Happy New Year!
One of the responsibilities in my job as a Deputy District Attorney is to draft a legal update for prosecutors and police officers every year. There are hundreds of new laws for 2018 and as I read them in preparation for the legal update, I came across a few new laws that I thought would be interesting for the public. I know there are many landlords in the 3rd District so I ask that you please take note of the landlord section with regard to immigration in my update below.

Perhaps the most significant change to the law this year was the passage of Prop 64, which passed 57% statewide and over 50% in the 3rd District. Prop 64 allows for the sale and use of recreational marijuana. As part of Prop 64, the name "Marijuana" has been changed to "Cannabis" throughout all California codes. The regularity scheme is now known as the "Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act" (MAUCRSA). This new law created a new state regulatory bureau called the "Bureau of Cannabis Control," which is housed within the State Department of Consumer Affairs. This Bureau will control and regulate microbusinesses, transportation, storage, distribution, testing, and sales of Cannabis.

The City of Long Beach voters approved the local measure, Measure MM in 2016, which allowed a total of 32 dispensaries within the City of Long Beach, with pre-established buffers, that were enumerated in the measure. Neither the decision to allow sales of Marajuana (MJ) nor the locations (and limitations thereto) were decided upon by local elected officials. This was strictly a voter approved measure. The measure passed (both citywide and in the 3rd district) and is now the law in the City. The 3rd District has already opened it's first Medical MJ dispensary, called "Connected," on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. We expect at least two other dispensaries to open in the next 6-12 months, one in Belmont Heights and another in Alamitos Heights. Both neighborhood associations are having community meetings where the business owners will be present so please email my office for the dates of those meetings.

The 3rd District Council office is working closely with these business owners to ensure that regulations are followed, quality of life concerns are addressed and illegal operators are enforced upon. Thus far, the communications between our office and the store owners have proven to be beneficial for our communities. As the topic of recreational MJ is discussed in Long Beach and regulations set forth such operations, we will continue to work with the business owners to ensure a smooth transition to recreational sales.

While not a new law, it should be reemphasized that drivers are not permitted to drive under the influence of marijuana. New laws also prohibit drivers and PASSENGERS, from smoking or ingesting the substance while they are driving/riding in a car. Finally, possessing an open container/receptacle of marijuana while driving is a new crime punishable as an infraction with a fine of up to $100.

Another major legal change this year has to be the passage of SB 54, the California Values Act. This law, known as the "sanctuary state bill," was introduced by Senator De Leon and took on several amendments before being passed into law by Governor Brown. Codified as Government Code section 7282.5, this new law restricts a law enforcement official's cooperation with immigration authorities in terms of sharing release date information for suspects in police custody. The release date of a non-citizen may be provided to federal authorities for specific categories of convicted criminals. The expansive list of qualifying crimes is listed in the code section.

Sheriff McDonnell was very involved in insisting on amendments that allowed for reasonable local police cooperation with federal authorities to investigate non-immigration. Through his advocacy and that of many statewide police chiefs, the new law will allow cooperation of local agencies with federal agents to investigate non-immigration related crimes and offenses which span between local and federal jurisdictional boundaries. This was a great development and something that the original version of the bill did not include! Sometimes multi-agency communication is necessary when dealing with law enforcement issues. The new law does, however, prohibit the use of local agency or department money or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes.

For employers:
Government Code section 7285.1 - 7285.3 applies to employers. This new law prohibits an employer from choosing to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by prohibiting the employer from voluntarily consenting to an immigration enforcement agent entering any non-public areas of the employer's business. This prohibition does not apply if the agent has a judicial warrant. There is no penalty if the immigration agent is permitted to enter a non-public area of a place of business without the consent of the business owner, or manager (i.e., as an employee with no authority over management).

For Landlords:
Civil Code section 1940.05 makes it unlawful for a landlord to disclose to an immigration authority, law enforcement agency, or local, state, or federal agency, information about the immigration or citizenship status of a tenant, occupant, or person known to the landlord to be associated with a tenant or occupant, for the purpose or intent of harassing or intimidating a tenant or occupant, or retaliating against a tenant or occupant for the exercise of his or her rights, or influencing a tenant or occupant to vacate a dwelling. A violation of this section will expose the landlord to possible civil and criminal penalties.

