Happy holidays to all of you. I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends and family.  The month of December is always very busy for the City Council and our District 3 staff.  You will read about many of the activities and developments in this newsletter.

One of the major projects that is underway at the moment is Phase II of the NaplesSeawall project. My staff and I have already been out there to walk the construction area on multiple occasions. The project is really interesting given the construction site and the challenges associated with building IN water. If you have a chance to get out there to check it out, please do. They are currently in the process of hammering in the piling, which is a very cool process to watch. 

Our Council team started the month with our 2nd annual poinsettia planting in the Vista and 6th Street roundabouts. We love this annual tradition that brings community members out to share coffee and hot cocoa while they add a pop of color to our streets.  This is also the month of two parades in the 3rd district.  The Belmont Shore Christmas Parade is on 12/7 and the Naples Boat Parade is on 12/14.  In addition to these two district traditions, I know there will be many opportunities to gather together as a community to celebrate our local non-profit groups and neighborhood associations.  Although there are countless meetings and events this month, I always look forward to connecting with our community partners at this time of year.  Everyone has a spirit of gratitude and partnership, which really helps me and my amazing council team continue our collaborative efforts to improve our community.

Happy holidays everyone! Wishing you a wonderful season and a great start to 2020!

Suzie Price
Suzie Price:
A Year in Review

2019 was again a busy year for Councilwoman Price as she worked to bring a number of important topics to the forefront with agenda items at the City Council Meetings. Big priorities included public health and safety, homelessness, business, and parking.
The City Council unanimously supported the Councilwoman's proposal to protect our youth and confront a public health emergency by placing a temporary ban on all flavored vaping products. In light of the Center for Disease Control reporting 47 deaths and 2,051 pulmonary injuries directly related to vaping it is important that the City Council take decisive action to ensure Long Beach residents are protected. Additionally, this emergency is especially concerning because of the steady increases in high school students using vaping products. As we have seen decades of declining nicotine addiction in youth, there has been a spike in recent years as vaping has become more popular leading to growing numbers of teens that are heavily addicted. Click here for the link to the item. 

Councilwoman Price has also led the way on using technology to better address homelessness.  She has proposed a real-time app to help get homeless people connected with services. Bringing an  app-based program to Long Beach that gives our homeless outreach teams, and first responders in police and fire,  real-time data on bed availabilities in public, private, and nonprofit  sheltersrehabsdetox facilitiesmental health centers, and other services focused on helping the homeless within the region would be an amazing new tool. By putting real-time information on bed availabilities in the hands of our homeless outreach teamspolice officers, and fire fighters, we are cutting down on delays and giving ourselves a better chance for those in need to accept the services that will help them get back on the right track.  This app-based technological approach to connect individuals in need with services is a huge opportunity to get more people the help they need. Making more efficient use of resources through the use of technology can be an important way to make a significant difference in homelessness. This is a game changer! Click here for more info.

The Councilwoman has also brought a request for report to the City Council on issues related to mental health and public safety related to (Laura's Law-include link to item attached  here and a request for a comprehensive report on addiction and opioid/heroin use in Long Beach-link attached here.

Not to mention leading the City to support the Supreme Court hearing an important case related to homelessness and all City's ability to enforce camping laws called  Martin v. Boise - click here for link. 

Further, as we continue to focus on homelessness and quality of life issues, the Councilwoman also led a partnership with CSULB to study homelessness and how to improve our outreach strategies to get more people in need to accept services. More information attached here.

Recently she has also proposed a dedicated team to assist our Police, Public Works, Parks, and Homeless Outreach teams by assisting to collect, inventory, and store belongings of homeless individuals. Link to item here.

As more effort, time, and focus has been placed on making sure Long Beach is clean and well maintained there are additional opportunities that would assist with maintaining the cleanliness of our public spaces. The development of an inventory team that assists with the collection and documentation of personal items left in public not only improves the City's ability to maintain our public spaces but would also reduce barriers to individuals experiencing homelessness accepting services that would get them the help they need.

