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April 22 - 9:30 am - 12 pm - One Million Trees tree planting event at  Castlegreen Meadows Park
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Community organizations can request recognition either through a flag raising or lighting of the Civic Centre clock tower.  Click above for more info.
Click above to download the app.  Using a smartphone, residents can now report on five new issues under the "Report a Problem" button using the free mobile app Ping!:
  • Three hour parking violations on a City street
  • Abandoned shopping carts on private property
  • Damaged trees on City property
  • Dead/unhealthy trees on City property
  • Request pruning of a City owned tree
The City of Mississauga now offers property owners the convenience of viewing their interim and final property tax bills online through e-bill. Click above for more info.

Click above to download and print your schedule. You can also update your electronic calendar.  
Old Blue Box/Green Bin Return Program

This is a reminder that if you are not re-purposing your old blue boxes/green bins, the region will collect them if you call or email and request pickup at curb side. 
Please call 905-791-9499 or
send an email to: 
The old bins can also be dropped off at the Battleford Community Recycling Centre, 2255 Battleford Rd. 
Hours of operation are: 
Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm 
Friday to Sunday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Please remember to help those in need.
  The Dam
Please support the Dam Youth Drop-In by making a donation. 
Meadowvale Residents' Association - MRA

For information or to  get involved in the residents' association, please click here to send an email. 

You can also visit their website and like their Facebook page.

With members of the MRA
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Help save the life of someone waiting for an organ. One donor could save 8 lives! 
returntotopMarch 27, 2017
Dear Neighbour:

My e-newsletter is a bit late this month.  Unfortunately I was off for a few weeks after I had an emergency appendectomy.  Thanks to the great care of the staff at Credit Valley Hospital, I am recovering well and getting back to work.  Thank you for all the good wishes.

This is a very full newsletter as we have been dealing with many issues at Council.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions.

As we head into April, I hope to see more people out and about on our park trails and in the parks.  We have all been waiting for spring so please enjoy the better weather.

In the event that you are unable to view this 
e-newsletter please note that there is always a link on the front page of my website

As always, my staff and I are here to help you with any City or Regional issues.  Just send me an email to or call  905-896-5900 and check the Ward 9 website at for ongoing updates.

Britannia Road construction
Britannia Road between Winston Churchill and Erin Mills Parkway will be under construction for water main installation and resurfacing from March 13 until mid November.
The work will also include removing and replacing curbs, adding sidewalks and a multi-use trail and installing a low impact development storm sewer system. For more info, click here

Erin Centre Blvd to be Closed Early May

This is early notification that starting May 1, Erin Centre Blvd. between Winston Churchill and Coldspring Way will be closed for a 4 week period. Work will be ongoing to install water and sewer pipes to serve the new seniors' buildings at the Village of Erin Meadows. Detour signs will be posted.
Meadowvale Islamic Centre Zoning Bylaw Passed  
Some residents have been asking me for an update on the application for the Meadowvale Islamic Centre on Winston Churchill. As you recall, Council approved the application in spite of my concerns over traffic and parking. The Zoning bylaw (which is a formality) was recently passed at Council. I did not support it as my mind has not changed over the planning concerns. I am very supportive of a mosque in the community as we welcome places of worship but I do not feel this is the right location for any building with such potentially high activity. Once the City Clerk posts Notice of the passing, there is a 20 day appeal period to the OMB which ends on April 4, 2017. Any appeal would have to come from the community.

As the application is approved, our next step will be working on the site plan before it can receive final approval. There are several items on the proposed plan that will need to be reviewed carefully and some changes made. As this impacts the residents who live in the immediate vicinity, I will be holding a meeting with them and the Meadowvale Residents Association, city planners and the applicant to review the plan and see how it can be improved to work better.

The site plan process is very important as it guides the final construction of a development. I welcome any questions about the process but I sincerely ask that this not become a heated discussion over the application. That is a done deal and my role is to move ahead and make sure that I do everything I can to make sure that the impact on the surrounding community is minimized as much as possible as I do with every development. If you wish to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) forms are available online. An appeal must be filled with the Clerk of the City of Mississauga, Attention: Crystal Greer, no later than April 4, 2017.

