Welcome to December and the holiday season!
As in the past, the month of December promises to be a very busy one. Throughout the month I look forward to seeing the major progress and/or completion of the following infrastructure projects:

- Safer, single stall bathrooms in Marina Vista Park
- Marine Stadium judging stands
- Colorado Lagoon restroom restoration and rehabilitation project 
- 6th Street Bike Blvd project, including repaving and ADA ramp and sidewalk installations
- PeRow Park
- Leeway sailing center dock and parking lot
- Granada parking lot and installation of electric charging stations, and
- 2nd Street median and lighting project.

I will be watching all of these projects closely throughout the month and plan to keep the community updated on social media and email as these projects are completed.

I have no doubt that everyone has a busy holiday season ahead. I wish you all many happy memories during your gatherings with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. 

Happy Holidays and may the coming of a New Year bring you good health and joy. 
Suzie Price 
Thank you to everyone who attended our November Community Meeting to receive updates from our office and various city departments. We hope everyone in attendance enjoyed hearing about the many infrastructure projects that have been completed during this busy year. We also hope that you are as excited about the upcoming projects as we are! We have made so much progress in 2017 and that progress will continue full speed into 2018. 
This time of year is filled with holiday events in and around the district so we will not have a community meeting in December; our next community meeting will be in January 2018. This holiday season, we hope you enjoy time with your families and friends taking part in many of the festivities planned throughout the city. We are looking forward to picking up the monthly Third District Community Meetings in the New Year! There are so many exciting projects planned for 2018 as we continue on with the momentum of 2017, we will surely start the year off with a bang! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information about our upcoming meetings and enjoy the holidays!
- By Nina Moussavi
3rd District, District Office Director

As the next step in a large citywide conversation, the updated Land Use Elements (LUE) proposal will be going before the Planning Commission on December 11th at 5:00PM at City Hall . In recent months there have been several meetings held throughout the city soliciting input from residents as well as providing information on the process and the many different pieces of the proposal. 

Throughout the City's Land Use Element community outreach process, there have been frequently asked questions and at times misinformation and misconceptions. To help clarify and answer questions, attached are charts of some FAQs and corresponding answers, which can be found in the General Plan Update Community Engagement Summary ( http://bit.ly/2BBokiU). 
The community is encouraged to view the latest drafts  of the Land Use Element maps, released on November 10, 2017, and find more information about the Land Use Element at  http://www.longbeach.gov/lueude2040. These maps reflect a reduction in density of 686 acres through height-reduction and modified land-use designations. Specifically, the revised maps include the following categories of land use:
* 44 percent of the City's land is comprised of single-family neighborhoods, which will see no changes under the revised maps. 
* Approximately 19 percent of the acreage includes regional serving uses such as Long Beach Airport, the Port of Long Beach and other infrastructure.  
* 16 percent of the City's acreage would be planned for public and private open space and parks.
* Approximately 6 percent of the City would be planned for neighborhood-scale mixed-use projects along corridors, which combine retail and office uses with housing opportunities.
* Approximately 5 percent of the City includes existing multi-family residential buildings.
* 5 percent of the City would include job generating uses in industrial or neo-industrial areas.
* 2 percent of the City would be planned for Transit Oriented Development along rail transit corridors.
* 2 percent of the City's land use includes the Downtown area, which remains an important driver of jobs and housing.
* 1 percent of the City would be planned for traditional commercial or retail shopping centers.
The City's Planning Commission will convene to consider these LUE maps on December 11, 2017. The City is taking input regarding the revised maps via email at LUEUDE2040@longbeach.gov.

- By Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff

Naples Improvement Association will proudly present the 71st Annual Naples Island Holiday Boat Parade on Saturday, December 9th. The theme this year is, "The Canals are Alive with the Sound of Music."  The large boat parade starts at 6 PM, with the small boat parade starting at 6:30 PM.  Please keep in mind that Naples' canal streets close at 5 PM.  For viewing purposes, it is best to park and walk to Naples Island.  Alamitos Bay Marina off 2nd Street and Marina Drive offers substantial free parking just over the Davies Bridge from Naples. Mothers Beach off Ravenna and Appian Way also has some metered parking with quick access to Naples. Marine Safety Officers will close the canals to boat access at 3:30 PM to prepare for the parade.  Please keep in mind that boats must have official parade numbers to participate in the Naples Boat Parade.
Look for Councilwoman Suzie Price in a gondola during the small boat parade! For more information about this great event  click here.  

