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August | 2021
Upcoming Events
City of Long Beach Council Meetings
Tuesdays @ 5:00PM

Long Beach Movies in the Park
See Details in '3rd District and City Community Events' Section

Moonlight Movies on the Beach
See Details in '3rd District and City Community Events' Section

Long Beach Municipal Band Concerts
See Details in '3rd District and City Community Events' Section

Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewardship Program
See Details in '3rd District and City Community Events' Section

Jumping Jack Flash Concert
August 5th, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Friends of Bixby Park Monthly Cleanups
Saturday August 7th, 2021 @ 9AM-11AM

Community Meeting on the 2030 Strategic Vision Update
August 18th @ 6:00PM

Long Beach Water Public Hearing
August 26, 2021 @ 7:00PM

Belmont Heights "Last Saturday of the Month" Drive-Thru
August 28th, 2021

*More information for all events can be found under "3rd District and City Community Events". Check it out!
New For You!
Helpful and important City phone numbers will now be included at the bottom of the newsletter. This contact information can be used for a variety of city services such as:
  • Graffiti
  • Pot Holes
  • Noise abatement
  • Broken Curbs
  • And much, much more!
Councilwoman Suzie Price
I hope your August is off to a good start. Our Council District 3 team was excited to welcome back Concerts in the Park last Sunday. We had about 2,000 residents in attendance and it was a beautiful afternoon filled with community spirit and positive energy! Everyone seemed to have a great time. Thanks to those who joined us!
On the City Council front, August is budget month. As a member of the Budget Oversight Committee (BOC), I attend all of our regular council meetings and, in addition, attend a weekly BOC meeting. The City is currently involved in community outreach and engagement on the budget. The public has the opportunity to learn about and produce input about the city budget in many ways including:

  • Attending Council budget hearings (schedule to follow)
  • Attending BOC meetings (held every Tuesday at 3 pm in August)
  • Attending Community Budget Meetings (three have already been held, the 4th will be at the Michelle Obama Library on 8/12 at 5 pm.
  • Assisting with the development of the Long Beach Strategic Plan (More information on this in the article below)
  • Taking the City budget survey (link is included in the article below)
  • Reviewing the budget resources that are available on-line

The Council budget hearings are formal meetings where the particular city department will present their budget. They will highlight their successes, challenges and proposed budget for the coming year. The city budget hearing schedule is as follows:

  • August 3rd: Proposed Capital Improvement Plan
  • August 10th: Health and Human Services Department & Long Beach Police Department
  • August 17th: Economic Development Department, Long Beach Fire Department, and the Civil Service Department
  • August 24th: First Planned Budget Adoption
  • September 7th: Second Planned Budget Adoption
I wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you about public input and what that means to the council. I often have residents reach out to me with budget requests (or other city wide issues) and I always listen and offer them the opportunity to attend a public meeting to share their thoughts with the full council and staff. What residents sometimes say in response is “Well, I am talking to you and it’s your job to represent my position at the council, so why do I need to attend a meeting? Or take the survey? Isn’t that your job?” This is a great question: and the answer is no. My job is not to represent the voice of individual residents at the city council. My job is to represent all of my residents to the best of my ability. All of them. I think that sometimes when people are talking to me about an issue or a budget priority, for example, they assume that their opinion is shared by everyone else in the district. It is true that their opinion may be shared with those with whom they socialize or share common life experiences and community interests with. This reality sometimes leads to the misguided conclusion that by sharing their personal opinion with me, it represents the thoughts of the “district” as a whole because all must agree or have the same analysis on the issue or priority. This is not the case. Each of the 9 districts in Long Beach have roughly 50,000 diverse residents. I often receive opposing views on a single issue or priority from residents in my district on the same day! I attempt to represent all of those people and respect all of their opinions to the best of my ability.
However, there is no way for me to adequately represent the views of everyone equally with the same passion and advocacy because those thoughts/opinions may be the same as mine, different from mine, or wholly at odds with one another. This is why it’s important for residents to share their thoughts with me, personally, so that I can get a pulse on the trends and thoughts on a specific issue from the community as a whole. But, this is also why it’s important for residents to share their opinions and thoughts with the full council and city staff. They need to hear from you if you feel strongly about an issue. Believe it or not, people living side by side, even on the same street, often have completely opposing views on major issues facing the city. This is why the city offers many opportunities for engagement and I encourage all residents to take advantage of these opportunities and to make their opinions known on a broader level. All of that is to say, I look forward to hearing from you privately and in public forums!
In the next few weeks, our students will be returning to their campuses at all educational facilities throughout the city. Please be sure to look for emails from our office on important citywide updates on face covering and COVID health orders coming from the Health Department. Our Council office is not involved in any aspect of the health/COVID Orders but our office tries to get the information to our residents as soon as the Orders are made. We appreciate those of you who have reached out and thanked us for our communications efforts during COVID. I am super proud of our amazing team for making communication a major priority for our council office.