Local Road Resurfacing   
The following streets will be resurfaced starting within the next month and ending prior to November 30, 2017:

Alfresco Terrace, Arles Mews, Cherbourg Gardens, Miller's Grove (from Battleford to Tenth Line (north leg), Ridgeland Cres, Spring Creek Cres, Sundown Cir, Tamar Mews, Trodheim Cres, Vantage Cir. For more info, click here.
Motion to re-establish Road Safety Committee
I am thankful that Council supported my motion to re-establish a Road Safety Committee. We need to get citizens and agencies involved again to work with Council and staff to find more ways to promote road safety for pedestrians and cyclists and motorists. The initial committee started in 1998 and had many successful campaigns and programs. We will establish a terms of reference for Council approval and then build the committee. The safety of our citizens has to be a top priority.

Proposed Animal Care and Control By-law Amendments Reduce Pet Licence Fees

Having a pet is very important to so many people. It is proven that pets can reduce anxiety and stress and offer companionship for those who may be otherwise alone.  It is important that we make pet ownership affordable while at the same time protecting the pets through licensing.

I have been working with Animal Services to fine tune the new pet licensing bylaw and I am pleased that staff incorporated many of our suggestions into the new bylaw.  This was approved by Council on March1, 2017.

Improvements include a new two-year pet licence at a $10 discount, as well as a lower cost of a pet licence for low-income residents which I strongly advocated for.

In addition to revising the pet licensing fee structure, there will be changes to the cost of surrendering an animal to Animal Services.
To learn more about the amendments to the Animal Care and Control By-law 0098-04, click here.
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City to Launch Transportation Network Licensing Pilot Project

General Committee recently passed a motion to approve a Transportation Network Company (TNC) Licensing Pilot Project. The 18 month Pilot Project will permit the operation of TNCs such as Uber in Mississauga. The Pilot Project is scheduled to begin on July 1, 2017. The motion will be on the March 29, 2017 Council agenda for final approval.
Upon completion of the Pilot Project, staff will report back to General Committee with recommendations on existing and future regulations. To read the conditions of the pilot, check here. 

Proposed Housing Strategy Focuses on Middle-Income Households
Council has been working on establishing a new housing strategy.  We received a report from staff  "Making Room for the Middle: A Housing Strategy for Mississauga"  at a recent  Planning and Development Committee meeting.

The draft strategy aims to foster a supportive development environment for private and non-profit builders to provide a range of housing that is affordable for all, with a focus on middle-income households earning $55,000 to $100,000.

It contains 40 actions based on existing municipal powers to achieve its goals. It also proposes establishing interim city-wide housing targets
for market rental and affordable ownership of 35 per cent based on those in the Region of Peel Official Plan.

It is important that we make full use of the tools the City has at its disposal. We can create a supportive environment for affordable housing through actions such as making lands development ready
and preserving rental housing. The actions also reflect the importance of working in partnership with senior levels of government and the Region of Peel to achieve system reforms and realize the goals.
The next step is a a Housing Forum in spring 2017 to share the draft strategy with stakeholders and the public for their comments. Council will consider a final report later in 2017.
Call for feedback, Parking Master Plan

One of the most common complaints most Councillors get involves parking.

In order to better design our future parking and meet the needs of our citizens Council has directed staff to develop a Parking Master Plan.

We are asking residents for input. 
Do you have ideas about ways to improve parking in your neighbourhood?  Then let us know about them.

We will use the information gathered from the public to help develop a Parking Master Plan that will help the city make future decisions about parking in Mississauga For more information on our Parking Master Plan visit 
Submit your feedback by taking the online survey by May 1.To take the survey, click here.

Mississauga Continues to Create Accessible Communities For All

I was proud to comment recently on the many successes listed in the City's 14th Annual Report of the Accessibility Plan.

We have done so much through modification of public spaces like parks and trails as well as renovating our public buildings to be more accessible.  Meadowvale Community Centre  and Library is a glowing example of a fully accessible building - the first we have built to these standards.

We are ahead of other cities in providing accessible transportation on all our bus fleet and stops and we continue to work with the members of the Accessibility Advisory Committee to do even more.

