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October 30th, 2021

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City Phone Numbers
Helpful and important City phone numbers are included at the bottom of the newsletter. This contact information can be used for a variety of city services such as:
  • Graffiti
  • Pot Holes
  • Noise abatement
  • Broken Curbs
  • And much, much more!
Councilwoman Suzie Price
Welcome to Fall. Thank you to those who were able to join us for our concert in the park, featuring The Ace Band last Sunday. I thought it was a great event and it was wonderful to see so many residents out there enjoying the weather and the company of their neighbors.

This month we have two important community meetings. The first was held last night and was to share the plans for the Bayshore Library refresh project. Feel free to reach out to my office for more details if you were not able to join the meeting.
The second meeting will be to discuss the parklets in Belmont Shore. The meeting is around the discussion of whether to extend the temporary parklet program through June 2022, as has been done in the rest of the city. We want to make sure we hear from residents, business owners and area visitors as we think about the Belmont Shore parklets specifically, and how we might be able to mitigate some of the impacts that have been reported to our office in the past 12+ months. We also want to explain the details about the permanent parklet program and clarify the difference between the two, as there seems to be a lot of confusion. That meeting will be held on October 21st from 6-7 pm. This will likely be a zoom meeting as well, since the City Health Officer, Dr. Davis, is still recommending virtual meetings where feasible.
There are a few other updates I wanted to share with you this month:

  • I am the chair of the new Port, Transportation and Infrastructure committee. We are watching the discussion at the federal level regarding the infrastructure bill and will make sure to continue having meetings that allow the city to plan for and be prepared to utilize any infrastructure monies that are allocated as a result of that legislation, should it pass in the coming days/weeks. We have significant infrastructure needs in the city and we believe these federal dollars would go a long way in our general infrastructure plan.
  • Commander Ellis retired last month and will be replaced by Commander Michael Richens who will officially take his position as East Division Commander later this month. In the meantime, we are working with Lieutenant Marcus Hodge. He has already attended several meetings with our team and is a great partner to our office. We have been working with him on traffic issues, outreach and assistance to those experiencing homelessness and general patrol concerns. I want to remind everyone that if you see something that is concerning to you, please call the police and ask the dispatcher to have the officer give you a follow-up call so that you can make sure the LBPD responded to your call and investigated the situation. Oftentimes residents tell the dispatcher that they don’t need a call back from the officer but then they assume nothing was done in regards to their call. That is usually not the case when we go back and research the issue, so please be sure to ask for a call back from LBPD.

There is a lot happening throughout the district and the city. Please take a look at the articles and announcements below and do not hesitate to contact our office if you have additional concerns or questions you need answers to.

Thank you!
Suzie Price
Councilwoman, 3rd District
3rd District Community News
COVID-19 Update
As a City, as a state and as a nation it continues to be important that we take precautions to protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, progress has been made we have seen concerning trends in recent weeks related to the Delta variant.