Have a safe and enjoyable August. I look forward to seeing you out and about in the community.

In the spirit of friendship and community,
Suzie Price
Councilwoman, 3rd District
3rd District Community News
Community Meeting August 18th on
Strategic Vision for 2030
On Wednesday August 18th at 6:00 PM, I invite you to join me for a community meeting via Zoom that will feature a presentation on the City's Strategic Vision for 2030. As a City we absolutely depend on the engagement and willingness of residents to provide your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions on shaping the future of our City. I hope everyone will participate in this opportunity to help inform the decisions the City will make for years to come.
As Long Beach continues to grow and change, we must plan for a future that builds on successes, embraces new opportunities, and makes important improvements. The goal of a strategic plan is to create a planning document to codify a long-term view of the City and engage residents on all topics. The City's last strategic plan was created in 2000 with the planning process beginning in 1997, so we are certainly due for a new Citywide Strategic Plan.
Link to Meeting via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 861 8514 4486
Call in Number: 1 669 900 6833
In addition to a presentation, and opportunity to provide input on the Strategic Visioning, there will also be neighborhood updates from our East Division Police Department, the Marine Bureau, and our Lifeguards.
This meeting is an opportunity to participate in the Strategic Vision for 2030 and provide focus for city staff to address key citywide priorities sourced from Long Beach stakeholders and work toward a co-created vision.
Community Budget Survey
Every August as a City we begin developing the budget for the coming fiscal year. As we continue working our way out of the COVID-19 emergency and the impacts we have seen to nearly every part of our lives including our city budget, it is important for us to receive input from Long Beach residents.
As Vice Chair of the Budget Oversight Committee, the past year saw us facing the most challenging budget I have seen while on this committee. 
The City Manager and Mayor presented their proposed budget for next year's Fiscal Year 2022 City budget. Over the next several weeks the City Council will deliberate their proposals. For me, the priority will be to finalize a balanced budget that preserves essential services to residents while also looking for prudent cuts to our City budget that ensure Long Beach is on the right track moving forward.
Update from Long Beach Water
In my continuing effort to make sure that all residents are well informed on all topics that impact them, I am providing an update from Long Beach Water as they consider a rate increase.
Message from Long Beach Water:
The Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners has approved an 8 percent adjustment in water rates and a 10 percent adjustment in sewer rates, subject to a public hearing and City Council approval. If approved, the new rates will take effect October 1, 2021.
Pursuant to State law, the Long Beach Water Department will hold a public hearing on August 26, 2021 to consider public protest of proposed increases to the City’s water and sewer rates.
A City of Long Beach water and/or sewer account owner may protest the proposed changes to the City’s water and/or sewers rates via written or verbal protest that must be received by the close of the public hearing.
The Public Hearing will take place on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 at 7:00 PM at the Long Beach Groundwater Treatment Plant located at 2950 Redondo Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90806. 
All written, protest must be received by public hearing date and sent via mail or email: 
Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners Attn: Executive Assistant to the Board

1800 East Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA 90807 

E-mail address: 
You must include your name and street address. Only one written protest will be counted per identified account toward a “majority protest.”
Why Are the Rates Increasing?

