County Flood Control projects please visit their  website.

Proposed Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan Amendment: 
Ellington Road

The City of Houston Planning Department is proposing to add Ellington Road, a major thoroughfare, between Old Galveston Road and Interstate 45 to the City's Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan (MTFP). The MTFP identifies right-of-way needs and proposes roadway alignments within the city limits of Houston and its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). It is important to note, the MTFP does not initiate the timing of right-of-way acquisition or construction activities related to the roadways, and design and construction will not occur immediately if passed. Ellington Road between Space Center Boulevard and Old Galveston Road was added to the MTFP in 2003.
After considering feedback provided by property owners, the public, City staff and other government agencies concerned about transportation in our region, the Houston Planning Commission will vote on the proposed amendment at their regularly scheduled meeting on  November 8, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. in City Hall Annex Chambers, 900 Bagby. 

If approved, the proposal will be forwarded to City Council for consideration by the end of the year.   With questions, you may contact the Planning & Development Department at 832-393-6660 or .

Veterans Day Celebration 2018

The City of Houston is proud to pay tribute to our men and women in the military by providing an annual "Houston Salutes American Heroes Veterans Day Celebration". This civic celebration honors and celebrates the brave men, women, and families who fight for our liberty and freedom.

The celebration this year will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 11, 2018 with the US Family Health Plan Health Fair surrounding the reflection pool in Hermann Square at City Hall.

The traditional Veterans Day Ceremony will begin at 10:45 a.m. starting with a 21 Gun Salute followed by a Moment of Silence in memory of the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the WWI Armistice. We will also celebrate the 100th anniversary of Women in the Marines and as tradition, we will recognize our local heroes.

The American Heroes Parade sponsored by H-E-B, will begin at 12:30 p.m. at Dallas and Bagby, and proceed east on Dallas, north on Louisiana, west on Walker, south on Smith, west on Lamar, ending on Lamar at Bagby.

Parking is free in the Theater District Tranquillity Parking Garage. Please use entrances #2 and #5 in order to receive the complimentary parking.
Forest Cove Townhomes on Marina Drive

Last weekend, the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department, under the direction of Harry Hayes, removed large piles of debris located at the Forest Cove Townhomes on Marina Drive. This Forest Cove community is currently undergoing the burdensome process of home buyouts. The struggle with home buyouts is 100% community participation is required, and structures must be intact for completion of the buyout.
Unfortunately, the dilapidated condition of this community makes it more susceptible to illegal dumping and criminal activity. For this reason, it is important residents stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity or illegal dumping to 3-1-1 by calling (713) 837-0311.
To assist with monitoring this area, the Houston Police Department and Harris County Constable's Office are coordinating efforts to monitor this location. The District E Office appreciates the assistance from the Harris County Constable's Office, City of Houston Police Department and Solid Waste Department.


National Night Out

On Tu esday, October 2, Council Member Martin and the District E office participated in 15 National Night Out events throughout District E. Staff visited a number of neighborhoods in the north and south sectors of the district to build on community relationships and discuss city-related projects and concerns with local residents. Representatives from the Houston Police and Fire Departments also visited many communities throughout the city to promote public safety partnerships and awareness. 

S ince its founding in 1984, National Night Out has    served as a national crime-prevention initiative aimed at furthering police-community partnerships, fostering neighborhood camaraderie and deterring criminal activity.  Council Member Martin thanks all those throughout District E who participated and hosted neighborhood events.
South Belt-Ellington Chamber of Commerce Evening Cuisine

On Thursday, October 4, staff from Council Member Martin's office attended the South Belt-Ellington Chamber of Commerce's annual Evening of Cuisine. The all-you-can-eat event gave attendees a chance to sample food from a wide variety of restaurants and other vendors within the area.

The event also featured a live and silent auction as well as door prizes. The Chamber of Commerce works to enhance the economic welfare, growth and success of the communities in and around the South Belt-Ellington area. Council Member Martin applauds the chamber on such a great event.  
Riverwood Middle School East End Project

On Wednesday, October 10, students from Riverwood Middle proudly showcased their East E nd Park Project to Council Member Dave Martin, staff from State Representative Dan Huberty's Office, and administration from Humble ISD.
The East End Park Project was designed to allow students to demonstrate the information they learned regarding the importance of biodiversity, and the impact that Hurricane Harvey had on the Lake Houston watershed. Students designed a learning center that provides opportunities for the local community to work with the students to educate others as well as creates job opportunities to boost the local economy. Students designed a website, a digital blueprint and printed their design using a 3D printer.
Council Member Martin would like to recognize the following students for their hard work on the presentation: Luke Mosby, Katherine Mire, Jenna Carter, Rylan Bradford, and Adley Zalewski.  District E admires your passion and we look forward to seeing all the incredible things you accomplish in the future.
"In the Pink of Health" Luncheon

