Welcome March and the spring season!
As many of you know, talking about bullying and making sure our youth develop a sense of confidence has been a priority for me long before I was on the City Council. I always knew these topics were important because of my own childhood and young adult experiences, but now, I know the topic is relevant for everyone. 

Time and time again, we see people act out in destructive ways because they carry pain from having been the victim of bullying, teasing, or because they were ostracized for being different from the group. We saw it recently in Long Beach with threats being made at local schools as a result of mean-spirited teasing and the hurt that came along with it. This is a phenomenon that we can mitigate as a community.

Communication at every level has become dangerously hostile and violent, with hate and negative sentiments being spoken publicly against other individuals and other groups as the focus. This communication and speech is leading more often to people acting on hatred with bigotry, with racism, with homophobia, with actual acts of violence and hate incidents. How we treat one another matters. We all deserve to not feel threatened for our differences. We all deserve to feel like we are welcome in our communities, our schools, and in our workplaces.

Whether it be school yard taunting and bullying, mean-spirited comments, slurs shouted on the street, or any act of violence based on hate, making someone feel unwelcome is not acceptable in our community.  Absolutely unacceptable. Together we can strengthen our neighborhoods against hatred by standing up and speaking out to make clear that love, community, and kindness wins over hate.

Please join me in a community discussion entitled "Love over Hate" on March 22nd at Temple Israel. This community conversation is co-sponsored by Temple Israel and the LGBTQ Center of Long Beach. This event is designed for all members of the community, including children and adults of every age. A wine and cheese reception will begin at 6:30PM and the program will start at 7:00PM.  Join us, bring your family. Let's talk about this.

As far as the rest of the month goes, we're happy to participate in March Madness with all the events our office is sponsoring.  Make sure to read about our 3rd District Community Events for this month.  In addition,  please also have a safe holiday and spring break with your kids and loved ones.
Suzie Price 
Councilwoman Price in partnership with the City's Safe Long Beach Violence Prevention Plan (Safe Long Beach) and under the facilitation of Parent Educator, Shaila Saint, M. Ed, Mollie Bennett of Hoopla!Events, and Kyle Becker of The Kids Theater Company (TKTC) are hosting an interactive family workshop on Bullying, Safety, and Social Media on Saturday, March 10, 2018, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the California State University, Long Beach, campus. This free Citywide event will focus on 5 th  through 8 th  grade students and their parents.
The event will start by watching the critically acclaimed documentary on the digital age, 
ScreenAgers, and then break out into separate parent and teen groups to discuss strategies with parents and students. Through this film and our dynamic break-out sessions, we will find solutions on how we can help our kids navigate the digital world. Snacks and beverages will be provided.
Reservations are necessary to attend the event so please email Lisa.West@longbeach.gov at your earliest convenience. 
Who: Councilwoman Suzie Price & Safe Long Beach
What: Anti Bullying and Social Media Workshop
When: Saturday, March 10, 2018
Where: CSULB, Building PH1-141
Follow signs to Parking Lot E10 - look for the Amazon pick up location
Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach 

This month, we have a special community meeting planned for everyone! Our office is partnering with the Disaster Preparedness Bureau to participate in  Tsunami Preparedness We ek by hosting our 2 nd  annual Tsunami Awareness Walk. Many people have asked: "What is a Tsunami Walk?" A Tsunami Walk is a drill where participants walk a pre-determined route from a location in the Tsunami Danger Zone to a location in the Tsunami Safe Zone. This drill allows coastal residents and visitors to learn about simple routes to safety in the event of a tsunami. Much of the Third District is in the Tsunami Danger Zone and it is important to have a plan to get to a Tsunami Safe Zone! This Tsunami Walk will hopefully serve as a reminder of the importance of tsunami awareness and will boost the efforts to make a plan with your families and neighbors! 