The Councilwoman has also brought an educational campaign on the dangers of fireworks, link included  here, t
o the city council that helped to develop a number of public service announcements to remind residents of the impacts fireworks can have.

Improving our City's local businesses has also been a focus for Councilwoman Price as we work to ensure that our small businesses are strong and able to compete with online retail and the changing nature of commerce. Link to item here .

Parking  has also been a big issue as the Councilwoman works to address the chronic problem that frustrates residents in every neighborhood of the City. She is working on this with several new efforts including a red curb audit to see if we can SAFELY reduce red curbs in parking impacted neighborhoods and create additional parking, (link to item expanding the permitting to allow residents to park on the street in front of their own driveway. This was done in an effort to relieve parking pressures in neighborhoods citywide, (link to item here and the development of an app to help residents manage parking more efficiently during street sweeping. (link to item here

Additionally, traffic safety related to navigation apps can be found here.
There are many more initiatives and proposals Councilwoman Suzie Price has led over the past year but these are a few of the highlights in addition to important funding to the Third District, great projects scheduled for the Third District, and important infrastructure investments on the way for our many Third District communities.

-Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff
Public Works City Permit to Trim Parkway Trees...
One of the top 5 requests I receive as a Field Deputy is requesting to trim parkway trees.
Did you k now that the City of Long Beach has a tree maintenance policy to abide by? The Tree Maintenance policy details the conditions a tree needs to be in order to be removed. Private trees obstructing private property and "The conservation of City  trees, especially those in parkways, is collaboration between the City and its individual residents. Property owners and/or their tenants are required to care for and properly maintain their parkway trees and report any damaged or suspected diseased trees to the Public Works Department."
Here is the mission statement and the link to find more about the
Tree Maintenance Policy: 

Mission Statement
It is the intent of the following provisions to recognize and underscore the importance of the trees and urban forest of Long Beach and to preserve the trees of our City for future generations.
The purpose of this Tree Maintenance Policy is to provide guidelines to administer Section 14.28 of the Long Beach Municipal Code, to preserve and protect the community's urban forest and to promote the health and safety of City trees, from the time they are planted through maturity. Guidelines are included for planting, maintenance and removal of street trees located in the public rights-of-way (the area between the curb and the sidewalk known as parkways and median islands).

This policy is intended to be used as a reference by City staff, citizens and private contractors for tree-related decisions in the public rights-of-way in the City of Long Beach.
View the policy here.
A popular option is to take advantage of the permit to trim the city's trees on the property owner's own terms. The Tree Maintenance Policy explains this option to  obtain a no-fee permit to trim the City's trees through a private vendor.
"If a property owner wishes to have a parkway tree trimmed sooner than the City can schedule it, he/she may request and complete a no-fee Permit to Trim a Street Tree. The property owner shall be responsible for the tree trimming and for all costs related to it, including   cleanup . A City-approved, licensed, bonded and insured contractor must do the actual trimming (p.2)."
The Permit to Trim Street Trees-

-Gabriela Yates
3rd District, Field Deputy
Island Village Community Cleanup
On Saturday November 9th, the Island Village Community Association organized a Community Cleanup. Carol Myers, President of the IV Community Association, championed her vision and work ethic to rally troops, our council office, and the Dept. of Public Works to tackle 2nd St, past Shopkeeper Rd, PAST Studebaker, and up to Island Village Rd. Wow what a stretch to clean.
You might have seen a group cleaning that Saturday morning and even notice a lane closure for a short section of 2nd St. The Dept. of Public Works really stepped up and assisted us in this endeavor by closing down part of the lane on 2nd St to keep it safely away from traffic, bringing out their crews with large equipment, refuse trucks, and machinery to trim down the dried brush. There was a tremendous amount of effort to beautify this area and clean the debris left behind.
This is the magic when community associations, city departments, and elected officials find ways to work and improve an area together. Thankful for the opportunities to work together and share the rewards with the greater rest of the city. So impressed by Island Village Community, instead of complaining about this, they took action and jumped right in to help out. It's important to do things for others and find ways to collaborate- this is one of the many ways you can.
Interested in organizing a community cleanup? Feel free to email me, and I can assist with getting the supplies needed. That's how the council office gets involved too. Need shovels, brooms, gloves, trash bags, and refreshments? Let us help your community and neighborhood association.
Here's what Carol had to say about the Island Village Community Cleanup
1st Semi-Annual 2nd Street Clean-Up Was Very Successful!

