Creator God, Allah, Great Spirit, Heavenly Parent. These are a few of the names by which we know You.

We come to you by your invitation. We thank you for offering an open table to all of your people. We remember that the Rainbow is a simple of a Promise. After a storm you are here to give us healing and rest. The Rainbow is also represented by the diverse people you created. We or our ancestors may have begun our journey with you in different parts of the world and we may look and perceive you differently. You created us with a common (DNA) which binds us together and a soul which connects us to you.

We ask you to help us find the balm in Gilead for today. To make our world whole. Show us how to support and nurture each other with the gifts you have given us. Much like the loaves and fishes the small child shared with your people as described in your word. Remind us that for our tears you died.

Help us to eliminate gluttony of wealth resources and food. Guide us to a peaceful resolution of our conflicts and to seek to discern your will in all things.

Show us how to use technology for your purpose and not to hurt each other and our planet.
We are grateful to you for bringing us together to celebrate your goodness and the free gift of your son Jesus to serve as an example for human-kind to follow, so that we can grow closer to you. We thank you for his sacrifice and the gift of everlasting life with you that he gave us.

In your many names we pray, Hallelujah Amen

Disability access and inclusion team in working group
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