Consumer Protections:
For all of you who are planning to sign up for gyms, weight loss programs, meal plans, etc., to meet your fitness goals in 2018, take note of the following: Business and Professions code section 17602 requires that if an offer includes a free gift or trial, the offer must include a clear and conspicuous explanation of the price that will be charged after the trial ends, or the manner in which the subscription or purchasing agreement pricing will change when the trial ends. This information SHOULD NOT be buried in a long contract. Look for it and make sure to ask about it.

Pet Stores:
Thanks to the advocacy of Assemblymember O'Donnell, pet stores will no longer be permitted to sell a dog, cat, or rabbit in a pet store unless it was obtained from a public animal control agency or shelter, a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals shelter, a humane society shelter, or a rescue group. Breeders are still permitted to sell, however, as long as they are not selling through a retail establishment.

Hope you find this update helpful and informative and that you have an excellent start to 2018!

Suzie Price 
We are so excited to be back with out first community meeting of the new year. At this month's meeting we will be focusing on some exciting projects on the horizon in 2018. The Tidelands Capital Improvements Division will be updating everyone on the many projects that are ongoing and upcoming in and around the Bay. Many of these projects involve improvements to the treasured Leeway Sailing Center, upgrades to the heavily used concession stands, and additions to the widely enjoyed Bayshore Swim Dock. 

In addition to the presentation from the Tidelands Division, everyone will have the opportunity to hear from our newly appointed Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor. We are excited to introduce the Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor to our community and discuss the future of our beautiful district. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear brief updates from the Third District, the Long Beach Fire Department, the Marine Bureau, and the Long Beach Police Department's East Division. The Meeting will be held at the US Sailing Center (5489 E. Ocean Blvd. - Near the entrance to the Peninsula) on Saturday, January 27th at 11AM. Please RSVP to nina.moussavi@longbeach.gov by Monday, January 22nd as space is limited.

 - By Nina Moussavi 
3rd District, District Office Director 

Over the past year the Public Safety Committee has made a big effort to make sure residents are aware and are a part of the important issues occurring in the City related to issues of Public Safety. Committee meetings have been moved to various locations throughout the City in order to make it easier for residents to attend and participate, as well as holding these meetings after work hours rather than in the middle of the day. 

The meeting on January 25 continues that effort and will be held at Fire Station 14 (5200 E. Eliot St) at 6 PM. On the agenda are several reports back on the safe rides program, the use of electronic flares, emergency communication and dispatch, a presentation from the  I-Team, and a report back on the Police use of body cameras.

We hope you can attend and be a part of these important discussions.

- By Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff

Sixth District Councilman Dee Andrews is excited to announce the 30th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade and Celebration Saturday, January 13th, 2018. This year's theme is "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants." The parade kicks off at 10:30am at the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and Anaheim Street. The grand marshals this year are: John Barnett Rambo, Peter Kong, Chris Fontayne Herron, Mr. Baker, and Stephen Harris.

The celebration follows from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, located at 1950 Lemon Avenue, Long Beach.

Free parking will be available at Long Beach City College Pacific Coast Campus on Orange Avenue and 19th Street.

Make sure to look for 3rd District Councilwoman Price in the parade and let her know how much you appreciate all of her work this past year.
3rd District Neighborhood and Association Meetings
Belmont Heights Community Association
2nd Wednesday of each month
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Library

Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm
St. Bartholomew Meeting Hall - 5100 E. Broadway at Granada Ave.

Friends of Bixby Park
Please check their website

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
Approximately every 3 months as determined
Third District Field Office
Email Carleton Carlson for meeting confirmation at CarletonCarlson@aol.com 
Peninsula Beach Preservation Group
Alamitos Bay Yacht  Club

Bluff Park Community Meeting
January 17th - 7:00 PM-8:30 PM
Our Savior's Lutheran Church
370 Junipero Ave.
Please check their website  for meeting details

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
3rd Wednesday of each month
7pm - Clubhouse at 500 Bellflower Blvd

Do you have a community or  neighborhood meeting that you  would like to add to the 3rd  District calendar? Email:   nina.moussavi@longbeach.gov  

Just after Christmas I went on a ride along with the East Division Quality of Life and Outreach Team. 

The increase of people living on the streets is driven by soaring housing costs, as well as a drug crisis and need for mental health services.
Like many residents I am concerned that there are so many people living in tents in public areas and I wanted to see firsthand what our city is doing and how I can help.
Our two East Division Long Beach Police officers that are assigned are Officers Dobson and Armond.

