A Prayer for MCC

With our hands lifted up before you Eternal Creator and our spirits in celebration for the 50 years of faithfulness that you have demonstrated towards your Queer Tribe, we pray for the Universal Fellowship of the Metropolitan Community Churches.   

Let the Islands sing praises to you as Puerto Rico gives thanks to the God who is greater than the storm.  May La Republica Dominicana and Haiti join hands and dance to you as Cuba bella opens her doors to welcome your love and grace.  From the majestic mountains of Monterey, to the musical praises of Guadalajara, through the indigenous blood of Puebla, may Lindo Mexico sing Dios es fiel. São Paulo cries glory and Rio de Janeiro dances before you! Let Brazil rise to declare seu amor é eterno. Let Argentina and Chile join in lifting your name to the nations. Latin America declares that you have been good!

We pray for our mother Africa and for our sisters and brothers in the churches of Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.  Renew in them strength oh God that they may sustain the hardship of persecution. Olodumare descend upon them. Ori be with them. Bring the ancestors to them, so that they may find the strength in themselves to enter the Cosmo and bring forth an African spirituality that will give liberation to your Queer People.  We pray for them oh Lord.

Lift high the Philippines as they exalt your name on their lips and flow in your love. May their churches to continue to grow.  We pray for Australia and New Zealand, bring life to their ministries and bless them with the love of your Son Jesus. We pray that your work will grow in South Korea.  That all of Europe will join in the movement of God’s Queer tribe and that the United States and Canada continue to join with the other queer saints to declare that you have been faithful these 50 years.  We pray for our founder, the Rev. Troy Perry, that you bless him with health and allow him to continue to see the fruit of his labor. We pray for the Elders of our Church, that you give them wisdom in their guidance.  Bless the Metropolitan Community Churches around the world and empower us to bring the message of inclusion, liberation, and love to the entire earth. Alleluia.
In your name we pray.  Amen.

Associate Pastor
Joy Metropolitan Community Church
Orlando, Florida, USA
Serves on the faculty of the University Of Central Florida School Of Social Work.
Metropolitan Community Churches is celebrating 50 years!
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