Holy One, Author of Life,
Creator of Shalom,
yearning for connection with us
even when we turn away,
Messenger of Peace
Harbinger of Hope
Witness for Joy
Pure Love.

We come to you again,
knowing yet often forgetting You never leave us,
not so much needing to ask You for what we need
but to accept the extravagance
You never stop bestowing,
continuously calling to us
calling on us
to be all You have created,
are creating.

Your forgiveness for our failures
knows no bounds,
overcoming our sometimes stingy view
of human shortcomings—
we pray to be more merciful
to others and ourselves,
to be healers
more than success seekers on worldly terms,
to be caring
in a world desperate for tenderness,
to listen
more than adding to the cacophony
surrounding permeating deafening

May we know that Your Body
the whole of Creation
is blessed:
every molecule, cell, stone, mountain
creature human and not,
tree and bush,
river and sea
wind and sun and rain
lightning thunder
season tide—
each breath we say we take—
is Your gift
freely bestowed.

We thank You for diversity
knowing that we
and each
face foot hand head muscle
genital leg tooth tongue corpuscle
root limb leaf twig
pollen petal
granite pebble
drop and cascading falls
Jew Muslim Christian
Hindu Sikh Buddhist pagan
atheist agnostic
is not only blessed
but more
bearing Your love
life beauty
to all
for all,
whom You endlessly seek to unite
in living tapestry
without end.

Amen.  Ashe. So may it be.


REV. DR. ROBIN HAWLEY GORSLINE , 72. is a Queer theologian and poet. He serves as Writer-Theologian in Residence at MCCDC. Some of his writing can be found at, The Naked Theologian ( www.TheNakedTheologian.blog ), and some of his poetry at Faithful Poetics ( www.FaithfulPoetics.net ). He lives in Greenbelt MD with his husband of 21 years and their beloved standard poodle, Cocoa.

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