Our meeting will be on Saturday, March 17th and will take place at Will Rogers Mini Park on the corner of Nieto Ave and Appian Way, just outside our Field Office (340 Nieto Ave). The meeting will begin at 9AM with a Resource Fair. The fair will be followed by updates from Councilwoman Suzie Price and City Departments, after which we will all begin the walk! The tsunami walk will begin at about 10:30AM and will take roughly 15 minutes. When we reach our location outside of the Tsunami Danger Zone, we will learn about: 
  • The questions to ask when starting your emergency plan
  • The specific needs you might consider pertaining to your unique household or location
  • How to create your own plan
  • The importance of practicing the plan. 
Attendees are encouraged to bring a lawn chair or picnic blanket to sit on during the department updates in the park; you may leave your items in our Field Office, which will be locked, during the walk.
I hope you can all join us for this important meeting! If you have any questions about the meeting, the walk, etc. please do not hesitate to contact our office via email at  Nina.Moussavi@longbeach.gov or by phone at (562) 570-8756.
- By Nina Moussavi
3rd District, District Office Director

March 20th marks the astronomical first day of spring, which kicks off a major celebration in honor of Spring and the New Year. Though commonly referred to as Persian New Year, Norwooz is celebrated beyond Iran's borders, and crosses national, religious and ethnic divides as a celebration of nature's rebirth that lasts for two weeks. 

Councilwoman Suzie Price is excited to host the City of Long Beach's 4 th  Annual Persian New Year "Norwooz" Celebration on Tuesday, March 20 at 4 PM at City Hall. The reception will take place on the lobby level of City Hall and will feature a Haft-Seen table, floral arrangements, and symbolic Persian sweets, followed by a presentation during the City Council meeting at 5 PM. 
Please join us for this very special event in celebration of a "New Day."

- By Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach
The past year has seen a nationwide increases in hate crimes, instances of hate speech, and hate incidents, throughout the country as well as in Long Beach, and in the Third District. In response Councilwoman Price is holding an event in partnership with Temple Israel Long Beach, the California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ), and the LGBTQ Center of Long Beach on Thursday, March 22, 2018 beginning at 7:00 at Temple Israel (269 Loma Ave. Long Beach, CA 90803). The event will be a conversation with the community on hate incidents and hate speech features a conversation among a group of speakers who will discuss issues of hate and take questions from the audience.
The Councilwoman will be joined by other speakers on the topic of hate from the perspective of each speaker's experiences with being the victim of hate incidents and hate speech. Speakers will represent a broad range of experiences including that of immigrants, Judaism, and the LGBTQ communities. Long Beach residents are invited to attend and be a part of this conversation that seeks to bring our communities together as we make progress to address and reduce hate in our communities. This event comes as part of a major focus by the Councilwoman to build on her work addressing bullying by also looking at how our communities can best respond to incidents of hate. We hope this event will help provide attendees with useful tools on how best to address hate in our community, and a better understanding of the negative impacts it can have. 
- By Jack Cunningham 
3rd District, Chief of Staff
We are very excited for the grand opening of two great projects on March 24th. Beginning with a ribbon cutting at the west end of the 6th St. Bike Boulevard at Junipero and 6th at 11AM. This project spans both the Second and the Third Council Districts, so after the ribbon cutting there will be a community bike ride east along 6th St. to the Colorado Lagoon parking lot. There our office will be hosting a bike registration, and safety fair with the police department and local bike shops attending to provide education and bike inspections that will continue for several hours.
We will also be celebrating the grand opening of Long Beach's newest park, the  Red Car Greenbelt. This passive space has been a vacant lot for years and we are very glad we were able to turn it into a park. The community has been hugely involved in this project from the beginning, and we want to make sure we make a big deal out of the completion of this project. So, we will be having a band perform as well as f ood trucks to make sure the neighborhood comes out to enjoy this fantastic new space. If you have not seen it yet, Saturday the 24th will be a great chance to come celebrate with your neighbors, r egister your bike and get your bike inspected, and enjoy some music and food
- By Jack Cunningham 
3rd District, Chief of Staff
into Spring Community Concert featuring       
The Dustbowl Revival - March 25

Although this community concert goes by the tagline of Spring  into  Summer, it appears we are starting our concert series earlier and earlier each year so Spring into Spring seems more appropriate!  Therefore, our 4 th  Annual Spring into Spring Community concert will take place in March again this year.  We are praying for clear skies and warm temperatures!  This free, family-friendly concert will take place on Sunday, March 25 at Marine Stadium Park, and will feature the band, The Dustbowl Revival. Food trucks and a bounce house will round out the afternoon so bring your lawn chairs and blankets for this fun event! 

Food Truck: 4:30 PM -7:30 PM
Concert: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
A Bounce House for the Kids!   
Look for more details as the date approaches

   - By Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach

The fourth annual Belmont Heights Make a Difference Day (BHMADD) will be held on Sunday, March 18, 2018 at Temple Israel at 11 AM. Temple Israel, Belmont Heights United Methodist Church, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Belmont Heights Community Association, and the Third District Council Office will co-sponsor the event, and continue to build on the success of the last three years of community service.