  • Revenue generated from customer water and sewer bills is used to pay for the ongoing operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the existing water and sewer systems.
  • The Fiscal Year 2022 Budget identifies priorities of investments in groundwater sources with new and refurbished local water wells to reduce reliance on more expensive, imported water sources, as well as replacing aging infrastructure that includes more than 1,800 miles of pipeline and storage tanks. In addition, continued investment to rehabilitate, repair, and replace critical sewer infrastructure is necessary to protect public health and the environmental health of our community.
  • Importantly, between Fiscal Years 2018-19 and 2020-21, the Department did not increase sewer rates.
  • The Long Beach Water Department is prioritizing investments into the most feasible and cost-effective water supply projects to increase our water self-reliance and resilience to future droughts, including infrastructure to maximize the use of local groundwater and recycled water sources.
  • The Long Beach Water Department understands that COVID-19 has hit our community members in unprecedented ways. The Department continues to responsibly manage costs to mitigate the increase in water and sewer rates. The proposed rate adjustments are set at a level that allows the Department to both maintain reasonable monthly water and sewer bills for our customers and make needed long-term investments to keep your water supply safe and reliable all while providing high-quality customer service for the years ahead.
Where can I learn more about the FY22 budget and rates?
The Board held a total of three public workshops (May 13, May 20, and June 10) to discuss setting budget and rates for Fiscal Year 2022. The presentations and audio files from the workshops can be found at this link.
Redistricting Meeting
This month, the Third District Community was able to attend a virtual community meeting on the process of redistricting. The City of Long Beach is beginning its process of redistricting the City Council district lines. This occurs every ten years based on changes we see to the City's populations based on the US Census data that seeks to count and identify every person residing in the county and in our City. 
Council District maps determine who community members can elect for their district. The maps drawn in 2021 create the stage for the next decade. Districts must be made as equal in population as practicable so that communities have equal access to political representation. If districts are redrawn to keep communities intact, people are better able to elect representatives who will further their interests. Participating in the process is crucial for your community.
Here in Long Beach, voters approved Measure DDD in 2018 and created the City of Long Beach Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. This amended the City Charter to create a Commission of Long Beach residents to determine the boundaries of Council Districts.
As the Commission begins its work, there will be opportunities for residents to provide input and learn more about the process. 
During the meeting the Third District Community was introduced to the Redistricting Committee, who covered a basic explanation of redistricting in the City of Long Beach, a description of communities of interest and their role in the redistricting process, online mapping tools, and an opportunity to speak about your community.
For more information on the redistricting process, click here.
Mollie Wilson
3rd District Legislative Assistant
Rowing Camp
On June 1st, Councilwoman Suzie Price brought an agenda item to City Council to create a pilot rowing program for students living in underserved communities. As Long Beach is well known for its rowing programs and the impressive aquatic athletes that have developed in the City, Councilwoman Price wanted to ensure that our local students have access to rowing and the amazing future opportunities it can provide. This program is being implemented in collaboration with the Long Beach Rowing Association (LBRA) and is designed for male and female high school students. The free summer camp, called “Row the Stadium” will allow students to learn the sport of rowing while rowing at this Olympic site. 
This month, the pilot program began its first days of the summer camp at Marine Stadium for high school students throughout the City of Long Beach. Councilwoman Price would like to thank the Long Beach Rowing Association and Kristina Duggan for helping see this program become a reality! 
Mollie Wilson
3rd District Legislative Assistant
Able ARTS Works:
A Long Beach Non-Profit 39 Years Strong 
Anyone who knows me knows how big a supporter I am of the Arts. And when that art helps support creativity and lifelong learning, then it is something I am always willing to go out of my way to support and help. Which is why I want to provide this update from an amazing Non-Profit called Able ARTS Work, whose primary mission is to provide life-long learning, community service, and vocational opportunities through the creative arts for people with disabilities of all ages in an environment of warmth, encouragement, and inclusion. Our vision is “Love Before Learning. Learn for Life.”

