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November | 2020
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Community Meeting
November 9th, 2020

Troop 105's Annual Fundraiser
November 7th, 2020

Ted Russel Kamp Concert
November 15th, 2020
Councilwoman Suzie Price
Happy November neighbors,

I was waiting to send the newsletter out, hoping that by the time I wrote the cover letter we would know who our new president would be, but that’s not going to happen. There is simply too much information that is time sensitive in our newsletter, so I could not wait any longer. I think we can all say that we had an impressive voter turnout in the city, and of course, throughout the nation. We saw people of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds getting engaged in politics and policy. Regardless of who you are rooting for in this election, it was pretty awesome to see the passion and energy for the parties, the candidates and the issues.
We have received a lot of emails, calls and social media inquiries regarding safety in the event of Election Day, or post-election demonstrations and/or civil unrest. I have talked with our Police Chief and our new police commander, Commander Ellis, about this topic several times in the last 3-4 weeks. We even discussed this topic at our last council public safety committee, which I chair. Our LBPD leaders have repeatedly assured me and the public that they are monitoring the intelligence and have not identified any credible threats toward the City of Long Beach, it’s residential neighborhoods or business corridors. Having said that, we have a lot of officers working this week. They are engaged in the communities, talking to people, listening and responding to concerns and generally, making their presence known. I have no doubt they will continue these efforts as long as necessary to get through these times of anxiety and uncertainty.
As a nation, it’s clear we are divided. The closeness of this election is the only proof we need on that point. In my role, I see the division on the local level. Although I am sure the respective ideals are less extreme in most of our city, I do get a taste of it every day. I hear from all sides, from all opinions, and from all temperaments. Some of it is understandable, based in anger, frustration, fear or deep pain. Some of it, however, is unproductive, hurtful and simply over the top. I try to remind myself that when people are afraid, or feeling attacked, they are not representing their best selves. That is true for all of us, even me. We are all human and the past few months and the foreseeable future will test us all. We will be tested on how quickly we can apologize when we do not act like our best selves, how authentically we can accept an apology from someone who shows us that vulnerable side of themselves upon making such a realization, and how gracefully we can set aside hurt feelings or anger to build bridges.
I don’t know about you, but I have learned some of these lessons best from my own children. They are seeing so much happen all around them. Generally speaking, they are watching as outsiders and not entrenched in whatever issue is causing the division. I often turn to them and say, “how did that sound?” Or “this is how that statement made me feel, what do you think about that?” They always seem to have a mitigated response that puts things in a perspective that allows for progress. They help me build bridges, not burn them down. I am not perfect. None of us are. But, we need to hone these skills more now than ever.
The next few weeks are going to be hard. I know that for sure. There will be big debates in families, among friends and in work settings. For me, I will try to be calm, be kind, take some deep breaths, and balance expressions of disappointment with acknowledgement of gratitude and appreciation. We will get though this and someday, hopefully soon, we will be able to safely resume normal activities, connected by our common love for our families, our friends, our neighbors, and our community.
Be well everyone. Stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving.
Suzie Price
3rd District Councilwoman
3rd District Community News And Events
Community Meeting
November 9, 2020 at 5:30PM
Monday, November 9, 2020 at 5:30 PM I will be hosting a virtual Third District Community Meeting. This meeting will be held over Zoom and will include an update from the new Superintendent of the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD). 

I encourage anyone who is interested in being introduced to the new LBUSD Superintendent and would like to learn more about the school district, to join in and be a part of this community meeting. 

If you would like to participate in this video meeting you can join via zoom at:

Meeting ID: 835 2014 0039

You can also join via phone by calling:1 (669) 900-6833

If you have questions please feel free to contact my office any time at (562)570-6300 or by email at
Public Safety Committee Meeting Recap
October 15, 2020
Last month on October 15th Councilwoman Price convened a meeting of the City's Public Safety Committee to discuss a number of important topics. This meeting continues the previous month's discussions on policing and evaluating best practices and programs to ensure Long Beach is responding to the national conversation on policing while making sure our officers are still able to do the essential work of crime prevention. 
The committee discussion included a number of reports and updates from our Police Department and Fire Department Including:
  • Presentation from the Police Department on whistleblower protections for officers who report misconduct.
  • Report from the Police Department on peer support policies, national programs supporting bystandership, and an update on the Police Department’s application process for EPIC program participation.
  • Report from the Police Department on the current learning domain training requirements through the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and how many of those trainings involve interactions with individuals experiencing homelessness and mental health issues.
  • Presentation from the Fire Department on recent mutual aid provided in support of regional and statewide wildfires.
  • Report from the Fire Department on the recently passed AB 2147 on the California inmate firefighter program.
  • Update from the Police Department on preparations for November 3rd and days following the election.
-Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
Approval of Report to City Council on Role of Council as Legislative Body in Response to COVID-19
On October 20th, Councilwoman Suzie Price alongside 1st District Councilwoman Zendejas, 2nd District Councilwoman Pearce, and 5th District Councilwoman Mungo, approved a recommendation to direct the City Manager and City Attorney to provide a report to the City Council on the role of the Council as a legislative body in the implementation and interpretation of the State of California’s health orders in response to COVID-19. 

