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Councilwoman Suzie Price
Happy February!

The year has started off with some positive developments for our small businesses. On January 25, 2021 the Governor lifted the regional stay-at-home order, which means that many of our business sectors have been allowed to reopen with modifications to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. It has been really refreshing to see our business corridors activated again and people getting back to work and earning an income. As a small business owner in the City of Long Beach, I can tell you that our employees have been thrilled to get back to work and appreciate the safety protocols that have been put into place to protect them. I know other businesses are feeling the same way. It’s important to remind everyone though that despite the positive trends we are seeing with COVID positivity rates and hospitalizations, the pandemic is still here and resulting in devastating outcomes for a lot of people in our community. So, we need to stay vigilant with wearing face coverings when we are within close proximity to others who are not part of our immediate family. I know it’s challenging to do, but in order to keep our businesses open, we have to keep the COVID trends going in the right direction. I am not sure many businesses could survive another shut down. It’s going to take all of us being mindful of this reality as we go about our slow resumption to normal activities.

The vaccine rollout is underway in Long Beach. There is a lot of information below on how to sign up for the vaccine. We had a study session on this topic at the Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 2nd. Read about the study session and find the link to the slide presentation below this letter.

I wish you all a safe and peaceful February. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time if you have any specific concerns or thoughts that you want to share with me. You can reach me at
Suzie Price
3rd District Councilwoman
3rd District Community News And Events
February is Black History Month
Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month, in February is an annual observance and celebration of achievements of African-Americans and the important role that they have played in our country’s history. Historian Carter G. Woodson and Minister Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association for the Study of African American Life and History in 1915 and it was through that organization that Black History Week was first celebrated in 1926, and then Black History Month in 1976.
Today, the celebration of Black History throughout the month has become a major focus all across the country. This important recognition of the experiences and roles that have been played by Black Americans throughout our nation's history ensures we highlight those who's contributions may have gone overlooked in the past or those who represented progress toward equality and justice.

Over the past year and in recent months here in Long Beach residents all across the City have taken a closer look at the state of race in America today. The City will continue to be an active part of this discussion as we work to make good on the past progress and efforts that have been made.
Update on Vaccine
Long Beach continues to administer COVID-19 vaccinations as supply becomes available and is now encouraging all residents to sign up for VaxLB notifications to receive eligibility and future appointment information. The updated VaxLB portal will now notify groups that are currently eligible for vaccine, such as healthcare workers and older adults, and provide notifications to other groups as they become eligible for vaccination.
Face Mask 1
The City continues to vaccinate the following groups right now:
  • Health care workers
  • Residents 65 and older
  • Emergency response workers
  • Food sector employees
  • Education sector employees
Appointments are given out once we know how many vaccine doses we will receive for the following week. We have received as many as 11,600 doses and as few as 100.
Priority for New Appointments:
The current phase of vaccine rollout includes more than 90,000 people and getting everyone vaccinated will take some time. We will release new appointments based on how much vaccine we receive. We will vaccinate the people in the current phase before moving on to new groups.
The Health Department will soon begin providing second doses for those who received their vaccine in January. The City will continue vaccinating healthcare workers and older adults, followed by emergency response government workers, food workers and educators, as vaccine becomes available. The City is committed to ensuring that everyone who lives, works or learns in Long Beach and wants a vaccine can receive vaccination.
You will be notified directly when you can schedule an appointment, and we will continue to send updates on the rollout through these VaxLB messages.

Below are specific updates for Older Adults, Food Workers, Education Employees and those seeking their second doses.