I'm pleased to live in a community that treats those experiencing homelessness with dignity while addressing the resulting issues with more than a Band-Aid.
Kudos to Officer Dodson for bench-marking with other cities to help us avoid legal issues, and get the most out of our precious budget. As a result, Long Beach has become a trailblazer in our approach.

Dodson has a knack at getting folks to share their stories and agree to take steps towards being healthier.

During my short time with Dodson and Armond, their track record at getting people to agree to treatment was better than Dr. Phil's, they recovered stolen property, and reinforced the residents' trust in our police.

We visited several encampments, and I learned in order to feed their addictions and meet their needs, stolen and "found" goods become currency, especially bikes. My take away- secure bikes and other items of value, lock outside utility cabinets that can be used as storage lockers and put trash in cans on the scheduled pick up day. 

Some feel it's misguided to provide housing or other services without heavy incentives for recipients to be in treatment programs. I believe anytime you give out services without some form of treatment that's enabling.

That's my second take away- say no to panhandling, and instead of baking cupcakes for the homeless donate to organizations that are striving towards a solution or working to keep those on the brink of losing housing where they are.

I'm thankful for the work that both our Long Beach Police Department and Long Beach Councilwoman have done to serve East Long Beach and to our council office for making sure they have the tools to do their job.
- By Jo Murray
3rd District, Resident

We are very proud to announce that the Third District will be getting its very own pickleball court at Marina Vista Park! Over the past few months, our office has 
worked closely with the Parks, Recreation, and Marine Department and the  pickleball community to bring a pickleball court to the Third District. Marina Vista  Park continues to be a beautiful part of our district that is heavily used by members of the community! This park offers something for everyone. From tennis enthusiasts to basketball fans, you can see people of all ages enjoying this gem tucked away near Marine Stadium. The addition of the pickleball court, located on the Marina Vista Park Tennis Courts, consists of striping done with paint that allows for the court to be multi-functional, serving the tennis and the pickleball community!  The project will be completed this month and we hope to see even more of the community enjoying Marina Vista Park as we continue to make improvements. And hey, you might even catch one of us down there learning how to play pickleball!
-By Nina Moussavi
3rd District, District Office Director

I hope you all had an amazing holiday, 3rd District!   We know it's hard to say goodbye to the holidays and all of the decorations but it's time to get rid of those trees if our pets haven't ruined them already! To make things easier for you, the Environmental Services Bureau has two ways to recycle your holiday trees in Long Beach:

1. FREE DROP-OFF LOCATIONS | December 26, 2017 to January 12, 2018

Drop your tree off at one of 12 locations throughout the City.  
Location List
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

2. FREE PICK-UP | Saturday, January 13, 2018
If you have City refuse service, put your holiday tree where your trash is normally collected by 7 a.m. on Saturday, January 13, and it will be recycled.

All decorations and stands MUST be removed. Trees over 12' tall should be cut in half. Flocked trees will be accepted.

Thank you for being green and recycling your trees!

-By Parastoo Toosi
3rd District, Legislative Assistant

At the January 23rd City Council meeting an important pilot program will be discussed that is exciting especially for Peninsula residents. For years beach erosion has been a problem on the Peninsula as the width of the beach narrows, necessitating the trucking of sand from further up the beach where it ends up. The pilot program being discussed at City Council would purchase hydraulic pumps
that would bring a slurry mixture of sand to the Peninsula beach witho ut  the use of trucks, in order to better protect homes from the dangers of storm activities and tidal flow.  
- by Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff
In case you are wondering what will replace the former Joe's Crab Shack on Marina Drive, look no further! San Pedro Fish Market has decided to expand its full-service restaurant to the 3rd District, with a slated opening date in late May 2018.
The original San Pedro Fish Market is located within the Ports O'Call shopping center in San Pedro. Their roots date back to 1955 when the Ungaro family along with nephew Tommy Amalfitano (15 at the time) started the business in 1955 under Vista Seafood.  Their following has grown in popularity since opening the full service restaurant at Ports O'Call Village in 1981. Their world famous shrimp tray is among their most popular item along with their spices and sauces.  

According to their web site, "San Pedro Fish Market has been named 5th Most Instagrammed restaurants in the US," making it among the Top Ten U.S. restaurants in terms of eateries where customers publish Instagram photos.

We welcome the San Pedro Fish Market to the 3rd District and look forward to their opening in mid 2018.