This recommendation was brought to the City Manager as the Long Beach City Council has not been involved in many aspects of the current state health order discussions in response to COVID-19. In her presentation, Councilwoman Suzie Price stated that from the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency, City of Long Beach legislators have been advised that the implementation of the State Health Orders here in Long Beach was in the exclusive purview of the City's Health Department. While the City Council has respected the sovereignty of the Health Department in the implementation of these orders, Councilwoman Price noted that other legislative bodies in surrounding cities and counties have been able to give input and make decisions regarding the safe reopening of businesses and recreational activities, what individual mandates might be warranted in light of the health data like social distancing and mask wearing, as well as numerous additional topics related to COVID-19 Health Orders.
With safety and health at the forefront of thoughts and policy-making, this recommendation is requesting clarification as to why the Long Beach City Council has been unable to weigh in on the current health orders and mandates.

If permitted under the current laws, the Council should be given the opportunity to weigh in and hear public comment on implementation of the health orders, the timing of various orders, the scope of the orders, and other relevant information that will impact our residents and business owners. There will be no fiscal impact from the completion of this report. It is the hope of Councilwoman Price that the clarification on the City Council’s role will give the Council a say in the status of the public health order, ultimately to make the best decisions to aid constituents and local business owners in the City of Long Beach. 

-Mollie Wilson
3rd District, Scheduler/
Legislative Assistant
Climate Action Adaptation Plan (CAAP)
For the past several years the City has been working on a plan focused on the necessary changes we must undergo in order to adapt to the climate changes we are seeing and expect to continue seeing. A Study Session has held on October 20th, 2020 where City staff presented a high level overview of the work on the plan, and allowed for Councilmembers to ask questions and discuss the presentation prior to the CAAP coming back before the City Council for action.
Our office will be sure to notify residents when this item is coming back to the City Council for additional discussion so that anyone interested in participating in the meeting and providing public comment will be able to do so.
Link to Presentation from Council on October 20: 
-Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
Short-Term Rental Hotline is LIVE
We now have a hotline available 24/7 to take complaints. The number is (562) 568-8665. When you call you will also be asked if you would like to receive a link where you can upload evidence of your complaint. It’s always helpful when there’s more documentation from as many sources as possible because this helps portray the neighborhoods’ impact. In addition, the police department will respond to loud noise complaints and should be utilized as well as the city’s STR hotline. While there is no threshold that has to be reached as far as number of complaints, having a documented history of complaints/calls, and having them from different sources seems to be key in proving that the STR operation is a disturbance to the neighborhood at large.
-Gabriela Yates
3rd District, Field Deputy
Channel View Playground Celebration Banner and New Park!
The community outreach from the Parks Department with the University Park Estates Neighborhood has been outstanding for this new park. A private donation from AES kickstarted this project and the project was something the UPENA community advocated for with Councilwoman Price’s office when budget cuts removed an after-school program at Kettering Elementary.
Given the limitations from COVID, the Parks Department commemorated a special way to celebrate the new park opening. Families in the neighborhood were asked to send a special message to celebrate the new park, and these passages were printed on a banner in front of the park’s construction fences.

-Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy
Long Beach Organic Reaches A New Record!
Over 3,000 pounds of produce were donated to the CSULB Food Pantry since this project began in April! It has been a treat to donate produce from the CD3 plot and preparing for the winter season herbs, beans, spinach, beets, and lettuce will be a donation from our team. We hope for a bountiful season and to give as much as we can during the season of giving.