Older Adults:
Appointments for older adults are a priority, and we continue to vaccinate older adults with appointments at the Health Department. When additional appointments become available, we will directly contact older adults signed up through VaxLB. It may be many weeks before we have enough vaccine supply to offer appointments to all older adults.
Food Workers:
We have begun limited appointments for food workers and are contacting food worker employers in Long Beach with information as appointments become available. The first priority continues to be vaccinating health care workers and older adults. We will add additional food worker appointments as they become available. Please know it will likely take many weeks to be able to offer appointments to workers in this group.
Health Department officials have worked with the Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach Community College, early childhood providers and private schools to begin offering vaccine within these groups. At this time, you will be offered appointments directly through your employer. The first priority continues to be vaccinating health care workers and older adults. It will likely take many weeks to be able to offer vaccine to all our education workers.
Teachers and school workers employed outside Long Beach should check with their employer first. We will vaccinate Long Beach residents who work at schools in other cities as additional vaccine comes in once education workers who work in Long Beach are vaccinated.
Information on Second Doses:
Current COVID-19 vaccine is two doses and Health Department officials will contact people to schedule an appointment to receive their second dose as vaccine becomes available. People are encouraged to get their second vaccine as soon as they are notified of availability.
The recommended amount of time between first and second doses depends on the kind of vaccine you received. Those who got the Pfizer vaccine should get their second dose in 21 days; Moderna recommends that people get the second dose of their vaccine after 28 days. The CDC recommends that second doses be received within 6 weeks of the first vaccine but says people can receive their second dose later than 6 weeks without having to start the series over.
Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
The amount of vaccine the City receives varies week by week. The City is prioritizing second doses and is requesting vaccine from the State to complete all second doses. February clinic appointments will be dedicated first to allocation of second doses.
It is crucial that you do not share the appointment link once you receive one as it will affect your ability and others who need their second dose to be vaccinated. 
Study Session on Long Beach Vaccine Program
Hand Sanitizer 2
On February 2, 2021 the City Council held a study session regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. This study session is meant as an opportunity for a comprehensive presentation to be provided for the Council and the public to better understand the City’s vaccine program.
The presentation included an update on the status of the COVID-19 virus in Long Beach as well as the recent state policies that regulate our local response to the virus, including the allocation of vaccines we receive and the various priority groups the state requires. The Study Session also gave the Health Department an opportunity to explain the science behind how the vaccine works and the various types of vaccines that are being used now and are expected to be available soon.
If you have any questions on the vaccine and our rollout here in Long Beach, please check out the links below:


Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
PRM Strategic Plan SURVEY
After a year-long pause due to the City's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the community will get to see the results from the first community survey and participate in the next round. The Strategic Plan for the Parks, Recreation, and Marine Department has adjusted their master plan after the impacts of COVID-19. This will cover a 10-year period, from 2021-2031, and will guide operational, staffing and budgeting decisions for the Department.

Please take the Survey here:

The community is encouraged to visit the PRM website and click on thePRM Strategic Plantab or go to to review the results of the 2019 community survey and take a second multilingual survey which will be available until Feb. 19. 

Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Seeing new streets get repaved is always one of the best days our office is most excited to see. People drive over streets for years, feeling bumps or noticing cracks, so it such a great moment when repairs are finally underway. If you've driven Colorado St. recently you've seen the work that is underway. Not only does the project include repaving of the roadway, but it also includes new curbs and gutters, repaved sidewalks, and updated curb ramps.

Residents sometimes think that City Councilmembers choose what streets get repaved, however in reality these decisions are made by the Public Works Department based on annual scientific assessments of every street in the City. They measure not only the visible surface of the roadways, but the structure and the foundation as well to determine which streets get prioritized which years.

So, we are very glad to see Colorado finally getting the attention it deserves. Just like all of you, we are also looking forward to what streets we will see getting repaired.

Jack Cunningham
Chief of Staff
2021 and Beyond: Women in America Make the Difference
To celebrate Inauguration Day, in honor of the swearing in of the first female Vice-President in U.S. history, Councilwoman Suzie Price held a women's panel to discuss women's leadership, this moment in history, and where we go from here. On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 nearly 100 Long Beach residents gathered via zoom for a great discussion to mark this historic moment with a panel of amazing local Long Beach women to talk about the progress we have seen, and the opportunities we seek to make further progress for women in America. The panel featured: 
  • Dr. Jane Close Conoley; Presiding President of California State University, Long Beach
  • Michele Dobson Esq; Criminal Defense Attorney currently serving in private practice
  • Laura Doud; Presiding City Auditor in the City of Long Beach
  • Carmen Perez; Former Harbor Commissioner in the City of Long Beach
  • Debra Montalvo Layton; Current Vice President of Government Affairs and Corporate Strategy for Signal Hill Petroleum, Inc. 
Councilwoman Suzie Price proctored the panel, first discussing the backgrounds of the panelists, and the journey they have taken to be in the positions they are in currently. The discussion continued with various questions related to women's leadership in the City of Long Beach and beyond, addressing both the challenges women have faced in the workplace as well as the great opportunities afforded for young women leaders in the future. The conversation was enlightening and productive, providing diverse perspectives on the topic of women’s leadership. We want to extend a thank you to the panelists for participating as well as members of the community who attended!
Mollie Wilson
3rd District Legislative Assistant/Scheduler
2020 LBPD Crime Statistics
As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Police Department’s mission to provide public safety to our community remains a top priority. We implemented many changes over the year that allowed us to maximize our resources to deliver timely service and continue our investigative efforts to solve and prevent crime. 