I am so proud to have served on this committee for the past 14 years and I thank all the citizen members and the strong staff team who work with us to make this all happen.  Mississauga's Accessibility Plan is available online by clicking here.
Platinum Designation Recognizes City's Commitment to Being Youth Friendly

Youth issues have always been a priority for me so when I heard that the City of Mississauga received platinum status as a Youth Friendly Community from Play Works, I was extremely proud and excited.

This is a group of provincially recognized youth organizations that work together to encourage communities to open doors and reinvest in youth play.  Mississauga was recognized for outstanding commitment to providing youth with opportunities to be active contributors to their community. We met all the criteria required such as : 
  • providing options and facilities for play;
  • formally connecting youth to the community;
  • the community celebrates and recognizes youth;
  • funding for youth play;
  • support of youth volunteerism;
  • youth activism and advocacy for play; and
  • adults champion the cause for youth play.

Congratulations to all our staff and agencies who made this award possible.


For more information about the City of Mississauga's Youth Plan and Mississauga Youth Movement, visit

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Free Tax Preparation Assistance For Low-Income Individuals and Families

The Region is hosting free annual tax preparation clinics at its Regional offices in Mississauga. The Clinics will be offered every Saturday through March and April, with the exception of the Easter weekend. The clinics are offered at no charge to individuals whose income is $30,000 or less and families whose household income is $40,000 or less. The services are provided by volunteer members of the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Ontario, as part of the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. Advance sign-up is required and clients will be advised of the documents they need to bring when they make their appointments. For more information click here.
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Nominate Someone for a Mississauga Civic Award of Recognition

Mississauga and Ward 9 are blessed with thousands of hard working volunteers, many of whom have given years of their time to make our city great.

This is your chance to recognize these contributions by nominating someone you know for the City of Mississauga 2017 Civic Awards of Recognition.

Local residents and organizations who contribute to the community through volunteering, or through achievements in sports, academia and the arts are eligible for nomination.

Nominations are open until April 28, 2017 at 4:30 p.m.
Visit the City's website for criteria and nomination form. Council will present the awards at a formal ceremony at the Mississauga Civic Centre on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Nominations will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Due to the number of seats available, only the first 100 nominees will be considered so be sure to send in your nominations early.
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Household Medical Waste Disposal reminder

Residents who generate household medical waste and sharps are reminded to properly dispose of them. Plastics that have been used for household medical waste cannot go in recycling. Household medical waste includes dialysis tubing, filters, disposable towels and sheets, colostomy bags, IV bags and tubing, gastric and nasal tubes, and soiled dressings and incontinence products. They must be double-bagged and placed in the garbage. Residents who use sharps (needles, syringes and lancets) should obtain a free biohazard container from a Region Community Recycling Centres for proper disposal. Residents can also visit pharmacies participating in the Ontario Sharps Collection Program for a similar biohazard container service. For more information, click here.
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Council Approves Election Campaign Contribution Rebate Program

Council recently approved a change to election contributions by approving a Municipal Election Campaign Contribution Rebate Program.  I did not support the program as I do not feel that property taxes should fund election campaigns but most municipalities have adopted similar programs so it did make sense for Mississauga to follow.

Starting with the 2018 municipal elections, contributions to mayoral and Councillor candidates in Mississauga elections may now be eligible for a rebate. A rebate program enables the city to reimburse contributions made by individuals to the campaign of a candidate running for mayor or councillor. Application rules and procedures must be followed by the candidate and contributor in order for the City to pay a rebate. Rebates of 25 per cent will be issued for financial contributions between $25 and $150. 
For information visit:

Petitions to Council: Online Forms
Residents who wish to create a petition to appear on a Council agenda, must complete an online form available on the city's web site. There are two kinds of petitions - a general petition and a local improvement petition. For the General Petition Form, click here. For Local Improvement Petitions Form (only to be used for local improvements an ex. Noise Barrier Wall), click here.