With a turnout of nearly 30 IV residents, we joined the LB Public Works Department on Nov 9 to pick up trash and clean out a pathway to the Marketplace. It was a fun and successful event demonstrated by a widened, safer walkway for IV residents to get exercise and walk to the shopping centers. After morning refreshments, the event was kicked off by Councilwoman Suzie Price (she brought the donuts and coffee) and her Chief of Staff, Jack Cunningham, as well as her Field Deputy, Gabriela Yates.
Before 9am, we headed to the streets, one group hit the north side of 2nd St for trash and the other group met Public Works on the south side to rake up trash and weed trimmings. We found everything from a front fender to a suitcase! A byproduct is that cleaning out the roadsides will deter the squatters. THANKS to everyone who helped! We would like to list names but not enough room and you know who you are! We even got honks from passersby who obviously approved of the improvement we made to 2nd Street! Let's plan to organize in six months and hope to get some new Trash Heroes.

-Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Coyote Encounters Safety Measures & Reminders
Earlier in November many residents reached out to our office to gather information and inform us of coyote sightings. The City released a Public Notice on November 14th 
in response to these sightings. So it's best to have a friendly reminder of how to live amongst these animals and how to protect yourself, and your pets!

Please follow these important safeguards to protect pets and property against these wild animals. Coyotes do not require open space to survive and have successfully adapted to living in urban and suburban neighborhoods. I even remember seeing coyotes in neighbor's pools! So be mindful that coyotes are comfortable here and can be seen at any time of day. However, coyotes are more active at dusk, dawn, and at night.
  • Keep pets, especially cats and small dogs, inside.
  • Keep pet food indoors, and if feeding pets outdoors, supervise feeding and remove the food bowls within an hour.
  • Stay close to pets when they are outside and keep them on a leash, especially between dusk and dawn.
  • Remove fallen fruit from the ground.
  • Bag food waste and make sure trash containers are securely closed.
  • Use "hazing" techniques to shoo away coyotes, such as:
  • Standing tall, yelling and waving arms
  • Using a whistle, air horn, bell or other noisemaking device
  • Banging pots or pans together
  • Stomping your feet
  • Flashing bright lights at the coyote
  • Sprayingthe coyote with a water hose or pepper spray
  • Throwing tennis balls or sticks toward the coyote
  • Never run from a coyote. Running from a coyote can instigate the coyote's prey instinct to chase.
  • Never feed coyotes or any other wildlife.
Please email animalcare@longbeach.gov or call (562) 570-7387 to reques tinformational flyers, to schedule a speaker for a neighborhood watch or community meeting or to determine whether an Animal Control Officer is needed.

It is important to make reports about coyote activity and encounters to Long Beach Animal Care Services. To report coyote sightings and encounters, visit www.longbeach.gov/acs/wildlife.