“We remain committed to serving our community, reducing crime, and continuing to build partnerships through public safety,” said Chief of Police Robert G. Luna. “As we move forward, we will continue our focus on building on our community partnerships, improving data-driven crime impact, and will also continue to look at new technology like our incoming records management system, which will allow us to better identify and impact crime trends.” 

Areas of continued focus for the Police Department in 2020: 
  • COVID-19 Response: We dedicated proactive resources during the pandemic, such as increased security for panic buying, and worked to educate residents to gain voluntary compliance with Health Orders. To better serve the public during COVID-19 stay at home orders, the Department also expanded the types of non-violent crimes that could be reported electronically through the Department’s online “Coplogic” reporting system. 
  • Protecting 1st Amendment Activity: The Department diverted resources away from challenges in our neighborhoods to prepare, train, and stand by for over 130 events in the City since May 31, including planning for pre-election and post-election activity. 
  • Prohibited Possessors: The Department seized over 850 firearms. These on-going efforts to reduce, prevent and deter gun violence throughout the City have led to the arrest of 295 prohibited possessors last year—a 40% increase compared to 2019 and a 43% increase above the five-year average. Firearm-related arrests have also increased by 36% since 2019. 
  • Looting Task Force: The task force was formed with the sole purpose of conducting criminal investigations for significant crimes committed during the civil unrest experienced the night of May 31. Since its inception, the task force yielded the following: 
  •  60 arrests 
  • 33 outstanding arrest warrants 
  • Over 125 cases have been submitted to the District Attorney or City Prosecutor for filing consideration. 
  • 35 vehicles impounded 
  • 38 search warrants served 
  • Progressive Training and Policies: In July, the Department launched the Office of Constitutional Policing (OCP) with a focus on ensuring the Department is aligned with best practices in policing, legal mandates, and community expectations. The office will also guide the expansion of data analytics for accountability and transparency. Some top priority policies or practices that have been implemented by the OCP are: 
  • The development of the Early Intervention Program, policy, training, and implementation 
  • Established the Bias-Free Policing Policy 
  • Change in practice by now providing Compelled Statements to the Citizen Police Complaint Commission. 
  • Continued revision of the Use of Force Policy and Vehicle Pursuit Policy 
  • Homeless Outreach and Mental Evaluation: The Department’s Homeless Outreach and Mental Evaluation (HOME) Detail which consists of the Quality of Life (QOL) and the Mental Evaluation (MET) teams, made over 8,110 contacts offering services to persons experiencing homelessness, resulting in temporary housing for 268 and permanent housing for 43. In addition, 1,167 interventions were conducted, and the team participated in over 978 clean-up operations throughout the City. 
As we move through 2021, we recognize economic challenges will become even more significant. Therefore, the Long Beach Police Department will remain committed to the safety and wellbeing of all residents and visitors. Public safety is a shared responsibility, and now, more than ever, we need to work with and engage our community to become our partners in reducing crime. The Department will continue to maximize technology to create efficiencies while working with our regional, state, and federal law enforcement partners as force multipliers to impact crime and enhance the quality of life in the City of Long Beach.  

- Long Beach Police Department
Celebrating Black History Month and Roy A. Sealey
As we begin Black History Month we have a great opportunity in the Third District to highlight an amazing Black Architect that shaped our community. Councilwoman Price was able to sit down for an interview to discuss architecture and the amazing work of historic architect Roy Sealey who specialized in Mid Century Modern and Googie style buildings. Here in the Third District we are lucky enough to have a building he designed that has just been restored in the Third District. At the time Roy Sealey was one of the few Black architects working in the region, and his work remains absolutely beautiful even so long after it was first constructed.

Roy A. Sealey, was a prominent black architect that designed the Edgewater Inn in 1961. He was born in 1917 in Panama and immigrated through Ellis Island with his mother and sister in 1924. Roy passed away in 2008 at the age of 91. Before his death, Roy Sealey worked as a designer for nearly two decades and was among the elite group of notable African American architects practicing in Southern California. Roy received his architect's license in 1957 and simultaneously was designing the Edgewater Inn Marina Hotel.