Update from Able ARTS Works

Able ARTS Work started in Long Beach 39 years ago, serving just three adults with developmental disabilities. Still headquartered in Long Beach, they now serve 3,000 people and have become an integral part of the larger arts community through programs that reach beyond our own doors and into schools and public spaces promoting acceptance and inclusion.

Check out their video to see all the incredible things happening in Long Beach and to learn how you can help them have A Home of our Own. Having a home of our own will ensure we continue to serve the Long Beach community for years to come, helping us expand our programs and furthering our integration in the community through increased visibility and by opening our doors for public workshops, gallery shows, and other events – instilling pride in the community and our students.

Here’s how you can help:
COVID-19 Update
As a city, as a state and as a nation it continues to be important that we take precautions to protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although progress has been made, we have seen concerning trends in recent weeks related to the Delta variant.

Long Beach Update: 
  • 56,696 total positive results 
  • Increase in 68 cases since yesterday
  • Positivity rate: 8.1%
  • Daily new case rate is 27.9 per 100K population
  • 955 fatalities
  • 46 Long Beach residents hospitalized with COVID-19
  • 99 total COVID-19 hospitalizations in area hospitals (Long Beach Memorial Hospital, St. Mary Medical Center, College Medical Center, Lakewood Regional Medical Center and Los Alamitos Medical Center)
  • 850,357 total tests conducted
  • 279,717 Vaccinated residents
  • 73.3% of 18+ residents vaccinated
  • 59.9% of all age residents vaccinated
3rd District and City Community Events
Jumping Jack Flash

Jumping Jack Flash
Rolling Stones Tribute Band

August 5th, 6:00pm-8:00pm at Marine Stadium Park

Food Trucks:
Carmen's Coffee
Oxaca On Wheels
4Wheel Burger
I Love Funnel Cakes
Moonlight Movies on the Beach 2021
Moonlight Movies on the Beach are back!

Throughout the month of August, movies will air at Granada Beach for free starting at dusk (approx. 8 PM). The following movies will be shown:
8/3 – Knives Out
8/10 – Lady and the Tramp
8/12 – Fifth Element
8/17 – Hocus Pocus
8/24 -- Tombstone
For more information on this event, visit Alfredo Beach Club’s website and facebook. I hope members of the community can attend one of these movie screenings! 

Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewardship Program
Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewardship Program Events are now available July - December 2021!

Rules and Items to Remember:
  • All events require a ticket to attend, which can be acquired through our Event Brite sign up page, on their social media platforms.
  • Closed-toe shoes are REQUIRED.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No dogs or animals are allowed during events or walks.

Visit their website for more information on these events:
Muni Band is Ready for a Great Summer
The Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine is pleased to announce that new Municipal Band Conductor, Kurt Curtis, is ready to bring the community together for an abbreviated, yet exciting, 2021 Municipal Band Concert season. Parks staff and Mr. Curtis are in the process of coordinating to conduct a two-week season.
Week 1
•Tuesday, August 17 – Whaley Park
•Wednesday, August 18 – Los Cerritos Park
•Thursday, August 19 – Marine Stadium Park
•Friday, August 20 – El Dorado Park West
Week 2
•Tuesday, August 24 – Bixby Bluff Park
•Wednesday, August 25 – Los Cerritos Park
•Thursday, August 26 – Marine Stadium Park
•Friday, August 27 – El Dorado Park West
Mr. Curtis has put together two programs featuring fan favorites. The theme for the first week of the concerts will be “Strike up the Band,” followed by “A Celebration Through Music” the following week. We are pleased that the Long Beach Municipal Band will have the opportunity this summer to welcome our residents and visitors back to the parks for this long-held tradition in Long Beach. The City looks forward to a full concert season in 2022 and will be looking at scheduling options to best meet the needs of the community.
Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine to Offer Free and Low-Cost Recreation Programs
Starting June 21
With long summer days and kids on school break, Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine (PRM) will offer 10 weeks of free and low-cost recreation programs for families, teens and older adults, beginning June 21. Community members can call or visit their neighborhood park for schedules and to register for activities.

