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March | 2021
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Belmont Pier Visioning Community Meeting
March 18th

Long Beach Organic "Go Plant Me!" Event
Saturday, March 20th at 9AM-2PM

Beyond Assumptions: A Discussion About Collaboration in a Diverse Community
March 22, 2021 at 6PM

Belmont Heights "Last Saturday of the Month" Drive-Thru Food Collection
Saturday, March 27th at 9AM-11AM
Councilwoman Suzie Price
Well, it’s almost Spring and almost one year since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives. It’s been an unbelievable 12 months and I am sure we have all learned a lot about ourselves, our families, our communities and our vulnerabilities as a city.

This pandemic has hit us hard. All of our systems were rocked by the sudden and prolonged industry closures and, of course, the lasting impacts of the Public Health realities, including so many untimely deaths of Long Beach residents and lasting health impacts for so many. It’s been a difficult road for almost everyone and I am pleased to see signs of recovery. Together, the government, business, education, medical, transportation and nonprofit leaders throughout the city are working to rebuild our city.
In terms of economic recovery, we are starting to see signs of positive consumer trends with people shopping, eating and getting services throughout the city. This is a positive step but our businesses still need so much help and we are hopeful that we will be able to continue to provide these small businesses relief funds to help them stay afloat.

In terms of educational recovery, LBUSD is working hard to educate parents on the reopening plan, which, as an LBUSD parent, I believe is creative and prudent in terms of public health concerns. I am grateful that they are working on a way to reintegrate our children into the in-person school model prior to the end of the school year. I know many residents have been looking forward to this next step and once we are permitted to move into the red tier, this plan will go into implementation.

In terms of parks and recreation programming and youth sports, this is also an area of recovery. We are slowly opening our programs and expanding youth sports activities throughout the city as the state health orders allow for more programs to safely resume.
In terms of vaccines, the city continues to administer as many vaccines as we are provided by the federal government. Additionally, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be available soon, which means even more people will be able to get vaccinated throughout the next few months either through the city, their medical providers or the pharmacy. The vaccine effort is a major priority for our Health Department and staff are working very hard to get vaccines to everyone throughout our city, including our hardest hit and most vulnerable communities.
In the spirit of resuming some normalcy, I want to take just a moment to talk about something non-Covid related as I conclude my monthly letter this month. March is Women’s History month and for me, and so many other female professionals and leaders in our community, it is a time to reflect on the work of the generations of women before us who paved the road for equality and opportunity for those women coming behind them. Throughout this month, our office will take time to celebrate and recognize the many incredible women in our community who have made a lasting impact on the city and the nation that we all love and call home.
Suzie Price
3rd District Councilwoman
3rd District Community News
Update on LBUSD In-Person Learning Plan

Recently the LBUSD released an update on their plan to begin bringing students back into the classroom for hybrid learning involving in-classroom and at-home learning. Although the school district operates independently from the City Council, it is important for residents to be aware of important updates like this.

Students returning on March 29 will be those from transitional kindergarten (TK) through grade five whose families have selected the hybrid schedule (part of the day at school, and part of the day learning at home). Families who prefer that their TK-5 students continue learning entirely at home through the online setting can continue with that option.

The return of TK-5 students to in-person learning assumes that the adjusted COVID case rate in Los Angeles County remains below 25 cases per 100,000 people, as specified by the California Department of Public Health’s most recent guidelines for school re-openings. The case rate this week fell below that threshold and has declined significantly in recent weeks.

Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
Women’s History Month
As we enter the month of March, we begin to observe Women’s History Month! Throughout the month we will recognize women’s contributions to history and culture in the United States as well as around the world. You can read more about the significance of the month here.
If there is a woman in history you would like to see highlighted on our social media platforms, please email our office at

Mollie Wilson
3rd District Legislative Assistant/Scheduler
Belmont Pool Approved By Coastal Commission
Last month the California Coastal Commission approved the Belmont Pool project that has been in the works for 7 years since the previous facility was closed due to seismic issues.