-Gabriela Yates
3rd District Field Deputy

Business Spotlight
The Wild Chive
Small business owners across the US find themselves wedged between a rock and a hard place as they struggle not to become the latest casualty in COVID-19’s march from coast to coast. Many are shuttering their businesses, while others are scrambling to repurpose themselves to try and tough it out. Opening up a brand new brick-and-mortar business in the middle of a pandemic might sound like a struggle, but for Chef Soozee Nguyen of The Wild Chive, nothing was stopping her from pursuing her dreams. 
Many of you have probably already heard about the very popular vegan Wild Chive restaurant because they started at Portfolio Coffeehouse in 2016.  They then grew to be part of MADE By Millworks in 2017 and operated during the Marina Drive farmer’s market. The Wild Chive has found their brick-and-mortar residency at 2650 E. Broadway and opened in early June to take out and delivery. 
The Wild Chive is currently serving brunch on Friday through Sunday from 9 AM to 3 PM and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday, from 5 PM to 9 PM.  With vegan brunch offerings such as stuffed French toast, Chive “BLT”, and their Monte Cristo, and dinner dishes such as Stuffed Chick’n Pot Pie Croquettes, Cajun Jambalaya Pasta, and Fried Green Tomatoes, this only starts the amazing menu options by Chef Nguyen.  Make sure you check them out!
The Wild Chive 
2650 E. Broadway, Long Beach 
Brunch: Friday - Sunday |
9AM - 3PM
Dinner: Wednesday - Thursday |
5 PM to 9 PM
-Lisa West
3rd District Director of Business
Relations, Programming and Outreach
Did You Catch Suzie In October?
Long Beach City Council Meeting
Women in Politics Panel
First Responder's Day
Community Meeting
Peninsula Neighborhood Association
3rd District Neighborhood And Association Meetings
Alamitos Heights Improvement Association - AHIA
Meetings calendared Quarterly. Please visit their website for more information.

Belmont Heights Community Association
2nd Wednesday of each month
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Library

Bluff Park Community Meeting
Please check their website for meeting details

Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month, 6:00 - 8:00 PM via Zoom
Visit their web site for the zoom link

Friends of Bixby Park
Please check their website
Greenbelt Heights Neighborhood Association
All neighbors welcome
Regular meeting: 3rd Tuesday at 8pm-9pm
917 Bennett Ave., LB
2nd Sunday neighborhood clean-up at 9am

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
Approximately every 3 months as determined
Third District Field Office
Email Carleton Carlson for meeting confirmation at 
Peninsula Neighborhood Association
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
3rd Wednesday of each month
7:00 PM - Clubhouse at 500 Bellflower Blvd

Do you have a community or neighborhood meeting that you would like to add to the 3rd District calendar? Email:  
Other Events In Long Beach
Troop 105's Annual Fundraiser
Chartered with Bayshore Community Church in Belmont Shore, Troop 105's annual fundraiser selling wreaths and holiday greens for the holidays is beginning!

Deadline to receive orders is November 7 at 12:00PM
Music at the Point” Concert Series Brings Songwriter Ted Russell Kamp to Long Beach
Tuesday,  November 3, Long Beach, CA - Ted Russell Kamp is equally at home writing and performing his own material as he is playing bass for artists like Shooter Jennings, Tonya Tucker and Jessi Colter. And even though the pandemic has him playing at home most of the time now, on Sunday, November 15 at 3:00 p.m. Ted will be venturing to Long Beach to play the second virtual concert of the popular Music at the Point concert series.

Ted is an LA-based singer/songwriter, producer and Grammy winning bass player. He writes, records and travels the world performing his own country / roots / Americana music from his eleven critically-acclaimed albums. Ted also plays live, records sessions, and collaborates on songs with A-list songwriters and musicians in L.A., Nashville, Austin and around the world.

Ted often works out of his home studio — The Den — and has produced several well-received albums for fellow artists there. Ted has also had the honor of being a friend, collaborator and member of Shooter Jennings’ band for most of the last 15 years.
Ted also played on the 2020 Grammy winning Country Album of the Year, Tanya Tucker’s While I’m Living.

Ted is well known for his ability to step into bands and rock all genres of music — the decades he spent holding down the bottom end for bands as diverse as Shooter, Jessi Colter, Whitey Morgan, Wilson Phillips and others have made sure Ted had the chops for anything from major festivals to David Letterman appearances and the Sirius XM Outlaw Country Cruise.

Normally the Music at the Point concerts are either free-will donation or a ticket. For the livestream concerts, Music at the Point is now using Crowdcast.

For interviews or for more information, contact Grace First Minister of Music Stan DeWitt at 562-972-3324 or 
To reserve your unique URL to be able to view the livestream:
$10 registers you for the event, and you will receive an e-mail with the link.