“This summer promises to be a great time for all as families, teens and seniors can enjoy a variety of free recreational activities and movies at various parks,” said Mayor Robert Garcia.
Be S.A.F.E. (Summer Activities in a Friendly Environment) supports neighborhoods by extending free supervised hours at 11 select parks from 5 to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, June 21 through August 27, and employing local youth. Families can enjoy activities including arts and crafts, outdoor games, sports and science activities and free movies at the parks listed below. Movies begin at dusk.
  • Silverado Park, 1545 W. 31st Street
  • August 5 - Ant Man and the Wasp
  • Orizaba Park, 1435 Orizaba Ave.
  • August 12 - Avengers Endgame
  • Ramona Park, 3301 E. 65th St.
  • August 19 - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
  • Admiral Kidd Park, 2125 Santa Fe Ave.
  • August 26 - Spiderman: Far From Home
Free Movies in the Park, sponsored by Signal Hill Petroleum and Partners of Parks, will take place from June 21 through August 27. Movies begin at dusk. Residents are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, picnic-style dinner and their family and friends.
  • Dolitte: August 8, McBride Park; August 11, Heartwell Park; August 13, Scherer Park; August 14, Signal Hill Park
  • The Lion King: August 16, Cherry Park; August 18, College Estates Park; August 20, Houghton Park
  • Onward: August 23, Pan American Park; August 25, Drake Park; August 27, Whaley Park
Teen Centers will offer limited programming activities for those ages 13 to 18, Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., starting June 21. Engage and enjoy new games, arts programming, Zumba classes, sports, and mentorship opportunities. Teens can call their preferred site for schedule information and to sign up for activities at the parks listed below. 
  • Cesar E. Chavez Park, 401 Golden Ave., 562.570.8890
  • Freeman Community Center, 1205 Freeman Ave., 562.570,8890
  • Houghton Park, 6301 Myrtle Ave., 562.570.1640
  • Admiral Kidd Park, 2125 Santa Fe Ave., 562.570.1600
  • McBride Park, 1550 Martin Luther King Ave.,562.570.1605
  • Silverado Park, 1545 West 31st St., 562.570.1675
Senior Centers will offer staff-led exercise classes, games, crafts and other activities. The Long Beach 4th Street Senior Center will reopen on June 21 and operate Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with limited programming. Satellite senior centers will start limited programming on June 28; however, the opening date of the EXPO Center site is yet to be determined. The satellite senior centers are open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The lunch program will continue in a “grab and go” format for the near future. Individuals can call their preferred site for more details, class schedules and registration. Classes are being added continuously; for the most up to date information, call the PRM office listed below.
  • Cesar E. Chavez Park, 401 Golden Ave., 562.570.8890
  • El Dorado Park West, 2800 Studebaker Road, 562.570.3225
  • EXPO Center, 4321 Atlantic Ave., 562.570.1640
  • Houghton Park, 6301 Myrtle Ave., 562.570.1640
  • Long Beach Senior Center, 1150 East 4th Street, 562.570.3500
  • McBride Park, 1550 Martin Luther King Ave., 562.570.1605
  • Silverado Park, 1545 West 31st Street, 562.570.1675
Face Mask 2
In an effort to continue protecting the health and safety of all, those who are unvaccinated should wear a face covering when participating in the above events and activities. Additional information regarding recent COVID-19 guidance is available in the City Health Order.

Additional information about the various other PRM summer recreation programs is available by calling 562.570.3150 or by visiting

Information can be found: HERE

Jane Grobaty
Community Information Officer
Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine
Friends of Bixby Park Monthly Cleanups + Free Bike Registration
August 7th, 2021

Event:   Monthly Cleanup
When:   Saturday, August 7th, 2021
Time:    9:00AM-11:00AM
Where:  Bixby Park 130 Cherry Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802

FOBP is reestablishing our Park monthly cleanups. Join us at the Bandshell in Bixby Park.  Meet new friends and neighbors while making a difference at our local neighborhood park. A little bit of your time can make a big difference. Post the attached flyer in your building's common area. 
Stick around afterward and enjoy the Farmers Market!
Gloves, bags and pickers, will be provided...
all you need to bring is your mask and a smile under it!
Together we will practice litter picking and social distancing!
Your bike is not registered? Ride over to the bandshell and we will help you register it!!! It will take 5 minutes!