- By Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach

The City of Long Beach is beautiful any time of year, but it's even brighter under the glow of holiday lights. Belmont Shore is a charming community with many special holiday traditions, and it's even better when visitors join in.  On Saturday, December 2nd  the 35th 
Annual Belmont Shore Christmas Parade took place.  It was such a festive evening as Councilwoman Suzie Price, staff, family and friends led the way down 2nd  Street with the CD3 (stands for Council District 3) Dance Party. 
The parade featured more than 120 entries with 45 floats, cars, marching bands, fire trucks and of course, Santa.  The parade began at Livingston and traveled down 2 nd Street, made a U-turn at Bay Shore Avenue and ended back at Livingston.   The Belmont Shore Business Association estimated an approximate 30,000 visitors.  The streets, sidewalks and medians were lined with thousands of spectators watching and cheering on the different floats. Many of Long Beach's best known businesses, organizations and schools, as well as public officials took part in this  great show of holiday cheer. 

A big thank you to Dede Rossi, Rachel Wiggins and the entire Belmont Shore Business Association for organizing this spectacular event.
For lots more photos, please visit Justin Rudd's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JustinRudd

- By Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach
3rd District Neighborhood and Association Meetings
Belmont Heights Community Association
2nd Wednesday of each month
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Library

Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm
St. Bartholomew Meeting Hall - 5100 E. Broadway at Granada Ave.

Friends of Bixby Park
Please check their website

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
Approximately every 3 months as determined
Third District Field Office
Email Carleton Carlson for meeting confirmation at CarletonCarlson@aol.com 
Peninsula Beach Preservation Group
Alamitos Bay Yacht  Club

Bluff Park Community Meeting
Please check their website  

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
3rd Wednesday of each month
7pm - Clubhouse at 500 Bellflower Blvd

Do you have a community or  neighborhood meeting that you  would like to add to the 3rd  District calendar? Email:   nina.moussavi@longbeach.gov  

Every month I have the pleasure of giving updates on the various projects in our beautiful community. As we are nearing the end of 2017, it has been such a treat to reflect on all the progress that we have seen in the Third District. #progressinthe3rd

Thanks to the passage of Measure A, we started the year off strong with infrastructure improvements to thirty two miles of street and over thirty seven thousand square miles of sidewalk. These improvements included slurry seals, sidewalk rebuilds, and street repaves. 

This year, we commenced the Red Car Greenway project (AKA PeROW) a very special project for our community. Once a mass transit system in Southern California, the Pacific Electric Right of Way holds a lot of historic value in our city and surrounding cities. Many of our residents recall a time when they could watch from their backyards as the electric red cars transported people from one town to another. For the past few decades, however, this space more closely resembled a dilapidated dirt lot. Since the removal of the rail system, this portion of the Pacific Electric Right of Way has long been used by students and neighbors as a public space for riding bikes and walking dogs. The Red Car Greenway project has transformed this heavily used space into a beautiful community park. We are so excited to see this project completed in the coming month! 

At the Colorado Lagoon, we have begun to rebuild and improve the public restroom to compliment the beautiful restoration project that was completed earlier this year. In Marina Vista Park, we not only built the youth sports court, which gives kids in the community a space to play many different games, but we also rebuilt and updated the restroom facilities. We built the Bixby Dog Park, which borders the 3rd and 2nd Districts and is widely enjoyed by residents throughout the city. 
With the construction of the 6th Street Bike Blvd, we provided interconnectivity amongst parks, schools, and communities in the District. This project provides safe routes for our kids to get to school and serves as a traffic calming measure to ensure that our neighborhood streets remain safe. 

As we look at our city's history, one waterfront building comes to mind: the Leeway Sailing center. Over the last few months, you might have noticed that there has been a lot of activity going on around this iconic building. The Leeway Sailing Center has been the focus of some much needed improvements, from a fresh coat of paint to a rebuild and repave of the parking lot to the rebuild of the sailing dock, these improvements might almost make the building unrecognizable. Almost. The pier and dock rebuild is well underway and I encourage everyone to go take a look at the progress! 
Along our coastline we have repaired the pedestrian beach path, begun rebuilding the Granada parking lot, and funded a pilot program to tackle the erosion concerns that face the Peninsula. 