An Animal Control Officer will respond to coyote calls if the coyote is sick or injured, out in the daytime in areas around people, especially children at parks or schools or anytime there is an attack or threatening behavior toward a person or pet. If a coyote is posing an imminent threat to life, call 911

-Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Naples Island 73rd Annual Boat Parade
Naples Island Annual Holiday Boat Parade  
Naples Island 73rd Annual Boat Parade

Theme: "Christmas Under the Sea" 

  Saturday, December 14th, 2019
  Wednesday, December 11th, 2019     
Time:  7:00 PM     Skippers Meeting at:
   Long Beach Yacht Club
    6201 Appian Way, Long Beach

(Please note: This is a Naples Improvement Association function and not a LBYC event)    
Saturday, December 14th, 2019       
"Parade Night" Streets close at 5:00 PM

Large Boats                                   Starts at 6:00 PM
                                                        All Large Boats will assemble along Lido Lane and off
                                                        the sea wall in front of Naples Plaza and follow
                                                        the Large Boat Parade map outline.

Small Boat Parade                        Starts at 6:30 PM 
New 2019 Parade Route, See Map
                                                        All the Small Boats will assemble in Marine Stadium.
                                                        The #1 boat will lead the Parade. No boat will begin
                                                        until the #1 boat has started the Parade.  Boats will
                                                        travel the route outlined on the Small Boat Parade
                                                        Route map.

Boats must have o fficial parade numbers to participate in the Naples Boat Parade.  

Getting the flu shot can reduce your risk of getting the flu by 30 to 60 percent, depending on the strains that are circulating during a season. Don't miss out on these FREE opportunities to protect yourself and others.

Turkey Trot 2019

This Thanksgiving morning, Long Beach residents and families came out to the Granada Boat Launch Ramp to run in the 17th annual Long Beach Turkey Trot! Despite the rain,
runners came out to support the Community Action Team charity which hosts more  than 60 projects, events, and contests focused on animal, environmental, and youth welfare throughout Long Beach. Before the race run kicked off, runners dropped off non-perishable food items to the AIDS Food Bank to be donated. After the run, runners could pick up a fresh pumpkin pie as a thank you for participating. We would like to thank Justin Rudd for putting on an incredible event and for giving back to the Long Beach community! 
-Mollie Wilson
3rd District, Legislative Assistant
Veteran's Day Events

Veteran's Day weekend was filled with great family events to celebrate Veteran's in Long Beach! To kickoff the weekend, Councilwoman Price and her family rode in a towed boat down Atlantic Avenue in the 23rd annual Long Beach Veterans Day Parade. On the day of the holiday, our office joined residents of Naples Island for their annual Veterans Day Celebration. The celebrate featured an incredible performance of God Bless America by Marilyn Bittle as well as other patriotic songs and flag salutes.  We would like to thank the outstanding veterans in our community and your commitment to protecting our country! 
-Mollie Wilson
3rd District, Legislative Assistant
AHIA Tree Lighting

As the sun set on Thanksgiving evening, Alamitos Bay kicked off the Christmas season at the annual Trees in the Bay lighting ceremony! A tradition since 1949, Alamitos Bay's famous floating Christmas trees were lit in various locations throughout Long Beach. The Parks, Recreation, and Marine Department has done a fantastic job installing and improving the trees every year. The trees will stay lit until New Year's Day, and we hope residents and visitors enjoy the beautiful lights in the Marina this holiday season!

-Mollie Wilson
3rd District, Legislative Assistant
Anti-Bulling Event

This month our office hosted our 6th annual "Stand Up! Speak up!" Anti-Bullying and Empowerment workshop on Cal State Long Beach's campus. Families joined Councilwoman Price for a fun, interactive event on learning the power of being an upstander when witnessing unkindness. This year, our keynote speaker Jessica Truesdell served a powerful message of redemption and empowerment when faced with adversity. After the keynote speech, parents and kids split up into breakout session to discuss and brainstorm ideas to combat unkindness and stand up for others facing situations of bullying. The ideas presented by both the parents and kids proved to be constructive and easy to implement into everyday situations. We would like to thank our incredible speakers and facilitators who helped put on this event, and we can't wait for next year's workshop! 
-Mollie Wilson
3rd District, Legislative Assistant
Lajon Miller