Plan to join us (and bring the whole family) for our annual day of service to our community. There are many exciting projects this year including garden replacement, repair work, a flash food drive, reading to homeless animals at the shelter, and many others. These projects benefit many sectors of our local community including college students, LGBT, seniors, schools, homeless kids, battered women's shelters, veterans, etc. 

BHMADD will kick-off in the morning with a celebration, connection with project leaders, key thoughts from our local community leaders, morning nourishment, and music from Second Wind.   The official BHMADD website has been updated and enhanced, and will serve as the resource for event sign-ups, project information and event details. Highlights from last year's event are represented in a short video. Please visit the site at www.bhmadd.org to sign up. 

There's something for everyone! 
Whatever your skills, we have a need!

For more information , please contact
Andrea Friedenthal at andreafri8711@gmail.com
or call her at (562) 822-7882

By: Marc N. Davidson 
We had an amazing time at our 4  th  Annual LB Touch-A-Truck event at Granada Beach parking lot last Sunday.  The weather was perfect and allowed for an unbelievable event. From all the industries that provided their time and vehicles, to the number of families that attended, we sincerely appreciate every person who made the LB Touch-A-Truck a success. 
With over 100 vehicles and 7,000+ attendees, it appeared everyone had a great time.
We had families enjoying the different food trucks and kettle corn as well the 2000 hot dogs that the Local 372 Firefighters Union grilled for the crowd. We worked hard to make this something our community would enjoy and partnering with Justin Rudd's Community Action Team (CAT) to bring this event was another way to provide our community an educational and entertaining activity. 
A special thank you to the Port of Long Beach for their exceptional involvement and sponsorship of this event. 

For more images from the LB Touch-A-Truck, please check out:
  - By Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach
3rd District Neighborhood and Association Meetings
Belmont Heights Community Association
2nd Wednesday of each month
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Library

Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm
St. Bartholomew Meeting Hall - 5100 E. Broadway at Granada Ave.

Friends of Bixby Park
Please check their website

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
Approximately every 3 months as determined
Third District Field Office
Email Carleton Carlson for meeting confirmation at CarletonCarlson@aol.com 
Peninsula Beach Preservation Group
Alamitos Bay Yacht  Club

Bluff Park Community Meeting
Our Savior's Lutheran Church
370 Junipero Ave.
Please check their website  for meeting details

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
3rd Wednesday of each month
7pm - Clubhouse at 500 Bellflower Blvd

Do you have a community or  neighborhood meeting that you  would like to add to the 3rd  District calendar? Email:   nina.moussavi@longbeach.gov  

In an emergency seconds' matter and the impending closure of Community Hospital Long Beach and the emergency department that serves nearly 30,000 residents in Long Beach annually may stretch those seconds into minutes and hours and could cost you or a loved one your life.

When Community Hospital closed for nine months between October 2000 and June 2001 at least six fatalities were directly attributable to a delay in care caused by needing to transport a critically ill patient across town to face a back log of other patients in similarly dire straits at other facilities.

You may be aware of the seismic issues that the facility is facing, but are you aware of the efforts to sustain life saving care for the residents of the east side of Long Beach?  If you are aware, do you care?

Even if you have not visited CHLB recently or at all, its closure will impact the services you receive at other area hospitals.  The negative impacts will be caused by increased demand at other facilities and a disruption in response, transport, wait and "wall times" by first responders (wall time is where fire department personnel and paramedics must stay with a patient until they are admitted or discharged) which can take them out of service to other parts of town and in our case the entire east side of our city. 

In full cardiac arrest, it may take another ten minutes to transport you across town to another hospital and that may be ten minutes too long.  The demand for emergency care is rising both within our community and across the country and despite other information you may have heard urgent care cannot save your life.  According to the American College of Emergency Physicians "seven out of ten patients who present at an urgent care center end up in a hospital emergency department".

The conversation we intend to have with our community about this issue is not about the availability of hospital beds, but about the availability of life saving care as in emergency department treatment bays (Community Hospital has 21 of these) or ICU or CCU beds (Community Hospital has two units and over 20 of these beds in seismically safe facilities by the way!)