These are just a few of the many projects that have been started and/or completed in 2017. As you can see, it has been a busy year here in the Third! Let's keep that progress going into the new year and continue to make improvements in our neighborhoods. 

-By Nina Moussavi 
3rd District, District Office Director

For many years there had been a walking patrol of police officers on 2 nd Street but the service has been discontinued during times of economic challenges.  When Councilwoman Price took office in 2014 she worked with the Long Beach Police Department to make sure that this program was reinstated. 

2 nd Street has so much pedestrian traffic and is one of the most active business areas of the city. It makes walking from business to business easy and enjoyable so including a regular walking and bike patrol officers here is very important. This patrol provides improved responsiveness to any incidents as well as representing a proactive police presence to deter issues from occurring at all. Unfortunately, this patrol was not in effect for a couple months due to an officer injury, but we are excited to say that the 2 nd St. patrol is back on the job, so please say hello to Officers Kent and Murray when you see them on the street.
- by Jack Cunningham 
3rd District, Chief of Staff

Last Week 40 Long Beach Police Department Recruits completed their 25 week intensive academy. This program included academics, physical training, and practical training. This is Long Beach Police Academy #91 and represents the effort the city is putting to improve our public safety and rebuild our Police Department. These officers would not be possible without the investments being made in the city thanks to the voter approved Measure A.  

-By Jack Cunningham  
3rd District, Chief of Staff

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for the Fireworks Advisory Committee. We have selected a team of dedicated community members who will work hard to tackle this concern. These members will have the opportunity to sit down with city staff and learn about the issue at hand and explore potential solutions. 

The Committee will be making recommendations to Councilwoman Price regarding strategies to address illegal firework activities throughout the year, but especially during the 4th of July and New Year's Eve holidays. We are looking forward to seeing what this bright group of individuals comes up with! 

-By Nina Moussavi
3rd District, District Office Director
A letter from a visitor to Long Beach



Dear District Three Community, 

Hello from Hank Wise, swimmer, aquatics director and swim coach.   I have a swim update which may interest our local district three community.   
This fall I completed my fifth and sixth solo swims across the Catalina Channel   within two weeks of each other.    My first swim of this fall season was on 10/27/17 (completed in 10 hours and 14 minutes) and the other on 11/11/17 (completed in 10 hours and two minutes).   The first swim was from Catalina to Palos Verdes and the second one was from Palos Verdes to Catalina.    In either direction its just over 20 miles.   I started doing these Catalina Channel swims, when I was 43 years old, in October of 2010, always using local support crews, local sailboats, and local captains.  Many  local people  were involved in this last Catalina Crossing,  my sixth (6th) solo  crossing. Using a local sailboat boat SUNDANCE   (from Alamitos Bay) with a local owner and Captain,  Olympic Sailor Bob Little  (who lives in the shore and works for Kilroy Commercial Real Estate) and a  local paddler  and navigator Sean Lieppman  (from Park Estates and works in Commercial Real Estate in LB).    Officiating this swim was a local observer  and business owner Chris Geer  (from Belmont Heights and owns Urban Americana Vintage Shop near  Redondo and Anaheim Street).   Also on board were two 14 year old local boys,  Bob Little's son,Bobby Little who attends St. Anthony's High School and the son  of local biking phenom and widely recognized biking advocate Tony Cruz, Adrian Cruz.  
I really appreciate all the crew on board, giving their time, energy, resources and skills to this mission!  Thank you crew!  We crossed the channel at night  from Palos Verdes to Doctor's Cove, in rather mild seas, but strong currents.    I swam with the current for three hours and against the current for seven hours.  This 6th crossing ties me for the all time record  in all-time crossings of the Catalina Channel with the Catalina Channel Swim Federation.  Whales and dolphins were spotted  and Bobby got a video of the whale breeching!