This facility will be an asset to the City hosting competitive swimming and diving competitions, as well as providing residents throughout the City with programming, recreational swimming, and active water play areas for children of all ages. The new Belmont Pool will be a place where high-school and collegiate athletes can compete, a place where seniors can take classes to stay active, a place where anyone can swim for enjoyment or exercise, and where kids of all ages from every part of our beautiful city can play as they develop the skills to swim.
This project includes multiple pools and recreational opportunities for all levels of swimmers and will include equitable citywide accessibility as a focus. Additionally, the new pool addresses concerns of sea-level rise by moving the facility out of projected modeling, and has reduced the height without losing any amenities to the public, not to mention a hugely reduced total cost.
Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
"Lighting the First Path"
"Lighting the First Path" was a block party hosted by Bluff Park Neighborhood Association and it was a beautiful night spent with the community to celebrate the first phase of installing the iconic lampposts in July 2019. Since then, we have been watching everything move in slow motion and fast-forward at the same time. Now we’re approaching the second phase of installation for this project!
The 2nd phase of the Bluff Park Lamppost Project estimates the delivery of 10 more late 1920s lampposts in April or May 2021. Those will be installed along Temple Ave in the Bluff Park Historic District Neighborhood. To learn more about the project visit:
2nd and Temple Ave before the second phase.. stay tuned.

Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Colorado St. Repave
As many of you have seen, and are likely thankful is finally getting taken care of, Colorado St. is beginning to be repaved. Projects like this are always great to see but especially so when it has been a street so many residents have expressed interest in seeing getting the attention it needs. In addition to the old roadway being removed and the new pavement being added, this project also will bring new sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and curb ramps to help pedestrians. 
Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
Concession Stand Upgrades and Kids Play Areas
If you have been down to the beach recently, you may have seen that both the Granada and the Junipero Concession stands are going through some renovations. These renovations are meant to improve the look of the buildings while making them more appealing and usable for vendors to operate out of. If you’re interested in finding out what kind of vendors will be working out of these great looking new stands, you’ll need to wait a little longer until those are finalized. However, we are excited to see what great food options will be available at each of these locations. In addition to the improvements to the concession stands, the locations will also be getting some fun new kids play areas. Junipero will be getting a fantastic large new playground with great equipment, and Granada will be getting a play area designed for younger kids that allows them to pump water and play with it as it flows through sand.
These projects have been an important priority for Councilwoman Price as she works to create active outdoor spaces that bring people to our fantastic beaches, encouraging fun and family activities. We look forward to seeing these completed in the coming months for everyone to enjoy.
Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
Granada Concession Stands
Junipero Concession Stands
Granada Beach Lot Concerns
Over the past few weeks our office has been working with various City staff in several departments to respond to resident concerns in the Granada Beach Parking lot. As always, feel free to contact our office if there is something you see that needs to be addressed. However, in recent weeks there has been a lot of attention placed on making sure the area is receiving the cleaning, maintenance, and patrolling it deserves as an active public parking lot. This has involved additional trash clean ups and deep cleaning of the sidewalks. This has meant the addition of trash cans, and repairs to the lot, and it has meant more focused patrols of the lots to address parking violations as well as health and safety issues.

It is always a priority of our office to ensure the community feels well maintained and safe for everyone to use, so we will continue working this beach parking lot and the surrounding areas. No issue is too small for our office to work to fix, and we all want to see our city look its best.

Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
Big Step for Youth Health:
Ban of Flavored Tobacco Products
Early last month the City Council unanimously voted to ban the sales of flavored tobacco products. These products are often marketed to, designed for, and accessible to our young Long Beach residents leading to greater addiction and significant health impacts. This vote was the culmination of a process Councilwoman Price began back in 2019 with a temporary ban of flavored vapor products in response to the growing epidemic of youth tobacco addiction and serious health issues associated with their use.
This unanimous vote by the City Council tonight means fewer of our Long Beach young people will become lifelong nicotine addicts. It means fewer people in Long Beach will become addicted due to tobacco flavors like cotton candy or bubble gum. It means fewer Long Beach residents will suffer the long-term health impacts associated with tobacco use and nicotine addiction.
Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
Reflection on Black History Month
This past month, we celebrated Black History Month to honor the achievements of African Americans in U.S. History. My office and I have highlighted the accomplishments of various groundbreaking individuals on our social media throughout the month.