Among Sealey’s additional notable projects are:
-Brierwood Terrace Valley Convalescent Hospital in Encino (1958);
-The Cockatoo Hotel in Inglewood (1961); popular amongst the celebrities and apparently President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe stayed their one night together..
-The East Los Angeles Department of Social Services (1967);
-The expansion of the County USC Medical Center (1968-75)

Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Business Spotlight
What's Crackin LB
Start your day right at What’s Crackin LB!

The COVID-19 pandemic is not going to stop a new breakfast spot from opening in this peculiar and challenging time. Today we are shining the small business spotlight on What’s Crackin LB, located at 4722 E. 2nd Street. Melissa Almeraz and Rebecca Hinderer joined forces to take the leap into what they love most…Breakfast! After spending years as old school Long Beach bartenders, Mel and Bex decided to venture out to bring quality breakfast/brunch food, and a fun ambiance to Belmont Shore. Their dream was further realized when chef Brooke Stockwell joined the team to curate their menu. Located in the former Thai Gourmet location, their hard work has transformed the restaurant into a beautiful turquoise hue.
As they currently serve under a soft open platform, Thursday – Monday, from 7 AM – 3 PM, their goal of achieving an elevated brunch concept is set for a grand opening on March 1, 2021, when they will operate 7 days a week. Presently, they offer a delicious array of about 15 items including, but not limited to, Avocado Toast, Breakfast Nachos, Vegan Ceviche, a scrumptious Benedict Sandwich and a decadent Croque Monsieur sandwich that Yelp reviewers hale as, “Beyond fantastic,” “OMG delicious,” and “Absolutely smacks.” 
Knowing we would have to eat in our cars, my husband and I opted for the What’s Crackin burrito and the Veggie Burrito and they were both eggcellent! The roasted sweet potatoes and fresh spinach in the veggie burrito gave it a perfect balance of sweet and savory. So, so good! Their coffee, specially roasted for them by Tim Crook-Shenkin, from local roaster Surf Cafea had a great aroma and body. The unexpected surprise came when we each found a small pouch with two cookies in our to-go bags. That added step is exactly what What’s Crackin LB is all about.
I encourage everyone to visit What’s Crackin LB. The food is wonderful, but the owners are what make this restaurant stand apart. They radiate positive energy, promote happiness, and are eggxactly what kicked off our day on the right foot! 
What’s Crackin LB
Hours: 7 AM – 3 PM
(562) 342-4241
Instagram: @whatscrackinlbc
Wherever you live or work, make a point to consider shopping with a small business online or locally with those that are in your own backyard. It means more to them than you can possibly know.

Lisa West
3rd District Director of Business
Relations, Programming and Outreach
Artist Spotlight
Dr. Asher David Kelman
"Puff of Wind"
 New arrivals look up to see Lady Liberty's lantern
The young in "Gaff-Rigged" boats set forth. 
 A mere "Puff of Wind" fills their sail
 Starting their "Odyssey".
So I dreamed
Reaching the "American Dream"
 In my magical boat, going West, toward the Pacific Ocean.

The Poem behind the Art Piece
Dr. Asher David Kelman chose a great location for his art sculpture, Puff of Wind, at Junipero Beach. This stainless steel sailboat, with blue and yellow hues, stands at 31 ft. and will rotate based off the direction of the wind. The materials used were repurposed from airplane parts.

Thinking about our city’s history and connection to the sea, it is beyond fitting that this piece is installed here in Long Beach. We have been known as the Aquatics capital, hosting Sailing Competitions, and not to mention the Long Beach’s Naval history.
Along the same waterfront as the Puff of Wind is the Lone Sailor Memorial paying tribute to all the men and women who serve in the military. There are 17 Lone Sailor statues throughout the country, including one in Guam.

It’s very fitting that an art instillation such as Puff of Wind would find its home along one of our most celebrated shorelines.

Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Did You Catch Suzie In January?
4Girls Empowerment Event
Long Beach City Council Meeting
Architecture Interview Celebrating Roy Sealey
Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association
Meeting with Alamitos Bay Water Business
Friends of Belmont Shore Community Meeting
Evelyn Haesloop's 100th birthday
Women's Panel on Leadership
Belmont Heights Resident Meeting
3rd District Neighborhood And Association Meetings
Alamitos Heights Improvement Association - AHIA
Meetings calendared Quarterly. Please visit their website for more information.

