Holy One

We know you in so many ways, may all those be acknowledged here.

In this world of ours, you call to us. You call to us in ways that we can understand and in ways that are beyond comprehension. You invite us to co create with you, to heal with you, to care with you and to speak with you. Help us to open deeply and know the wisdom of our hearts. Help us to understand in ways that come with searching for what is not there. Help us to engage and wrestle with challenges that seem to overwhelm us. Helps us to ride the waves of chaos and not to be swept away. Blow through us, clear the cobwebs from our minds and help us to see anew with fresh insight.

We lift our thanks for the heart of our church, for each congregation, for every person who comes to our table. Help us to open wide and wider still, saying “Come, taste and see”. We lift our thanks to the laborers in the field; our pastors and chaplains, our professors and theologians, for our caretakers and care givers. We lift our thanks for the spirit of cooperation shared by MCC staff as we journey. We lift our thanks for the spirit seekers, our council of elders. We lift our thanks for vision seekers and speakers, prophets and moderators.  

We are filled with gratitude for this earth, for all of you, and for our loving God.  

May our thanks be known by our words, our actions, and our love.
May we respond always with love.

In all the ways we know and love you, we offer this prayer.


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