Beloved God, Father and Mother of all of us,
We direct our many and diverse voices to you to cry out in the middle of this hectic world...
Today, those who hold power only think about themselves, their interests, their security, their health, their own roof, their families...
Today they "sold for money to the righteous, and to the poor for a pair of shoes, (...) today that the poor are exploited, and ruin the poor of the earth (AMOS 2 and 8)
Today, the systems in which we live forget the old man, close their hearts abroad and attack the different.
We pray, God, for the people who are forced to comply with norms that they do not understand or, simply, they are not called to live in that way imposed by systems that pretend to speak in your name. Forgive them God of great mercy! And listen to our prayer today!
Today, as every day, grant us Your Peace. Peace to go through the persecutions of the now. Peace to live in authenticity and always speak the truth.
Give us Your Peace and Love; To transform us once more, to die and resuscitate, to your will now and always. Love to face each relationship, each commitment, each responsibility ... Love to conquer new and good things. Your Kingdom of Love. May your Kingdom come to us!
Strengthen us, Lord, with the joy of Your victory on the Cross! Joy of Resurrection in the face of the many and diverse deaths that we see and know every day!
And so, Lady of creation, we can subvert everything ... And full of Peace, full of Love, full of Joy, we overcome our own hectic journey and we can sow more and more Faith, Hope and Love in our homes and communities. In each work and recreation space, in each Neighborhood, City, Province, State and Country.
May each step we take, personal - community or denominational, be in light of Your Word and under the protection of Your Cross.
Here we are, Holy Spirit, lift us in Your wings beyond what we know how to expect or imagine.
We bless you with all the names, we praise you, and we thank you: for all you have done, what you are doing and for all that you will do. For all that you have given us, you are giving and you will give us.
In the name of Jesus, your beloved son, redeemer and our friend. Amen.

prayer submitted by

Pastor,  Metropolitan Community Church of Tigre
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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