Summer Student Positions   
The Riverwood Conservancy currently has two summer student positions available for an Enabling Garden Assistant and Invasive Species Assistant. For information, click here.
Animal Care in Cold Weather
As we continue to have some cold weather,  please remember that pet owners are required to provide proper shelter and care for their pets. Do not leave your pet outside when there are extreme cold alerts.

Click here for the Standards of Care information.
Anniversary/Birthday Congratulations

If you know someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary please contact me at 905-896-5900 or at and I would be pleased to send a letter of congratulations and a small gift to commemorate the special event.

Celebrating this month:
Happy 95th Birthday to George Pelling

Happy Birthday to George Pelling, 95 years young.


Pauline Wettlaufer also celebrated a Birthday.
Painting the mural with Mayor Crombie.
Vimy Ridge memorial mural

I was proud to kick off the painting of the Vimy Ridge memorial mural on March 27 at the Garry Morden Centre in Ward 9. The mural will be painted by local schools and others. We will be unveiling it in a special ceremony at the centre on April 9 to honour the 100th anniversary of Vimy.
Joined by new Fire recruits, Councillors Ras, Starr and Mayor Crombie.

Bringing greetings to parishioners.
Walk a mile in my shoes prayer service

On March 11, St Francis Of Assisi Anglican Church and Meadowvale Islamic Centre hosted a joint prayer service. It was my honour to bring greetings and speak to the those in attendance about working together in our community and respecting everyone's right to worship as they choose.
With Father Jeff Brown, Mayor Crombiee , MP Gagan Sikand, Imam Suliman and Shoaib Imran, President of Meadowvale Islamic Centre.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada.
Canada's 150 Birthday Card

I was very proud to sign the largest birthday card for Canada 150 on March 10.
It was a pleasure to kick off the signing at the Meadowvale Community Centre and Library and invite visitors of all ages to the centre to help us celebrate our great country's birthday. The card will be on display at Erin Meadows Community Centre from April 4 - 17 for residents to sign.

With Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Trustee O'Toole and students from various Ward 9 schools.
The Mayor's Women's Day breakfast

It was such a privilege to join young women from 3 of our Ward 9 schools to celebrate International Women's Day.  At the Mayors Breakfast we heard an inspiring talk from Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell. Thank you to teachers and students from John Fraser,  Meadowvale Secondary and Gonzaga Secondary Schools for your presence and for sharing your insights with us. Thanks also to Trustee Esther O'Toole for attending and sharing in the conversation.

Enjoying the local arts.
Tourism Mississauga Showcase

As the Chair of the Mississauga Tourism committee, I was honoured to host the tourism showcase on March 1, where we launched the 2017 tour guide. The event featured key tourism partners from the city, global food tastings and entertainment from top local artists. To view the guide, click here.
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With the students of Waterloo and members of the MRA.
Waterloo Student meeting

I had the pleasure of  meeting with two groups of University of Waterloo students to talk about how we could re-imagine the Meadowvale Town Centre precinct on Feb. 27. Thanks to our Meadowvale Residents Association for joining us and providing some excellent input. I look forward to the final report.

With MP Gagan Sikand.
Meeting with MP Gagan Sikand

I had a great meeting with our MP Gagan Sikand on Feb 27. We talked about the Syrian refugees who are living in a motel in Ward 9 and what more we can do to help them out.
With Brad Butt, Ester O'Toole and Moid Mohammed
Coldest Night Walk
On Feb. 25 I was joined by team members School Trustee, Esther O'Toole and Moid Mohammed to support the Dam's Coldest Night of the Walk fundraiser. Pat's Plodders raised over $3,500. I thank everyone who participated and endured the cold weather.
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La Main Dans La Main

On Feb. 25 I had the pleasure of attending the La Main Dans la Main networking event.  Touring the Blue Crescent Islamic School, meeting the staff and chatting with the many businesses that were on hand was both entertaining and informative. 
Presenting Steve Johnston, Acting President of the MMHA with a certificate.
For the Love of Hockey Gala
I was pleased to attend the Meadowvale Minor Hockey's annual For the Love of Hockey Gala on Feb 24th.
The gala celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the organization which has served our community so well. 
Mr. Brian Webster, MHL Board of Directors and his wife Wendy.
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