"My voice stands with her voice, and each line I create builds a step towards equality for her."
Sitting down with Lajon Miller I wanted to know more about his iconic pink hair pieces.While Lajon's recent work is at the Main Library in City Hall, better known as Billie Jean King Library, I chose to focus on LaJon's work because of how I discovered him.
I saw his business card at Park Pantry (a local favorite!) and his work in Naples at The Studio O salon owner and stylist by Oscar Vasquez (a phenomenal salon and stylist!). I thought it was so cool to see these women, with this pink curly hair, in a salon that typically you  wouldn't see. So often, we see the atypical Fantastic Sam's catalog women blown out or the Paul Mitchell posters. This artist, Lajon Miller, wanted to change that. These women in these typical hair salon posters look flawless because of a team, and when ladies go into the hair salon, we usually look wild and free ready to get a new hairdo. What a significant way to create art and showcase it in an strategic way!
Lajon chose to paint women as so many females played a significant role in his life. From 1 mother, 4 sisters, past loves, there's been some pivotal moments in Lajon's life that a woman empowered him. It was only right to focus his creative energy to illustrating the power of women. So for the last 4 years, he has focused on illustrating and painting a woman's power and natural beauty.
"The women in my paintings are not based on any one specific female or feminine figure in my life but a plethora of many women. Women have been a direct influence on a multitude of positive and significant transitions throughout my life experiences. Especially in the direction towards an art career. In this present state I live in a world of massive gender inequality and I'm making it my personal responsibility as a man to use my voice creatively to bring attention and awareness to the strength, passion, resilience, innovation and beauty that women can offer to the world. If we allow women to receive the same opportunities and treatment there can only be amazing positivity and growth for us as human beings. The power of creation and the universe itself exists within the woman and without her we could never be."
As a women of color, with lots of curly hair, I'm naturally intrigued by Lajon's work. I had no idea the deep our conversation would go, and I was impressed by how thought out the iconic pink hair piece was. The many creative expressions Lajon likes to work with the textured curly hair needed vibrance to show how wild, powerful, and free a woman can set herself out to be. More importantly, the symbolism of the pink hair is profound and plays a role in Lajon's personal family life. His mother, a Breast Cancer
 Surivor inspired the hair to be pink.

"I like to use color to evoke a visual reaction. Texture in an art piece has always beenvery alluring to me, so I want to create that individual attraction for the viewer to want to touch my artwork.. I tend to work with acrylic and watercolor mediums because of the faster application and drying process." Often times Lajon finds himself exploring and mixing different paint mediums. Crossing over spray paint into acrylics. As well as combining watercolor, ink and acrylic paint.
Growing up in southern California, Lajon began drawing at the age of four years old. Sitting in front of the television and drawing scenes from old Looney Tunes shows like Tom and Jerry or Popeye his parents saw how talented he was. Actually, they probably thought he was copying his older sister who also liked to draw, but more for a leisure activity. Little did they know, Lajon was honing in on his dedicated craft. Closer to the age of 10, Lajon found the realization of how much he loved getting lost in his own world creating characters or scenes from his imagination. Of course, Lajon appreciates the finer workings from the great artists like Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Monet, Charles Bargue as well as pop culture masters like Dali. And more current artists like Justin Bua, Kenturah, Davis Kehinde Wiley and comic book illustrating masters such as Alex Ross, Todd McFarlane, J. Scott Campbell, Rob Liefeld, Jack Kirby and Akira Toriyama.
Eventually Lajon received his 3D Animation Degree and formal art training from an experienced watercolor and oil painting master in Glendale,CA. Through trial and error, Lajon began to experiment with more modern mediums such as acrylic and spray paint. 
Check out their fantastic work here!

There's Plenty To Do This Month!
3rd District Holiday Events in December

The Third District is abuzz with excitement now that the holidays are in full swing.  Whether you drive down the residential streets to view the gorgeous lights from the trees in Colorado Lagoon and the Bay, or drive down many of our business cooridors, the many businesses have embraced the holiday season by adding lights and decorations of their own.  Instead of spotlighting one business this month, I have decided to let everyone know what's happening around the Third District during the month of December.  