Additionally, watch Councilwoman Price's interview discussing the work of Roy Sealey, a prominent, accomplished, and talented Black architect who influenced the building of the Southern California environment. Watch full interview here.

Suzie Price
3rd District Councilwoman
Gwendolyn Brooks, one of the most highly regarded poets of the 21st century; she is the first Black author to win the Pulitzer Prize. Find out more here.
Alice Coachman, the first Black woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal; she first did this at the 1948 Olympics in London when she leaped to a record-breaking height of 5 feet, 6 and 1/8 inches in the high jump finals. Find out more here.
Bessie Coleman, the first African American as well as the first Native American woman to be a pilot. Find out more here.
Claudette Colvin, who at 15 years old refused to give up her seat on a bus nine months before Rosa Parks did in 1955. Find out more here.
Ethel Waters, the first Black person to be nominated for an Emmy as well as star in their own television show. Find out more here.
3rd District and City Community Events
Beyond Assumptions
Please join Councilwoman Price and Darick J. Simpson in a conversation about collaborating in a diverse community.

March 22, 2021
6:00 PM
Zoom ID: 898 6874 4787

We look forward to seeing you there!
Belmont Pier Visioning Community Meeting
March 18th
Back in February of 2020 Councilwoman Price hosted the first community visioning meeting to discuss the future of the Belmont Pier. This meeting on the 18th will be a follow up to discuss the Belmont Pier and what its future may look like. There are a number of repairs and upgrades needed for this important City asset. With the future of the pier in mind, this community meeting will feature a discussion led by our Tidelands Bureau team for residents to provide input on what they would like to see in a new Belmont Pier. This is an opportunity to discuss how the pier could be improved and what new amenities or designs residents are interested in having at this large City facility. 
Free Environmental Virtual Workshops in English and Spanish
The Public Works Department (PW) is hosting a series of free one-hour virtual workshops throughout 2021 to teach residents about various environmental topics ranging from the City's new recycling programs updates, non-toxic cleaning, composting, and more. The following workshops will be presented in both English and Spanish:

Recycling 101: Let's Recycle Right!: Learn about the City's new residential recycling program updates. We will teach you what can and cannot be recycled and how to prepare your trash and recyclables correctly.

Composting at Home: Learn how to turn your food scraps and yard debris into a valuable soil amendment for your garden or landscape.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Green and Safe Cleaning: Learn how to make non-toxic cleaning supplies with safe, natural ingredients while saving money and reducing waste.

Reduce Waste at Home: Kitchen Edition: Learn strategies to reduce food waste and packaging waste in the kitchen.

Diko Melkonian
Environmental Services Bureau Manager/
Deputy Director of Public Works
Belmont Heights "Last Saturday of the Month" Drive-Thru
Join Belmont Heights Community Association for a "Last Saturday of the Month" food collection! 

Every month they collect food for a different local food pantry. Additionally they also collect a different household item that goes to different organizations in need. 
Their next collection is on Saturday, March 27th from 9 to 11 am in the parking lot of the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church. On that day they are collecting canned and dry foods for 2 different organizations: 1) The Century Villages at Cabrillo and DAYS Long Beach. We are also collecting pet foods and supplies for the Long Beach Animal shelter. They can accept any unopened dry or canned food along with used blankets, leashes, collars, carriers, flea medicine and clean toys. This monthly drive is sponsored by the BHCA and the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church.
This is what they have collected just last month:
1,200 like-new garments for "Working Wardrobes".
1,000 items (clothing, blankets, purses, shoes, toys for Beacon House.
4 SUV loads of food and a $50. check for Long Beach Community Table.
45 sealed cases of shaving cream: 39 going being delivered to LB Community Table and 6 going to LB Aids Food Store.
Will Cullen
 Vice President
Belmont Heights Community Association
Long Beach Organic "Go Plant Me!" Event
Mark you calendar for LB Organics spring fundraiser:


Organic Seedlings Available with Your Donation.

