Merciful Creator.  Listen to your children cry – they cry for food, they cry for shelter, they cry for peace, they cry for love. 

We collectively seek your wisdom in feeding these children, providing these children with shelter, and encouraging peace and love in our land and beyond.

In many ways we too are lost children, while we cherish the teachings of Jesus,  and strive to put those teachings into practice, we are confronted with our own sense of frustration, our sense of failure, our sense of struggle.  How do you put that simple lesson of love into practice? It seems so difficult, so out of touch with our desire for things, and honor, and recognition.  

We know the way; we know the song; we know the message.  Guide us down the path to fulfillment, where love guides our every thought, our every movement, our every decision.

We love you, Oh God.  May our lives reflect the love Jesus taught us, so we, and others, might find peace and joy, shelter and food,  all reflected in the love we share.

In the holy names we have used through the ages, we pray.  Amen

Member of Stewardship Team
King of Peace MCC
St. Petersburg
Florida, USA
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