Thank you for helping make Bixby Park a great place to visit!
See you then.

Belmont Heights "Last Saturday of the Month" Drive-Thru
August 28th, 2021
Join Belmont Heights Community Association for a "Last Saturday of the Month" food collection! 

Every month they collect food for a different local food pantry. Additionally they also collect a different household item that goes to different organizations in need. 
Their next collection is on Saturday, August 28th from 9 to 11 am in the parking lot of the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church. 

Will Cullen
 Vice President
Belmont Heights Community Association
Business Spotlight
This month's Business Spotlight is on GRABZ located at Broadway and Redondo Ave. Local Long Beach resident and owner Mimi Trinh is Vietnamese but from Germany, where she was born and raised. As a first-generation college graduate and business owner, her goal of opening her own business was prompted by her dream of having flexibility and freedom to be creative. Fueled by the need for a community market in the neighborhood where people could “grab” quick supplies to make Asian meals, Mimi states, “The idea for the store is to carry a lot of staple and basic Asian ingredients for cooking, snacking, and drinking.
The goal is to offer convenience and easy access to Asian goods for the surrounding community/neighborhood.” GRABZ has the brands and products that are most popular and commonly used, making it easy to create home cooked meals without having to venture far away from home. One of the prettiest markets I have been to, Mimi’s fresh approach to her market lends a positive impact to the people who come into the store and live in the vicinity. While it can be more difficult for niche shops to keep prices as low as chain stores, the owner works to keep things as reasonably priced as possible. Supporting our local businesses is part and parcel of community and this is truly a “neighborhood business.” We are so happy that Mimi has decided to start her business in the Third District.

3403 E Broadway, 
Long Beach, CA 90803 
(Corner of Redondo and Broadway) 
Phone: 562-386-2079 IG: @grabzquickmart

Hours: M – Thur 11 am – 7:30 pm 
Fri – Sun: 11 am – 6 pm
Lisa West
3rd District Director of Business Relations,
Programming and Outreach
Artist Spotlight
Tristan Eaton
For 25 years, Tristan Eaton has been at the forefront of multiple urban art movements. It was so cool to see his work at LB Museum of Art, and I highly recommend those who haven't been able to see the exhibit to take the time to do so. Tickets are $12 and I was happy I could take my friend there for her birthday. 

We didn't have any expectations, nor insight to Tristan's style of art. This exhibit is such a treat for people who don't know Tristan's work because this is the first time ever that his 20+ years of artwork is on display. There are 3 levels to see all of Tristan's work and walk through his art journey. You'll find a mixture of sculptures, pop art, and murals that have the tying theme of what the "American Dream" is.  

I'll try not to spoil what I saw, but have you ever used 3D Glasses in an art exhibit? I know technology has advanced, there's even Augmented Reality art exhibits nowadays, but I was blown away that I could look at an actual painting with 3D Glasses. I can't imagine anyone or even the most profound artists that we admire in mainstream, not react or get giddy the same way that I did when I saw a painting literally pop out!

Spoiler, but its too good not to share, but Tristan's work has been in space! It's there for you to see and the entire flow of the museum just takes you around his world and what he sees as being significant to the American Dream.