Have you or a loved one received life-saving care at Community Hospital Long Beach?  Over the last three years my wife has been in the Community Hospital ER twice, once for severe pneumonia and on another occasion for a ruptured appendix and the onset of sepsis. Because of the location of Community Hospital, the fact that we did not have to wait long and that we received excellent care this story had a happy ending and that hits close to home.  I am sure that you may have a story like mine and we want to hear from you.

It's inconceivable to many of us that live and work on the east side of our city that we will be losing immediate and timely access to life saving care and that is why the CHLB Foundation has developed several action items to address the possible closure of Community Hospital.  These action items include the facilitation of a Community Hospital Task Force that has held two community meetings, the conducting of a survey on local consumer demand for life saving care, an on-site assessment by the Urban Land Institute of the CHLB Campus, with an eye toward sustaining the emergency department, and of course our "Save The East Side ER Campaign" that will be rolling out in full force over the next few weeks so that we can hear from you - the community!

The issue of available, adequate and accessible life-saving care for a market area of 200,000 plus residents should be our top priority as a community.  We should not be faced with the prospect of suddenly having a significantly greater risk of death due to an accident or medical emergency because we are cut off from care.

Now it's your turn to weigh in and we want to hear from you.  Please call me (562) 933-5971 or email me at mfaulkner@memorialcare.org  or visit our website www.chlbfoundation.org
- by Matthew Faulkner
Executive Director at Community Hospital Long Beach Foundation

The Health Department and LA County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (SAP-C) conducted a community assessment survey designed to better understand risk perceptions and use patterns of cannabis, prescription medication and impaired-driving in Long Beach. Survey responses from young adults 18-25 years of age in Long Beach is summarized in the survey infographic. ROAM Studio, a User-Center Design consultant, completed a report of recommendations for health education interventions with persons at risk for cannabis-impaired driving, based on   interviews conducted in Long Beach. An educational poster was designed for display in legal dispensaries operating in Long Beach. Currently the poster is on display in three dispensaries and the Health Department will continue to encourage the other dispensaries to follow suit. In response to requests from community members and dispensary staff, the Health Department has prioritized developing educational materials on the following topics: Legal personal use in Long Beach, General information about cannabis, and Health risks associated with use. In addition to the existing Cannabis and your child tri-fold brochure, the Health Department has developed additional messages in response to community requests. Upcoming materials include tri-fold brochures and messaging on Cannabis and driving, Risks to young children, Talking with kids, and Information for developing minds (18-25 year olds). In addition to material development, the Health Department is scheduled to participate in a number of upcoming outreach events including community presentations at coalitions and youth-leadership groups, and a vendor booth at the Toyota Grand Prix in April.


Councilwoman Price and I had the pleasure of meeting another fabulous business owner in the 3rd District, recently. Clarissa "Boxy Roxy" Bauer, owner of 9Round Fitness opened at the end of 2017 and has added a great kickboxing gym in Naples.  Clarissa is dedicated to a heart healthy lifestyle and enjoys motivating others to meet their personal goals and reach their potential through fitness. Clarissa is originally from Texas, but soon became hooked on the active lifestyle of California and is now proud to call Long Beach her home.

T agged as, "The world's fastest-growing kickboxing fitness franchise," 9Round offers a unique and fun 30-minute workout for all fitness levels.  9Round workouts consist of nine, three-minute stations of activities that include cardio, weight training, abdominal exercises and kicks and punches on 100-pound, double-end, upper cut and speed bags. Members get to enjoy a 30-second active break between rounds.  All 9Round workouts have zero person-to-person hitting.  Instead, "The circuit features moves designed to blast calories and relieve stress." 

I encourage you to stop in and take a look at this innovative gym, and your first workout is free!  We are proud that Clarissa decided to open her fitness center in Naples, and we look forward to having 9Round in the 3rd District for many years to come.  