On Friday, October 19, staff from
Council Member Martin's Office had the honor of attending the annual In the Pink of Health Luncheon at the Houston Airport Marriott Grand Ballroom.
This year marks the 11th anniversary of the luncheon which is held by the Northeast Hospital Foundation. In the Pink has been the premiere breast cancer luncheon in the Lake Houston area allocating funds toward Project Mammogram, the Memorial Hermann Cancer Center Northeast, and other programs of the foundation.
The luncheon program was emceed by Julia Morales, the Houston Astros Field Reporter. The program included touching stories shared by Leslie Raffa, a local restaurateur and breast cancer survivor, as well as Keith Isbell, a local entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and the Keynote Speaker of the event.
Space Center Houston "To The Moon and Beyond" Luncheon

On Tuesday, November 23, staff from Council Member Martin's office attended Space Center Houston's 2018 Luncheon Benefiting the Restoration of Historic Mission Control at NASA Johnson Space Center. 

The luncheon paid special tribute to Apollo flight director Gene Kranz for his extraordinary contributions to human space exploration and his leadership in the Mission Control restoration project at NASA Johnson Space Center. 

Mayor Sylvester Turner was in attendance, honoring Gene Kranz by proclaiming October 23 "Gene Kranz Day" in the City of Houston. Council Member Martin is appreciative of Mr. Kranz's leadership and commitment to inspiring the next generation of explorers. 
Hurricane Harvey Registry

A re you feeling lingering health effects from Hurricane Harvey? Please considering participating in the Hurricane Harvey Registry, a brief online survey with questions about the storm's impact on your physical and mental health. The information will help the Houston Health Department connect the dots on who is being impacted and how.

Your participation can help identify areas of need to help Houston recover and plan for the future.  For more information, please click here . To  take the brief online survey at, please visit: .  
NASA Quiet Supersonic Flights

Council Member Dave Martin is excited to announce National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) preparations for their upcoming flight campaign to study methodology and technology to collect future quiet supersonic community response data is progressing on schedule. NASA is rapidly approaching their target dates for flight tests to begin.
Quiet Supersonic Flights 2018 Campaign (QSF18) is slated to begin on Monday, November 5 and will feature an F-18 aircraft performing dive maneuvers off the coast of Galveston. This maneuver will create a noise signature that will likely be heard by some in the Galveston community.  It has been confirmed by NASA that the sound will not be heard in the Clear Lake/Houston area. While this campaign is ongoing, NASA will be surveying residents to determine the level of impact this noise signature has on their lives. 

QSF18 will be instrumental in NASA's mission to carry out data-driven research that may one day help lead to supersonic flight over land on a commercial level, drastically reducing flight times and ensuring the nation's standing as a pinnacle in aviation around the globe.
For residents who would like more information about the flights, NASA public affairs officers will be easily accessible at the public information center located at Space Center Houston, 1601 East NASA Parkway, Houston, Texas, 77058. The center will be open beginning November 5, Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturday through Sunday. Information is also available by calling the hotline number at (281) 483-5111. NASA appreciates your support during the QSF18 mission. 
Kingwood B.O.P.A.

Council Member Dave Martin and the City of Houston are hosting a Batteries, Oil, Paint (latex only) and Antifreeze (B.O.P.A.) mobile collection event on Saturday, November 17, 2018, from  9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at the Kingwood Metro Park and Ride, 3210 West Lake Houston Parkway, Kingwood, Texas 77339. 

The event is free and open to all City of Houston residents. A valid Texas driver's license or other proof of residency will be required. This is a rain or shine event, except in the case of severe weather. Business waste will not be accepted. 

Many common household materials are considered hazardous and need disposal. When Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is disposed in the trash, it can contaminate landfills and subsequently ground water. This event provides a free and safe alternative for residents to rid their homes of potentially dangerous materials. Below is a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items for the November 17 collection event: 
  • ACCEPTED ITEMS: rechargeable household and automobile batteries, motor oil and filters, LATEX paint, antifreeze, small appliances and scrap metal. Used motor oil will be limited to 15 gallon. All liquids are required to be in sealed, non-leaking containers that are labeled as to their contents. 
  • ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: business, medical and agricultural waste; oil-based paints, solvents, flammables, pesticides, herbicides and other similar hazardous materials, and electronic waste.
For more information about the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department and its services, residents may check online at, like the department on Facebook at, follow SWMD on twitter  @houstontrash or call 3-1-1 (713-837-0311), the City of Houston's Customer Service Hotline.
Upcoming Road Closures in Kingwood