We'll keep you posted! In the meantime, you can check them out here:  

- By  Lisa West
3rd District, Director of Business Relations, Programming & Outreach
City Council Meetings are held every Tuesday evening, with the exception of the last Tuesday of the month when council is "dark."  Meetings are held in City Hall - Council Chambers (333 W. Ocean Blvd.) at approximately 5pm.  Times do change, so please check with our office or website for exact times. City Council meetings are open to the public and we encourage your attendance, especially if there is an important topic up for discussion.
Charter (channel 3) and FIOS Verizon (channel 21) subscribers can view the City Council Meetings on their televisions or you can live stream the video through LBTV.com,  View City Council Meeting.  
Agenda items change on a weekly basis so please check the city website for the most current agenda.  The City Clerk is required to post the City Council Agenda the Monday, a week prior, to the Tuesday of City Council Meeting.   View agenda items  

- By Antonella Schaub
3rd District, Communications Director
As we add more bike facilities in Long Beach it seems inevitable that we will hear push back from a part of our community. We will hear "these are a waste of money," "these are going to cause more accidents," "I never seen any bicyclists."

To help the Third District Office respond to some of those who oppose or question these facilities, a speed survey of the roundabout on Park Avenue and the traffic circle on Termino Avenue in Belmont Heights was conducted. This study showed that they have a dramatic impact on the reduction of vehicle speed through the intersections making these intersections safer for all users.

Based on an analysis of vehicle speeds at and near the Roundabout at Park and Vista and the Circle at Termino and 6th vehicle speeds dropped from an average of about 25 MPH to an average of 10 MPH in the intersection with the roundabout or circle. As a result, the probability of a pedestrian being struck and severely injured or killed dropped from about 40% to 10%. In addition, data from the roundabouts on Vista at Park and Ximeno shows that crashes have dropped by 25% in the 4 years since they were installed.

A few weeks ago the City posted photos on roundabouts vs. circles on their Facebook page and Councilwoman Price also put the article in her newsletter, explaining the difference between the two types of traffic calming features. There were lots of comments...many of them negative about the impact, effectiveness and importance of them for traffic calming. From the comments, it was quite clear that many people simply don't understand the importance of traffic calming from a safety perspective.

After reading the comments I went to two locations to do speed surveys to gather data that would show their impact.

Park and Vista Roundabout
I took over 50 speed measurements at three locations on Park:
1. Mid-Block North of Park and Vista - averaged 27 MPH and ranged from the low 20's to over 35 MPH.
2. Crosswalk on North side of Park and Vista Intersection - averaged 14 MPH and ranged from 0 (stopped for pedestrians) to just over 20 MPH.
3. Mid Intersection - averaged 10 MPH with a range from 8 MPH to 17 MPH.

The second set of surveys were done at two intersections on Termino. One at Termino and 6th, which has the new traffic circle associated with the 6th Street Bike Boulevard, and the second at Termino and 5th, an intersection with no traffic control on Termino.

The results showed, the traffic circle resulted in a speed reduction from an average of just under 25 MPH at the intersection of 5th and Termino to an average of 10 MPH at 6th and Termino.

So why is this important?
As the diagram below shows, vehicle speed makes a huge difference in the severity of injury (or death), in a crash involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. 

* At 10 mph (the speed of vehicles through both intersections that we evaluated) a pedestrian has less than a 5% chance of being severely injured or killed.
* At 30 mph a pedestrian has a 50/50 chance of severe injury or death.
* At 40 mph the probability of severe injury or death is 80%.

Roundabouts and traffic circles have a dramatic impact on vehicle speed. On two streets in Belmont Heights (Park and Termino) they decreased speeds from near 25 MPH to 10 MPH. Other data from the City also shows that the number of crashes at the roundabouts on Vista Street at Park and at Xemino have been reduced by 25% since they were installed four years ago. 
 - By Mr. Allan Crawford, 
from BIKEable Communites

In July, Councilwoman Price brought an agenda item to the City Council requesting a report back on ways that the City can better encourage residents to use their garages to store their cars rather than parking on the street in order to free up more parking throughout many of our parking impacted neighborhoods. Last month the City Manager released the results of that request and includes current requirements for residential garage use, enforcement measures, and permitting processes for garage expansions. Some of the recommendations indicated have already begun being implemented as there was recently a Community Garage Clean-Up Day held in Belmont Shore with the goal of helping make it easier for residents to clean out their garage and make room for a car to park. Garages are meant to be used for cars, not for excess storage, so programs like this make it easier for residents to take the initiative and make space for their car to park in their garage.