Tristan brings you through his journey in this exhibit and as soon as you enter the museum there’s a massive full color window installation and display of toys and sculptures in the museum lobby. Tristan's journey is colorful, vibrant, and playful. A journey I hope our District 3 and Long Beach community goes to see, support, and celebrate the arts.
Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Did You Catch Suzie In July?
Opening of BluePrint Home Loans
Tipper's Club meeting
Rowing Program
Junior Lifeguard Cadets
3rd District Council Meeting
Elevate Long Beach Photoshoot
Meet The CD3 Summer College Interns!
Hi, my name is Cassidy! I am currently an undergraduate student at UCLA, pursuing a degree in Philosophy and Professional Writing. My goal is to become a lawyer, and through working with Councilwoman Price’s office, I hope to better understand the inherent link between the justice system and local government. In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and finding new food spots with friends.
Hello everyone, my name is Sofia Lanfranco. I recently graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a major in American Studies and a minor in Political Science. I have lived in Long Beach my entire life and very eager to help the residents of the Third District with Councilwoman Suzie Price. During my free time I love supporting local businesses, going to the beach, and reading. I wish everyone a happy and healthy summer!
Sammy resides in Lakewood, California and graduated with honors from Millikan High School, Class of 2021. She will be continuing her education at California State University of Long Beach and will be majoring in Communications. Sammy recently completed an internship with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office at the West Justice Superior Courthouse and has intentions of pursuing a career in law. Fascinated with the magic and wonder of the performing arts. Sammy has performed on many stages... from high school auditoriums to private venues and even intimate cafes. While working through this internship, Sammy is enthusiastic in learning more about her local government and is eager to get more involved in the community.
My name is Hector-Andree Pereyra. I am 22 years old and a student at the University of La Verne majoring in Political Science. I found out about this internship through my professor and I completely jumped at the opportunity. I’m pursing a career in politics and truly believe any successful political career starts locally, serving the communities you interact with daily. I resonated with Councilwoman’s dedication and work ethic; and I hope to gain all the knowledge and experience I can while putting my talent to work helping serve the people of Long Beach. 
Gina Bentley has Dual Bachelor’s Degrees in International Studies and Political Science from California State University, Long Beach. Aside from interning, she works as an administrative assistant at a law firm. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, collecting vinyl records, and discovering new music.
3rd District Neighborhood And Association Meetings
Alamitos Heights Improvement Association - AHIA Meetings calendared Quarterly. Please visit their website for more information.

Belmont Heights Community Association
2nd Wednesday of each month
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Library

Bluff Park Community Meeting
Please check their website for meeting details

Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month, 6:00 - 8:00 PM via Zoom
Visit their web site for the zoom link

Friends of Bixby Park
Please check their website
Greenbelt Heights Neighborhood Association
All neighbors welcome!
Regular meeting: 3rd Tuesday at 8pm-9pm
917 Bennett Ave., LB
2nd Sunday neighborhood clean-up at 9am

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
Approximately every 3 months as determined
Third District Field Office
Email Carleton Carlson for meeting confirmation at 
Peninsula Neighborhood Association
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
3rd Wednesday of each month
7:00 PM - Clubhouse at 500 Bellflower Blvd

Do you have a community or neighborhood meeting that you would like to add to the 3rd District calendar? Email:  
Important Phone Numbers For City Services
Abandoned Shopping Cart
(800) 252 – 4613

Broken / Inoperable Traffic Light (562) 570 – 2768

Broken Curb
(562) 570 – 2726

Broken Street Light
(562) 983 – 2000

Broken Parking Meter
(562) 570 – 2741

Damaged Banner
(562) 570 – 5333

Damaged Mailbox
(800) 275 – 8777

Damaged or Missing Tree Grate (562) 570 – 2726

Damaged Sewer
(562) 570 – 2726

Damaged Bus Shelter
(562) 591 – 8753
Damaged Trees
(562) 570 – 2700

Graffiti on Buildings
(562) 570 – 2773

Gas Emergency
(562) 570 – 2140

Leaking Fire Hydrant
(562) 570 – 2390

Noise Abatement
(562) 570 – 4126

Overflowing Sidewalk Trash Can (562) 570 – 2876

Pot Hole
(562) 570 – 3259

Shoes on Powerlines
(562) 570 – 2726

Trash in Street
(562) 570 – 2876 OR (562) 570 – 3867