9Round Fitness
5668 E. 2nd Street
Long Beach CA 90803
(562) 247-0899

Hours Of Operation
6:00 am - 1:30 pm
3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 1:30 pm
3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
6:00 am - 1:30 pm
3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 1:30 pm
3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
6:00 am - 1:30 pm
3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
For more information, visit her web site:  www.9Round.com/LongBeachCANaples

- By Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach
City Council Meetings are held every Tuesday evening, with the exception of the last Tuesday of the month when council is "dark."  Meetings are held in City Hall - Council Chambers (333 W. Ocean Blvd.) at approximately 5pm.  Times do change, so please check with our office or website for exact times. City Council meetings are open to the public and we encourage your attendance, especially if there is an important topic up for discussion.
Charter (channel 3) and FIOS Verizon (channel 21) subscribers can view the City Council Meetings on their televisions or you can live stream the video through LBTV.com,  View City Council Meeting.  
Agenda items change on a weekly basis so please check the city website for the most current agenda.  The City Clerk is required to post the City Council Agenda the Monday, a week prior, to the Tuesday of City Council Meeting.   View agenda items  

- By Antonella Schaub
3rd District, Communications Director

There are numerous community based commissions that play a vital role in the City of Long Beach. The Mayor's Office accepts applications all year long, and applications are kept on file for 2 years. Presently, we are seeking applications to fill a vacancy in the Belmont Shore Parking and Business Improvement Area Advisory Commission.  

The BSPBIA is an advisory commission that recommends to the Mayor and City Council, solutions to parking problems in Belmont Shore and ideas on how to utilize the funds obtained from the parking meter revenue in Belmont Shore.  You can access the application here:  Mayor's Commissions

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Tyler Curley in the Mayor's Office at  Tyler.Curley@longbeach.gov or call (562) 570-7453. Alternately, you can always call our office at (562) 570-6300.  

For a detailed commission process please review the Commission, Board, and Committee Handbook here:   Commission Handbook
- By Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach

For the second consecutive year, the USC Alumni Club of LA Beach Cities will be partnering with the City of Long Beach and Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewards to put on a USC Day of SCervice event in Long Beach.

Alumni and friends of USC will meet from 9:30AM- Noon to beautify a 5 acre parcel of land off of Studebaker Road & 2nd Street that serves as one of the gateways to our City.   Our group will be removing dead and dying vegetation that poses a fire risk as we approach the summer season as well as cleaning up trash and debris that too often makes its way into our wetlands and waterways.

This event is open to all ages and volunteers. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the event.

Be sure to register to receive your official USC Global Day of SCervice volunteer t-shirt as well as to receive more detailed information prior to the event itself, including final parking instructions as well as where to meet.

Light breakfast (coffee, juice, water and pastries) will be provided.
Location: E 2nd St & N Studebaker Rd, Long Beach, CA 90803

-By Nima Novin 
USC Alumni Club of LA Beach Cities
Visit the link to see all the upcoming events in Long Beach...

Other Events in Long Beach 
LONG BEACH CALL - Career Linked Learning
Are you an LBUSD student looking for a summer internship?
Apply to Long Beach CaLL's Summer Internship Program! Complete the High School Student Internship Application at  www.longbeachcall.org  (Under the Students, Opportunities for Students tab)
Applicants Must:
  •      Be 16 by June 15, 2018
  •      Submit the application with resume by deadline. A letter of recommendation from students is no longer required.
Deadline to apply: March 31, 2018
Internships are work-based learning experiences with direct supervision and evaluation by an adult in the workplace. Internships deepen the understanding of the environment, expectations, and requirements of the workplace. Long Beach CaLL's Summer Internship Program is a minimum of 60 hours, 120 preferred, over a minimum of 6 weeks between June 18 - August 25. Internships may be paid or unpaid, and in partnership with LBUSD, elective credits may be earned. 
Are you a CSULB or LBCC student looking for a summer internship?
Check out Long Beach CaLL's website by clicking  here  for more information. 
Questions? Contact Kehau Fujikami by email at  kfujikami@longbeachcall.org .



The Long Beach Symphony is launching its FIRST Family Concert at the Terrace Theater on Sunday, April 29, 2018 and ALL children are free!  Entitled 
We Can Be Heroes!, this fun, entertaining, and interactive day includes a Musical Playground before and after the 3 p.m. performance and will feature a special appearance by Mayor Garcia.  Families will move, conduct and sing along with Broadway Belle and local darling, Susan Egan, to  Moana Frozen Coco , Disney and Marvel music, as well as 
Star Wars!  Free activities before and after the performance include Crafts by LB Public Libraries, Dancing, Parachute Play, Games, Instrument Petting Zoo, Meet Our Musicians, Acting Out with costumes and props provided by LB Playhouse and a quieter Sensory Free Zone.  All attendees are encouraged to come in their favorite HERO costume!  As soon as funding is secured, we hope to launch a 3-concert series next year.  
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