As background info for this latest achievement:
I was selected for the 2016 Waterman of the Year Award  by the local aquatic advocacy group, the Aquatic Capital of America  committee.  Award presented
by Dick Miller
The Waterman of the Year trophy I received is a piece of art made by artist and local affairs  advocate John Callos.  I hope my swims motivate others who are one big step away from achieving their dreams.  I hope these swims also motivate the swimmers from the two local swim teams I coach,  Adult Swimming Team Swim Long Beach  and our youth team Rocket Fish  both continue to practice at Belmont Plaza.

A good friend of mine said that my old school  Wilson High School  swim coach and local legendary triathlete, teacher, and coach, Klaus Barth  would have been proud if he was still alive.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share with our community.
-by Hank Wise

Thanks to frugal spending by the Third District Office, Councilwoman Price is able to implement a significant new public safety program. For several months she has been developing a plan in partnership with the City Prosecutor and with the office's year end savings we can begin rolling it out. This new program would give responsibility to a specific prosecutor for crimes that occur in the area of Belmont Shore and the Belmont Pier. By doing this there will be specialized focus on the chronic crimes and criminals occurring in these areas. 

 The Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor provides particular benefit to the Third District by working with the police department and the community to look at ways of addressing crimes long term. This often means ensuring that services are offered to those in need of assistance, like rehabilitation, or mental health.
Additionally, if services are repeatedly declined and the individual continues to commit crimes, then the prosecutor would be able to follow the individual case through the process and make recommendation to the judge based on a more complete history of the individual and what approaches will have the best results for the community. Through consistent communications with the police department, the prosecutor will focus efforts in a targeted manner so that individuals are getting the treatment and services they need, either prior to filing criminal charges or as a term of probation, and to ensure that a stay away order is put into place that stops repeat offenders from returning to the same location.
- by Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff
Councilwoman Price and I had the great pleasure of meeting the owners of one of 2nd Street, Belmont Shore's newest boutiques during their Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting event.  Sweet  Threads is the brainchild of Paul and Shella Romey.  At first impression, they are both as cute as they are stylish!  However, their baby boy took the cake on being best dressed, and since this boutique specializes in children's new and vintage clothing, we wouldn't have it any other way. 
They offer a unique blend of hand-picked, vintage and  modern clothing for kids. The Sweet Threads name was created by combining the inspirational sweetness of children and the cool, fresh threads that they always have in store. With a focus on combining vintage and modern styles, Sweet Threads offers children's clothing that is always distinctive and unforgettable.  Shella earned her fashion degree and worked many years in the industry before deciding to start her own company. Her years of experience molded her into the innovative thinker and creator she is today! Together, they have created a children's clothing store infused with nostalgic pieces and modern  styles. They hand-pick their pieces with modern domestic and international styles from the US, Europe and Asia in mind, so you can be sure they are always ahead of the trends!
Sweet Threads carries girls' and boys' clothing ranging in sizes from
 infant to 8/10 years old. In addition to carrying numerous  popular, trendy and unique lines, they also carry their own line of clothing called PAUSH, created especially for you by Sweet  Threads.In addition to the brands they carry and create, they are always on the hunt for special treasures by rummaging through flea markets, estate sales and thrift shops. They also love to support and carry small, hand-made  pieces from  businesses, because of the unique flair they always provide. With everything they put into the shop and online store, you are sure to find beautiful children's clothing that will always be cherished.

Visiting their web site is a great way to have access to their brands, but visiting the store is a real treat to the eyes and to the senses.  I found numerous affordable gifts that will soon be one of the Councilwoman and my go to shops for baby gifts. Additionally, they offer French Story time on Wednesday's at  10:30 AM and they occasionally offer an intro to healthy pregnancy classes for expecting parents. They also plan to expand their calendar with more events in  the new year. 

Please take the time to welcome them to the Shore, and visit  their lovely boutique located on 2nd Street between Park Avenue and St.  Joseph Avenue, next door to Pussy & Pooch. 