Breakfast with Santa
Saturday, December 7, 2019 | 9:00 am until Noon
$26/Adult Future Member ($22/RLA member) and $20/Child of Future Member ($16/RLA member)

Family and friends will gather once again at Rancho Los Alamitos to create another year of holiday memories. Please join the Rancho for a  Rancho's Ranch-Style Breakfast With Santa! This program is designed for families with children age 12 years and under.     Child rates are for children 3 - 12 years. (Children under 3 years of age are free). 

Please call the Rancho office at (562) 431-3541 for availability.

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade
The Belmont Shore Business Association has been working hard preparing for the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade set to take place on Friday, December 7 from 6 PM to 9 PM, but that's only the start of what's to come.  

Santa Visits Belmont Shore
Please mark your calendars because Santa is coming to Belmont Shore! He will be stationed on the corner of 2nd and LaVerne and ready to hear what's on your wish list.

Sunday, December 15, from 1 PM to 5 PM 
Friday, December 20, froom 5 PM to 8 PM 
Saturday, December 21, from 1 PM to 5 PM  
Sunday, December 22, from 1 PM to 5 PM

Duffy Boat Rental
This is also a perfect month for a Christmas Lights Cruise! Book a Duffy Boat through  Anchor's Away Boat Rentals  to view the beautifully lit homes adorned with Christmas galore. Anchor's Away is located at the docks in between Nordstrom Rack and Ralphs in Marina Pacifica Shopping Center. For more information, you can check out their web site:  anchorsawayboatrental.com

Gondola Rental
If electric boats aren't your thing you can call  Gondola Getaway  and have a romantic evening with loved ones as a professional gondelier takes you through the meandering canals of Naples.  Gondola Getaway has been a Long Beach staple for over 35 years and can be reached through their web site:  gondolagetawayinc.com     

Holiday Open House at Rancho Los Alamitos
Rancho Los Alamitos welcomes you to its Holiday Open House on three evenings in December. Celebrate the holiday and enjoy an evening visit to Rancho Los Alamitos with a tour of the house on December 12th - 14th while listening to festive seasonal music while you enjoy refreshments served under the brightly trimmed eaves of the barn. 

The Rancho Gift Shop will be open for your shopping pleasure.   Contact the Rancho office at 562.431.3541 for parking reservations.

Naples Island Boat Parade
The Holiday Boat Parade is a dazzling spectacle, ablaze with colorful lights, and holiday displays that cruise Naples Island. One of Long Beach's oldest holiday events, the parade is celebrating over 70 years as a local tradition on Saturday, December 14th at 6 PM. Visit:  www.naplesca.com

Carpenter Center Holiday 
Get your entire family into the spirit of the season with a Carpenter Center holiday tradition of cherished Vince Guaraldi tunes and more-starring jazz pianist David Benoit on Saturday, December 21st at 8 PM!  Visit their website  for seats. 

Grand Menorah Lighting Ceremony
This year, the Grand Menorah Lighting Ceremony will take place at 2nd & PCH on Sunday, December 22 at 4 PM.   
Just remember: You Cant Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Local!
-Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming, and Outreach

City Council Meetings are held every Tuesday evening, with the exception of the last Tuesday of the month when council is "dark."  Meetings are held in City Hall - Council Chambers (333 W. Ocean Blvd.) at approximately 5pm.  Times do change, so please check with our office or website for exact times. City Council meetings are open to the public and we encourage your attendance, especially if there is an important topic up for discussion.
Charter (channel 3) and FIOS Verizon (channel 21) subscribers can view the City Council Meetings on their televisions or you can live stream the video through LBTV.com,  View City Council Meeting.  
Agenda items change on a weekly basis so please check the city website for the most current agenda.  The City Clerk is required to post the City Council Agenda the Monday, a week prior, to the Tuesday of City Council Meeting.   View agenda items  

-Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff
Naples Garden Club
 Spinnaker Bay Community Meeting with Water Dept.
LBUSD Fremont Playground Board Meeting
         Student Interviews and Meetings                     Anti-Bullying Event
                         Naples Seawall Tour              Naples Veterans Ceremony
      AHIA Tree Lighting Ceremony                          Poinsettia Planting

            State of the County                           Friends of Belmont Shore
Steel Magnolias
Visit the link to see all the upcoming events in Long Beach this October...  

3rd District Neighborhood and Association Meetings

Alamitos Heights Improvement Association - AHIA
Meetings calendared Quarterly. Please visit their website for more information.

Belmont Heights Community Association
2nd Wednesday of each month
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Library

Bluff Park Community Meeting
Dec 8, 2019
Please check their website for meeting details

Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month, 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Community Congregational Church - 5100 The Toledo

Friends of Bixby Park
Please check their website

Greenbelt Heights Neighborhood Association
All neighbors welcome
Regular meeting:  3rd Tuesday at 8pm - 9pm
917 Bennett Ave., LB
2nd Sunday neighborhood clean-up at 9am

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
Approximately every 3 months as determined
Third District Field Office
Email Carleton Carlson for meeting confirmation at CarletonCarlson@aol.com 
Peninsula Neighborhood Association
Alamitos Bay Yacht  Club

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
3rd Wednesday of each month
7:00 PM - Clubhouse at 500 Bellflower Blvd

Do you have a community or  neighborhood meeting that you  would like to add to the 3rd  District calendar? Email:   District3@longbeach.gov  
Other Events in Long Beach 
Recycling Trees

At the end of the holiday season, drop off your trees at any of these locations for quick and easy recycling!
You are invited by the
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Long Beach
to attend the following:

Pay & Benefits Negotiation

Learn to confidently negotiate your financial future! Be ready for 2020.

Saturday, December 14 / 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Field Office of LB City Councilwoman Suzie Price
Conservation Corps Building
340 Nieto Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803

Register here.

Created for working women and limited to 40 participants, each AAUW Work Smart workshop  includes a workbook and is interactive with role-playing and a trained facilitator.

Whether you are negotiating for a new job or an earned raise or promotion, you will gain confidence to:
  • Identify and articulate your personal value
    • Conduct objective market research to benchmark a target salary and benefits
  • Develop an arsenal of negotiation strategies and persuasive responses
I got a 5% raise! I did what I learned in the workshop and it worked! -- K.G., 2018 attendee

This workshop is free to you due to the sponsorship of H. Richards & Toyota, Inc.

It is the mission of AAUW Long Beach, which coordinates these workshops, to advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.

Not able to attend in person? An online version of AAUW Work Smart is available at

Questions? Contact:
Frances Rozner, Program Co-Coordinator

Coffee with a Cop

Community Coffee with a Cop - December 10th, 2019 from 2-4pm.
LBPD Toy Drive

LBPD Toy Patrol will be accepting new and unwrapped toys at various locations until December 19th, 2019.
Belm ont Shore Business Association

Friends of Bixby Park - Monthly Cleanup 
December 7th, 2019
Join Friends of Bixby Park for our monthly cleanup.
Event:   Monthly Cleanup
When:  December 7th, 2019
Time:    9:00A-11:00AM
Where:  Bixby Park
            130 Cherry Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802 
Join us at the Bandshell in Bixby Park.  Meet new friends and neighbors while making a difference at our local neighborhood park.  A little bit of your time can make a big difference.  Stick around afterward and enjoy the Farmers' Market!

Gloves, bags, pickups, will be provided.
Thank you for helping make Bixby Park a great place to visit!
See you then.
Visit us: 
Our website:   www.friendsofbixbypark.org
Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View on Instagram

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