Saturday, March 20th
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Zaferia Junction Community Garden
3709 E. 10th St.

Social distancing and safety will be a priority.

Our volunteers are busy planting seeds for our second annual event, including rare heirlooms.

Joe Corso
Garden Director
Long Beach Organic, Inc.
Business Spotlight
Pepe and Chepito's Tacos
Another great business has opened in CD3. Pepe and Chepito's Tacos located at 1785 Palo Verde Ave, Ste. F. (at the corner of Palo Verde and E. Atherton) opened its doors at the end of 2020 and is a great place for a quick street taco, quesadilla, burrito, or nachos, each with your choice of carne asada, carnitas, al pastor or chicken. With the addition of Menudo and Pork Pozole on Fridays and Saturdays there are options for everyone. 

Pepe and Chepito's accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express and offers delivery with Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, Toast and Ubereats.

Check it out!

Pepe and Chepito's Tacos
(562) 774-0007
1785 Palo Verde Ave. Ste. F
Hours: 11 AM - 8:30 PM
Lisa West
3rd District Director of Business
Relations, Programming and Outreach
Artist Spotlight
Gopi Shah
Gopi Shah Ceramics features a collection of unique handmade ceramics and pottery in Long Beach, California. Inspired by Mesoamerican and Andean art, California natural landscapes, and textiles and prints, Gopi Shah Ceramics combines youthful creativity with craftsmanship to create stoneware pottery that bridges ancient traditions and techniques with the modern world.

Gopi Shah is the Owner and Creative Director of Gopi Shah Ceramics, a one-woman handcrafted pottery design studio in Long Beach, California. Gopi began working with clay at the age of 14 and continued her education in ceramics at the Museum of Fine Arts and Santa Monica College. Since starting her business in 2014, her work has been featured in Curbed and The Jungalow, displayed at the Craft Contemporary, and sold in West Elm and Anthropology. Her business has also been featured in international commercials for Quickbooks and FedEx. She currently resides in Long Beach with her catahoula, Hanz. 
What I love about my neighborhood is the diversity it offers. I appreciate that we live in a mixed-income and racially diverse community that is heavily showcased through its food. My parents were immigrants from India and raised my sisters and me in Los Angeles where they constantly were exposing us to other cultures and traditions through cultural affairs and events, food, and museums.  
I’ve gotten engaged with the art community, and love that Councilwoman Price features local artists in the 3rdDistrict. I am thrilled to now call Long Beach my home. I love a lot of things about Long Beach and calling this place home. I love that our neighborhood is one of the most diverse in Long Beach and that I am exposed to so many various types of people and cultures here.
I have partnered with small businesses in Long Beach including Rose Park Roasters, Port, and Portuguese Bend Distillery and the best part- meeting so many wonderful residents here who have been supportive of my work and background. 

I also enjoy the diverse architecture found in Long Beach. The Willmore Historic District might be my favorite but Belmont Heights and Bluff Park’s Historic Districts are hard to beat. I love to find gorgeous art deco homes and Craftsman Bungalows that are over 100 years old. It is easy for me to hop on my bicycle, cruise down Pine Ave. or Broadway using that protected bike lane to get into the different neighborhoods and venture throughout the city. I honestly love how bike friendly Long Beach is, and who doesn’t love the beach bike path?  
Long Beach is a phenomenal place to live as an artist and provides ample opportunities to appreciate art be it through a larger museum, like Long Beach Museum of Art, or a smaller gallery, like Flatline. You can find culture, art, and kind people in Long Beach who want to support small businesses, families in need, and a beautiful artist community.  

Get in Touch 
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Alamitos Heights Improvement Association - AHIA
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Belmont Heights Community Association
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Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
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Bay Shore Library

Bluff Park Community Meeting
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Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month, 6:00 - 8:00 PM via Zoom
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Friends of Bixby Park
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Greenbelt Heights Neighborhood Association
All neighbors welcome
Regular meeting: 3rd Tuesday at 8pm-9pm
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2nd Sunday neighborhood clean-up at 9am

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
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Third District Field Office
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Peninsula Neighborhood Association
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
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