-By Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff
Some Important City and Non-City Phone Numbers

Broken/ Inoperable Traffic Light and Signs: (562) 570-3264
Broken Street Light: (562) 983-2000
Shoes hanging on power or utility lines: (562) 570-2700 - Ext. 8
Graffiti on Buildings: (562) 570-2773
Gas Emergency: (562) 570-2140
Damaged Banner: (562) 570-5333
Leaking Fire Hydrant: (562) 570-2390
Broken Curb: (562) 570-2770
Pot Hole: (562) 570-3259
Abandoned Shopping Cart: (800) 252-4613
Noise Abatement: (562) 570-4126
Trash in Street: (562) 570-2876
Water Department: (562) 570-2390
Damaged Trees: (562) 570-2700 - Ext. 4
Overflowing Sidewalk Trash Can: (562) 570-2876
Damaged or Missing Tree Gate: (562) 570-2770
Damaged Sewer: (562) 570-2440
Storm Drains: (562) 570-2700 Ext. 3
-By Parastoo Toosi
3rd District, Legislative Assistant

There are a series of great projects coming to Alamitos Bay in the coming months One of the projects that is already underway now is the renovations to the Leeway Sailing Center. This project includes rebuilding the Leeway pier and docks with all new construction of decks and new pilings, as well as new renovations to the storage and maintenance building. This work comes on top of the recently completed beautification of the facilities with new paint and general repairs to the area, as well as the leeway parking lot reconfiguration that created additional parking.
Another project that is coming along nearby will be the new beach concession stand at Bayshore. This facility is being renovated to include food service, equipment rentals for beach goers, and a playground for young kids. This facility will be a part of a larger effort to renovate and improve the various concession stands all the way from here at Bayshore, down to Alamitos.
A new Lifeguard building at Bayshore is also on the way as the prefabricated facility is being constructed now prior to being delivered to the site for construction.
Finally, a fun new family oriented project in Alamitos Bay with the planning of a new swim dock near the Leeway Sailing Center. This dock will be a fantastic addition to our community encouraging swimmability and interest in aquatic activities in our youth and community. The designs include slides, water guns, interactive elements for kids to climb on, and other fun attractions for kids to swim to and from. This will become another great feature to our area as we continue to carry forth the title of Aquatics Capital for Long Beach.
All of these projects are targeted to be complete by this coming Summer, so whatever the way you like to take advantage of our beautiful bay and beaches, there is something coming down the pipeline for you to enjoy.

-By Jack Cunningham
3rd District, Chief of Staff
As we start the new year, we are excited to be able to update you on some infrastructure repairs that you can expect to see in 2018 in the Third District and across the city. The passage of Measure A brought so many improvements to infrastructure and public safety in the Third District in the last year and that momentum will continue on in the new year. This year, Nieto Ave from Appian Way to Broadway is one of the many streets in the District that will be receiving road repairs with Measure A funding. For a look at all of the work that was done in 2017 and all the work that we can anticipate in 2018, please click  here
In addition to residential street repairs, Measure A allows for a limited amount of funding to repair and extend the life of some of the city's alleys. Roughly $1.8 million has been allocated from Measure A fund to alley repairs in 2018. With this limited funding in the first year of the Alley Management Plan, City staff will be focusing on paving the unpaved and dirt alleys throughout the city. The Third District has a handful of alleys that qualify for this first round of funding and will be paved! The Alley Management Plan is a brand new plan that was developed as a direct result of Measure A funding. The Public Works Department has worked diligently to establish the program and work efficiently with the limited funding. We look forward to seeing the improvements that are made to our alleys as a result of this program.
 The progress doesn't just stop at road repairs! Public Safety continues to be our number one priority and the city is constantly evaluating resident requests for stop signs and other traffic control measures. Traffic Engineers have been working hard to conduct these evaluations. A review of many locations throughout the Third District determined that stop signs will be added at the following locations:
  • 1st Street at Kennebec Ave (the addition of a new east-west stop control, converting the intersection to an all-way stop)
  • The Toledo and E. Neapolitan Lane (the addition of stop signs on The Toledo, converting into an all-way stop)
  • El Parque Street and Ramillo Ave (the addition of a new east-west stop control, converting the intersection to an all-way stop)

Thank you for working with us to identify concerns in your neighborhood, we value community collaboration to keep progressing and improving the infrastructure public safety of our beautiful community!  

-By Nina Moussavi
3rd District, District Office Director
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