Council Member Martin would like to make the Kingwood community aware of a road closure planned for an upcoming event near the Lone Star College Kingwood Campus. 
On Saturday, November 3, the American Heart Association will host the 2018 Greater Lake Houston Heart Walk at Lone Star College-Kingwood. The route of the race will begin at Lone Star College-Kingwood, then proceed north on the westbound lane of Kingwood Place Drive, to the turnaround point at Forest Center Drive. The route will then proceed south on the eastbound lane of Kingwood Place Drive to end back at the college. This closure will occur from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
To ensure the safety of the community and participants, we encourage drivers to avoid these areas during the time of the event.

Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce State of the State

On Thursday, October 25, staff from Council Member Martin's Office attended the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce State of the State Luncheon featuring State Representative Dan Huberty.  The luncheon was a great opportunity to engage our local business community in a conversation with one of our state leaders regarding the future of our state. 

Representative Huberty delivered an update to the chamber on his efforts in Austin related to several subjects ranging from education, immigration, healthcare, voting, and plans for the upcoming Legislative Session. Council Member Martin thanks the Lake Houston Area Chamber for organizing this luncheon and thanks Representative Huberty for his presentation.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery Programs

Texas GLO Homeowner Assistance Program Update

The Texas General Land Office will begin taking applications for the Homeowners Assistance Program in late November. 

The GLO allocated $1.098 billion of the total $5.024 billion allocation of Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the Homeowner Assistance Program for rehabilitation and reconstruction of owner-occupied single-family homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey outside of the City of Houston and Harris County.


For implementation of this program across 48 eligible counties, the GLO divided the program into six regions. Each region was apportioned an allocation of the available funds and conducted an ongoing Regional Needs Assessment to determine need by income category and other local factors, to inform how outreach should be targeted to direct funds within impacted areas.

All six draft Regional Housing Guidelines for the Homeowner Assistance Program have been posted or a federally mandated 30-day public comment period. Each of the Regional Housing Guidelines will be posted for public review and comment on the GLO's website for 30 days from posting until November 18, 2018. All comments should be submitted to 
Neighborhood Depository & Recycling Centers Hours Change Due to End of Daylight Savings Time

Council Member Dave Martin would like to make residents aware that e ffective Sunday, November 4, 2018, the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) will be changing the hours of operation at its six (6) Neighborhood Depositories to 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to adjust with the end of Daylight Savings Time. 
The locations listed below are open Wednesday through Sunday, except City-approved holidays. Citizens are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes before closing to allow adequate time to unload.

Houston residents may bring their recyclables or dispose of their Junk Waste at the following Depositories:
Each user must provide proof of residency, including a Texas Driver's License or any other valid Texas ID and a current water/utility bill or city property tax receipt. The Depositories accept furniture, tree limbs, stoves and other large appliances. Appliances containing refrigerant must have a tag attached to them certifying that a qualified technician has removed the refrigerant. Depositories will also accept up to 5 automobile tires per month per residential unit. A maximum of 4 cubic yards of building material (not to include roofing shingles, brick, plaster) will be accepted; however Depository ramps will not accommodate trailers over 16 feet long or 4 feet high.

All Depositories also accept recyclables. Materials accepted include wood waste, concrete, mattresses, aluminum and tin cans, plastic bottles and jugs (#1 - #5 and #7), newspapers and magazines, glass bottles and jars, and used motor oil. Clothing & shoes are accepted at the North and Southeast Depositories.

For more information about the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department and its services, residents may check online at, like the department on Facebook at, follow SWMD on twitter  @houstontrash or call 3-1-1 (713-837-0311), the City of Houston's Customer Service Hotline.
Cancelled: Upcoming Houston Police Department Positive Interaction Program Meetings

Clear Lake and Kingwood Houston Police Department (HPD) have both cancelled their Positive Interaction Program (PIP) meetings this November and December, as the regularly scheduled meetings fall near the holidays. HPD looks forward to continuing these meetings on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in both Clear Lake and Kingwood, in 2019. 

The Clear Lake PIP meeting is held in the first floor CSC room at the Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, 11800 Astoria Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77089. 

The Kingwood PIP meeting is held at the Kingwood Church of Christ, 2901 Woodland Hills Drive, Kingwood, Texas 77339. 

For more information about PIP meetings, please contact the District E office. 
Upcoming Events

Please refer to Council Martin's District E  website for location, time and more event details. Email the District E office if you would like us to include your upcoming event in future newsletters! 

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