Web site:  Shopsweetthreads.com
Address: 4812 E. 2nd Street, Belmont Shore
Phone: (562) 439-7933 

Sunday       10 AM - 7 PM
Monday      11 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday      11 AM - 7 PM
Wednesday 11 AM - 7 PM
Thursday     11 AM - 7 PM
Friday          10 AM - 8 PM
Saturday      10 AM - 8 PM

- By  Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach

CD3 Cares!  Marina Pacifica Shopping Center Gives Back 
to the Community

In the beginning of November, with the help of a constituent, Paige Pelonis of City HeART, Inc. reached out to Councilwoman Suzie Price to see if we could help them with the dinner they planned to host at Century Villages at Cabrillo on Tuesday, November 21. As a result of that request, I reached out to Marina Pacifica Shopping Center to see if they were willing to help with turkeys for their event. Catoyna, the property  manager was so eager and went straight to work at getting an extremely generous donation that went a long way at helping purchase turkeys, and food for the dinner.  It's generous people coming together that makes my job so easy and worth doing.  

Whether its Steve L. who recommended reaching out to Councilwoman Price, Paige P. who organized the event, Catoyna M. with Marina Pacifica Shopping Center who graciously spearheaded the donation, or the numerous volunteers who prepared/served the food, everyone shared the same amazing experience and goal of giving back to their community.  

We all have a heart for our City of Long Beach, and on November 21,
many Veterans, families and children enjoyed a well prepared, hot meal in Thanksgiving.  Councilwoman Price and I were blessed to be a part of their story! 

CityHeART, Inc. - WholeheARTedly loving our city and telling its stories. If you would like to donate to City HeART, or check out  their 

WEBSITE, please visit:  www.ourcityheart.org
- By  Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach
City Council Meetings are held every Tuesday evening, with the exception of the last Tuesday of the month when council is "dark."  Meetings are held in City Hall - Council Chambers (333 W. Ocean Blvd.) at approximately 5pm.  Times do change, so please check with our office or website for exact times. City Council meetings are open to the public and we encourage your attendance, especially if there is an important topic up for discussion.
Charter (channel 3) and FIOS Verizon (channel 21) subscribers can view the City Council Meetings on their televisions or you can live stream the video through LBTV.com,  View City Council Meeting.  
Our office sends out a "coming to council" email each weekend prior to a council meeting.  Please be sure to scan it to see if there are any items of interest that you would like to weigh in on. Agenda items change on a weekly basis so please check the city website for the most current agenda.  The City Clerk is required to post the City Council Agenda the Monday, a week prior, to the Tuesday of City Council Meeting.   View agenda items  

- By Antonella Schaub
3rd District, Communications Director

Roundabouts :
  • A form of traffic control that assigns right of way at an intersection - like a traffic signal
  • Yield control on all approaches on entry, vehicles in the roundabout have the right of way (one-way circulation only!)
  • Safer traffic control than a signal by reducing the number of conflict points - no left turns
  • Collision severity is reduced by reducing speeds and eliminating head-on and broadside collisions
  • Vehicle speeds are reduced through splitter islands approaching the roundabout 

Neighborhood Traffic Circles:

  • A traffic calming device used on low speed and low volume streets
  • Vehicles slow to go around traffic circles
  • Can be used with or without stop signs. When used on bike boulevards stop signs are typically placed only on the cross-street approaches.
  • Some large vehicles may have to turn left in front of the traffic circle or go over the concrete apron

- By Eric Widstrand
City of Long Beach, Traffic Engineer

With the continuing concerns around bike chop shops in public spaces our office plans to finalize an agenda item that would give the city better tools to address these issues. We see residents feeling alienated from public spaces like parks and beaches when there are people actively dismantling and selling bikes and bike parts. These activities harm our public spaces, undermine our commitment to keeping Long Beach clean, and plays a role in bike thefts city-wide, especially when you see piles of bike frames and bike parts being taken apart and sold. 

We plan to bring our proposed item to Council in January. Please be sure to write us with your thoughts, or better yet, come to the Council meeting to express your views in person.  The exact date the item will be heard will be send out through an email in January. 