Belmont Heights Community Association
2nd Wednesday of each month
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Library

Bluff Park Community Meeting
Please check their website for meeting details

Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month, 6:00 - 8:00 PM via Zoom
Visit their web site for the zoom link

Friends of Bixby Park
Please check their website
Greenbelt Heights Neighborhood Association
All neighbors welcome
Regular meeting: 3rd Tuesday at 8pm-9pm
917 Bennett Ave., LB
2nd Sunday neighborhood clean-up at 9am

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
Approximately every 3 months as determined
Third District Field Office
Email Carleton Carlson for meeting confirmation at 
Peninsula Neighborhood Association
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
3rd Wednesday of each month
7:00 PM - Clubhouse at 500 Bellflower Blvd

Do you have a community or neighborhood meeting that you would like to add to the 3rd District calendar? Email:  
Other Events and News In Long Beach
Councilwoman Price recently introduced me to DemoChicks, a nonprofit organization that helps young women explore nontraditional work fields.

The primary focus of DemoChicks is on engineering, construction and demolition. 
Robin Thorne, President of DemoChicks, knows the value and impact of reaching women in all industries with the universal message of empowerment, connection, and advancing within their fields. Robin Thorne believes in “doing well and doing good.” 

They offers a wide range of programs that include: visits to construction sites, mentorships from women in the field of STEM, various internships, and even virtual workshops on construction, engineering, and design.
Heather Grayowski, an Environmental Studies major from CSULB and a member of DemoChicks also interviewed Councilwoman Suzie Price about her career path and how working in a male-dominated field has influenced her work ethic. “Women have the opportunity to help shape the culture and change the dynamics in the workfield,” Councilwoman Price said.

DemoChicks are undoubtably changing the face of what a construction site can look like.

Robin and her team are a prime example of a local nonprofit serving the Long Beach community in unique and important ways that make an impact which can be felt for years to come.

Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Long Beach Public Library Offers Free Access to Popular Digital Magazines 
The Long Beach Public Library now has more than 3,500 digital magazines now available through its OverDrive site for free. 
With a valid LBPL library card, anyone can borrow from its digital collection by visiting the Digital Library or downloading Libby, the one-tap reading app from OverDrive. Popular magazines are the latest addition to the Digital Library which already includes thousands of free eBooks and eAudiobooks, newspapers, and research databases like Data Axle (direct marketing) and Ancestry for Libraries (genealogy research). 

Magazines are full-page format, have no wait lists or holds, do not count towards checkout limits and provide readers the option to renew their selections. Readers can also download the magazines on Libby for offline use. 

This service is compatible with all major computers and devices, including iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ devices, Windows® tablets and Kindle® [US libraries]. All titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period and there are no late fees. Readers may browse the library’s digital collection, instantly borrow titles and start reading or listening for free by downloading Libby or visiting

Long Beach Public Library staff is available to assist readers by phone at 562.570.7500, Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For further questions, please contact Jennifer Songster, Long Beach Public Library, at 562.570.6860 or
Southwest Airlines Announces Maui Flights From Long Beach Airport 
Southwest Airlines announced today that it will launch daily, nonstop service from Long Beach Airport (LGB) to Maui, beginning in March. The news comes after Southwest saw strong interest in their recently announced flights from LGB to Honolulu, which will also start in March. Flights go on sale today at
This is the seventh new destination announced by Southwest Airlines since the airline requested and received 17 additional flight slots in Sept. 2020, for a total of 34 flight slots at the noise-restricted airport. Southwest currently flies to 14 cities from LGB. A route map and full list of destinations is available at
The State of Hawai‘i currently exempts visitors and returning residents from quarantine if they obtain a negative pre-travel COVID-19 test result by an approved testing partner no more than 72 hours before their scheduled departure time. LGB recently announced a variety of testing options available on site and is in the process of adding a Hawaii-approved testing partner for Southwest passengers. 
LGB has instituted a number of measures to enhance passenger safety, including physical distancing, new disinfecting protocols and a face covering requirement. Read more about these measures, and check out a video of what it’s like to fly through LGB with the current precautions.  
For any further questions, please contact Kate Kuykendall, Public Affairs Officer at 562.570.2679 or

Mollie Wilson
(adapted from City of Long Beach press releases)
3rd District Scheduler/Legislative Assistant