May the passion you have for life fire the compassion you have for others.

May you know that when you do small things with great love you change lives.
May the blessings you receive mean more than the hours you work.
May you remember to keep both feet on the ground while tending to those who have one foot in heaven.
May you be grateful that your daily encounter with death and dying brings you a deeper appreciation of life and living.
May you never lose sight of the fact that it’s not the length but the depth of life that really matters.
May your work be grounded in the knowledge that grief is the emotional, physical and spiritual price you pay for the priceless gift of love, and that the only cure for grief is grieving.
May you know that while no one may build a monument in your name, the way you make your mark in this life is by wiping a tear from someone’s cheek. 
And, may you start each day remembering the last words spoken by Steve Jobs before he died: “Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!” Words each of us will speak some day. 

Ordained MCC clergy person and hospital chaplain. 
Since August 2011 he has been Supervisor of Spiritual Care/Bereavement and Volunteer Services;
Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor at Allina Home and Community Health/Hospice. Steve also serves in a volunteer capacity as the OFLD Coordinator for MCC Chaplains.
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