Long Beach Update: 
  • 64,167 total positive results 
  • Increase in 78 cases since yesterday
  • Positivity rate: 2.0%
  • Daily new case rate is 12.5 per 100K population
  • 1,022 fatalities
  • 48 Long Beach residents hospitalized with COVID-19
  • 45 total COVID-19 hospitalizations in area hospitals (Long Beach Memorial Hospital, St. Mary Medical Center, College Medical Center, Lakewood Regional Medical Center and Los Alamitos Medical Center)
  • 309,596 Vaccinated residents
  • 79.8% of 18+ residents vaccinated
  • 66.3% of all age residents vaccinated
COVID-19 Booster Vaccines Available
(Pfizer Only)
The Long Beach Health Department will begin offering COVID-19 boosters in addition to the continued administration of first and second doses. The boosters, which apply only to people who received the Pfizer vaccine at least six months ago, will be available to people who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Ages 65 and older
  • Residents of long term care facilities
  • Ages 18 to 64 with underlying medical conditions
  • Ages 18 and older with high institutional or occupational risk, including healthcare workers, first responders, teachers and day care staff, grocery workers and workers in homeless shelters or prisons
Eligible people should first consider receiving boosters through their healthcare provider or at the many local pharmacies administering the booster. The Health Department also will administer boosters at all of its usual vaccine clinic sites, which operate six days a week; up-to-date schedules can be found at or by calling 562.570.4636.
People who received Pfizer vaccine and are eligible via the above guidelines should consult their vaccine records and count forward six months from their second dose to see when they can receive the booster. In order to receive a booster through City-run vaccination sites today, a person would need to have received their second dose of Pfizer vaccine on or before March 24, 2021. People should bring their vaccine cards showing proof of two Pfizer doses. Self-attestation stating that a person meets age, health condition or employment requirements will be required to receive a booster.
People who are eligible for boosters are encouraged to make an appointment via, where they can schedule appointments in Long Beach as well as the surrounding areas. The City is actively planning to add appointments to accommodate the demand for boosters, including opening additional clinics.
Vaccine has proven to be effective, even against the widely circulating Delta variant, but that protection decreases over time and federal health officials said a booster dose could prolong the vaccine’s longevity. The Pfizer vaccine booster has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration and has also been approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
It remains critical that everyone 12 years old and older get vaccinated, and that people who receive Pfizer or Moderna vaccines get both doses. Nearly all cases of severe disease, hospitalization and death from COVID-19 continue to occur among those not yet fully vaccinated.
People who received the Moderna and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccines may require a booster in the future, but the timing and eligibility are still being determined by the FDA. No boosters are currently available or authorized for Moderna or Janssen at this time. has been updated to reflect the new guidance for boosters, and information about third doses for those who are immune compromised can be found here
Recall Results by Community
Earlier this month our state had a recall election for Governor Newsom. This was a California wide election that saw more than 13M voters cast a ballot. Many residents have been curious about the results of the election throughout the state as well as in their community.
The Los Angeles Times has provided an interactive map that shows results by precinct so you can look at the way the County, as well as individual neighborhoods voted.
 Jack Cunningham
3rd District Chief of Staff
New Long Beach Tree Policy in Coastal Zone Expands Protections for Birds and Trees!
In order to better care for our coastal birds and trees, Coastal Commission and City staff, with input from the Los Cerritos Wetlands Task Force and community members, has designed a tree maintenance policy that prioritizes the health of our public trees and the protection of nesting and roosting sites. It is much needed and long overdue. Local coastal bird populations are in serious decline, partly as a result of nesting sites being disturbed, over-trimmed, and/or removed due to our ever-expanding human footprint.

Additionally, violations of existing protections for both trees and birds by private citizens, developers, tree maintenance contractors, and the City itself have resulted in complaints from residents and investigations by both City and Coastal Commission Enforcement staff. In response, protections once limited to the
Tidelands Areas and City Parks, have now been expanded to include additional public trees in Long Beach’s Coastal Zone neighborhoods. On May 20, 2021, Local Coastal Development Permit 21-015, The Tree Maintenance Policy for All City-Maintained and Owned Trees in the Coastal Zone of Long Beach, was finalized by the City Zoning Commissioner. It applies to all City agencies, private entities and individuals, and to the tree trimming contractors they employ. To report violations contact Public Works Tree Maintenance at (562) 570-2770.

