God of all mercy and kindness,

I call for your help amidst my struggles…

Many things can hurt, make me faint and make me will not to go on,

—I can see my brothers and sisters suffer from a loss or an illness…

—I can see many couples with difficulties in their relationships…

—I can see governments closing their eyes before the rights for everyone…

—I can see how insecurity and climate issues are the everyday bread in the news…

—I can see people losing their faith because they can’t find a reason for all this…

I acknowledge I do not have all the answers, but I want to cuddle in your arms, listen to your heartbeat and be calm.

Help me trust and be patient, in spite of my reasons not to be.

I want to listen. Help me hope in you.


Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Has been a member of Casa de Luz MCC since 2010, where he has served as the leader of the worship ministry, Christian education, Lay Delegate and currently as the Interim Lay Pastoral Leader of this congregation.

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