-By Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff
Long Beach Named Among Cities with Fastest-Growing 
Household Incomes
The median household income in the City of Long Beach grew by 10.1 percent between 2015 and 2016, making it the 11th largest increase among the nation's 100 largest cities in a recent report from SmartAsset . Data used for the report was taken from the United States Census Bureau, American Community Survey . 
"The local economy in Long Beach is booming which is why household incomes are increasing faster than in most cities," said Mayor Robert Garcia. "We have focused on smart economic policies that have created new businesses, thousands of good jobs, and economic opportunity for all people." 
In September, the City was named a finalist for Most Business Friendly City in Los Angeles County, an annual award bestowed by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation,and the second time this year that Long Beach has been recognized as one of the most business friendly cities. In 2016, the business community itself recognized the City of Long Beach as one of the five most business friendly cities in Los Angeles County, according to the Los Angeles County Business Federation ( BizFed), an alliance of 150 business groups representing 272,000 companies that employ nearly three million people throughout the County.
City leaders have also been working on plans to build on recent economic successes. In response to a request by Mayor Robert Garcia and the City Council, the Economic Development Commission, an advisory group to the City Council, in collaboration with the Economic Development Department, prepared a Draft Blueprint for Economic Development (Blueprint). The Blueprint provides a snapshot of economic trends in the City, and makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council about opportunities for growth in key industries, business assistance, and economic inclusion among other focus areas.
"The Blueprint has been a terrific resource for us," said John Keisler, Director of the Department of Economic Development. "We now have a plan to increase economic opportunities for workers, investors, and entrepreneurs."
For more information about workforce training programs and incentives for businesses to hire new workers, the City offers a number of innovative programs at the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network .
About Economic Development
The mission of the City's Economic Development Department i s to create economic opportunities for workers, investors, and entrepreneurs. This includes making it easier to start and grow a business, streamline the process for property development, and provide businesses with a skilled workforce. The Department includes Property Development, Business Development, and the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network .For more information on the Economic & Property Development Department, please visit http://www.longbeach.gov/economicdevelopment/or follow us on Twitter @LBEconDevand Facebook .

The Long Beach Unified School District has earned the District of the Year award from the national business news publisher Industry Dive and its publication, Education Dive.  The honor is part of the 2017 Dive Awards recognizing education's "top disruptors and innovators."


On December 1, 2017, hearing and speech-impaired residents of Long Beach and those in situations where it is too dangerous to dial 9-1-1 for help in an emergency, can Text to 9-1-1. "Call if you can -- text if you can't" is the slogan developed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), that is currently being utilized by Long Beach and other cities in Southern California that are implementing this new technology.

"It is important that all residents are able to contact Police, Fire and emergency medical services when needed," said Mayor Robert Garcia. "Texting is widely used to communicate so it only makes sense that we allow residents to use this technology, Text to 9-1-1, for emergency services as well."

This new service is available to the public, and is especially beneficial to callers that cannot communicate verbally such as people who are deaf and/or hearing-impaired, callers facing domestic abuse, or callers who are injured and cannot speak.

Text to 9-1-1 requires a cell phone that has the capability to send text messages, and location services must be enabled. Text messages should be brief, easily understood, and should not contain abbreviations, emojis, or slang. While currently, the texting service is only available in English, other language solutions are in development and will be implemented as soon as they become available. Similarly, the system cannot receive photos and videos at this time.

"We are proud to have coordinated County-wide to bring this much-needed emergency communications tool to residents, businesses and visitors to the City of Long Beach," said Reggie Harrison, Director of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications. "While this new texting service is available to the public, I want to remind everyone that calling 9-1-1 remains the most effective method to access emergency personnel."

Below are guidelines for how to text to 9-1-1:
* Enter the numbers "911" in the text "To" field.
* The first text message to 9-1-1 should contain the location and brief description of the emergency and the type of help needed.
* Push the "Send" button.
* Be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the 9-1-1 text taker.
* Text in simple words. Do not use abbreviations, emojis, or slang.
* Keep text messages brief and concise.
* Do not text and drive.

Area 9-1-1 call centers, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, California Highway Patrol and the State Emergency Communications 9-1-1 Department, have worked collaboratively to coordinate the implementation of this texting tool.

About Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications
The mission of the Department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications is to protect the lives and property of the community and first responders through comprehensive planning, training and communication to ensure that daily requests for emergency services, as well as response, recovery, and mitigation for major emergencies and disasters is completed in an effective and efficient manner.

For additional information on disaster preparedness topics, please visit our website at www.longbeach.gov/DisasterPreparedness. To stay tuned to disaster preparedness news and information, follow us on Twitter @LongBeachReady or "Like" us on Facebook @LongBeachDisasterPreparedness.

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