February 22, 2021
Council President Helena Moreno Orders Investigation of Power Infrastructure to Prevent Catastrophic Failures Seen in Texas
NEW ORLEANS - Today, Council Utilities Chair Helena Moreno announced the launch of a Council inquiry into the level of weatherization in Entergy power production infrastructure to protect ratepayers from winter weather disruptions similar to those in Texas. 

In Texas, preliminary reports show that lack of weatherization caused the failure of natural gas, coal, wind and nuclear power generation. To prevent this type of catastrophe in our area, Chair Moreno has ordered the Council utility advisors to assess plants owned or partly owned by Entergy that serve New Orleans then issue a report on the status of weatherization. Based on that report, additional action by the Council may be taken. A letter informing Entergy New Orleans CEO David Ellis of this weatherization assessment was sent last Friday.

"Climate change continues to rapidly increase the stress on our infrastructure, and we must do more to protect ourselves from weather-related disruptions like those that caused chaos due to multi-day blackouts in Texas," said Council President Moreno. "I'm calling for an immediate review of the weatherization and preparation of the infrastructure that serves power to New Orleanians to ensure Texas-style disruption never happens here." 

This matter will be discussed during Tuesday’s special Utilities and Public Works Committee meeting, along with the blackouts that occurred on the evening of February 16. The lack of communication from Entergy New Orleans left many customers confused regarding the protocol for blackouts, the reason power was lost, and why power for critical infrastructure like the Sewerage and Water Board was shut off. 
The special joint Utility, Cable, Telecommunications and Technology and Public Works Committee meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, February 23, at 10 AM. To view the meeting agenda or submit public comments, click here. Live coverage will be available on the Council's website at


Media Contacts:
Andrew Tuozzolo
Chief of Staff, Office of Helena Moreno
New Orleans City Council
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