eNewsletter | June 21, 2018

Next Meeting of
County Council
July 18, 2018

2017 report on housing & homelessness captures progress in achieving objectives of 10-year plan 

The 2017 Housing and Homelessness Annual Report, released today, captures progress made over the last year by Northumberland County and community partners to strengthen the coordinated system of housing and homelessness supports for local residents. The 10-year Housing & Homelessness plan outlines a long-term community vision of ending chronic homelessness through a Housing First approach, which emphasizes preventive measures that stabilize people's housing. Now at the halfway point in the plan, the community continues to gain ground on realizing the 27 stated objectives. The 2017 annual report summarizes the impact of programs in place and the community partnerships essential to fulfilling this strategic direction.  

Trophies awarded and titles secured following 2018 Mayors' 'Keep the County Clean' Challenge
The results are in for this year's Mayors' 'Keep the County Clean' Challenge, a week-long litter clean-up event organized annually by Northumberland County. For the eighth year running, the Township of Alnwick/Haldimand has retained its title for 'Most Volunteers Per Capita' with participation from 8.1 per cent of the population. Meanwhile, Hamilton Township has come away with new bragging rights by unseating the Municipality of Port Hope to win 'Hardest Working Volunteers', with 25 kilograms of litter collected per volunteer. Trophies were awarded at this week's meeting of Northumberland County Council.

Tender for 'Green Bin' and dual-stream recycling collection to be issued this summer 

With the current contract for roadside waste and recycling collection expiring in August 2019, Council has approved the County moving forward in issuing a tender this summer for these services. The tender will incorporate recommendations from the Long Term Waste Management Master Plan (LTWMMP) that will support increased diversion from the landfill. 

In 2014, Northumberland County adopted the LTWMMP, which contained several short and longer-term recommendations which, if implemented, would increase the County's overall waste diversion rate from approximately 40% to upwards of 75% by the year 2020. Two of the longer-term recommendations of the LTWMMP, which will be integrating into the coming tender, were to: 1) implement a roadside collection program for organic waste (a.k.a. a "green bin" program) in 2019; and 2) transition from a single-stream recycling collection program to a dual-stream recycling collection program in 2019. These services are intended to be available in the fall of 2019.


Celebrating Indigenous Culture through traditional teachings
The Indigenous Early Years and Family Support team presented an update to Council on 'Our Journey Together' programming.

GreenON Social Housing Program Allocation

Council has approved the proposed GreenON Social Housing Program plan and authorized the County to enter into a Transfer Payment Agreement with the Housing Services Corporation.

Levy targets approved for 2019 Budget year

Based on Northumberland County's Long Term Financial Planning Framework, Council has approved a target base levy increase for the 2019 Budget year at 2.5%. Council has also approved a target Dedicated Infrastructure Levy for 2019 of 2.5% of the 2018 Capital Budget (approximately $536,000).

Approval of IT Policy Framework

The Northumberland County IT Department has revised two existing and developed five new IT-based policies to address current trends and align with industry standards.

Newcomer Settlement Program funding agreement 

Council has approved a three-year funding agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration for $97,500 for a Newcomer Settlement Program to support successful integration of immigrants and refugees.

Plan of subdivision for Hamilton Township

Council has re-approved a 'plan of subdivision' application to permit the development of six residential lots in Hamilton Township.

Paramedics receive approval for pre-budget vehicle purchases

Council has authorized pre-budget approval for Northumberland Paramedics to commit to purchase one (1) 2019 Emergency Response Vehicle and three (3) ambulances, in accordance with the life-cycle of the current fleet. 

Area-specific development charge

Council has passed a by-law for an area-specific development charge on the Cobourg-east community.