Coastal Tree Policy Basics that you need to know:
  • The policy covers all public trees in the Coastal Zone including those in parkways, medians, parklets, parks, public parking lots and on beaches. It does not apply to trees on private property.
  • Public trees in the Coastal Zone cannot be trimmed or removed during nesting season (January 1st through September 30th) unless they present an imminent danger to public safety.
  • Trees that have held active nests during the past 5 years cannot be trimmed unless they are a danger to the public.
  • Trimming must be the minimum necessary to address the health of the tree and to avoid impacts to breeding and nesting birds and their habitat. Palms must retain all fronds above a horizontal angle.
  • A biologist’s survey of tree/s to be trimmed and a plan for trimming must be filed with the City before work begins.
  • A notice must be posted on trees to be trimmed and residents within 300 ft will be notified by mail. Appeals may be filed within 10 days of posting.
  • Throughout the entire City of Long Beach property owners may trim/remove parkway trees adjoining their property only if they first obtain a permit to do so (permits are free). Permits for trimming/removing trees in the Coastal Zone will only be granted during non-nesting season (October 1st through December 30th) and all restrictions of the new Coastal Tree Policy will apply.
  • The City is building a public database of trees in the Coastal Zone providing habitat to birds to guide tree trimming and removal decisions. Residents may submit reports of nesting/roosting sites to the database. For additional info and a reporting form contact City Arborist Felix Mendoza (562) 570-2731 or

Read their handout on Bird Friendly Tree and Shrub Trimming and Removal (in English and Spanish).

Ana Christensen
3rd District Resident
Great Blue Heron chicks in palm tree on Marina Drive
Update on Redistricting
The Long Beach Redistricting Commission is continuing to hold meetings to engage Long Beach residents in the redistricting process. I would encourage all residents to participate and learn more about the process and the important role residents play in providing input and information about their communities.
Background on Redistricting
The City of Long Beach is beginning its process of redistricting the City Council district lines. This occurs every ten years based on changes we see to the City's populations. Not every community has seen the same amount of population increase throughout the City, so in order to keep each council district with roughly the same number of residents, the City redraws the district lines based on the US Census data that seeks to count and identify every person residing in the county and in our City.
Redistricting is the process of adjusting district lines every 10 years after the release of the U.S. Census in accordance with the California FAIRMAPS Act and the Long Beach City Charter. The last time redistricting occurred in Long Beach was in 2011 when the City Council adopted the current map.
Council District maps determine who you can elect for your district. The maps drawn in 2021 create the stage for the next decade. Districts must be made as equal in population as practicable so that communities have equal access to political representation. If districts are redrawn to keep communities intact, people are better able to elect representatives who will further their interests. Participating in the process is crucial for your community.
Here in Long Beach, voters approved Measure DDD in 2018 and created the City of Long Beach Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. This amended the City Charter to create a Commission of Long Beach residents to determine the boundaries of Council Districts.
As the Commission begins its work, there will be opportunities for residents to provide input and learn more about the process.
September High Holy Days

For our Jewish friends and neighbors, the month of September includes some of the most important Jewish Holidays. These are known as the high holy days and is a term often used to describe the holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah. To the Jewish residents I wish you a Happy New Year, Shanah Tovah, and an easy fast. But to those who may not be familiar with the High Holy Days, I've included some basic information for you to learn more.

Rosh Hashanah
Is both the celebration of the Creation of the world and the new year as well as the Day of Judgement. Many Jews who don’t go to the synagogue the rest of the year go for the marathon of synagogue services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. One special activities associated with this holiday is the sounding of the shofar, or ram’s horn.
The most important activity associated with this holiday time comes between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: trying to repair relationships and make apologies for bad behavior in the previous year.

Yom Kippur
 Is a fast day that is traditionally filled with prayer and collective confession and atonement. It is said that “on Rosh Hashanah the Book of Life is written and on Yom Kippur it is sealed.” In addition to not eating, traditionally you would also not drink, not wash, not wear leather. Many people go to synagogue for most of the day, and even those who are not observant may go for a special service called Yizkor, that honors the dead. The fast (and holiday) ends with a festive break-fast meal after sundown.

Is an ancient times when the Temple stood in Jerusalem, this was a pilgrimage holiday to celebrate the harvest. Rabbinic tradition now holds that this week-long holiday is when we remember the experience of the Israelites’ years of wandering in the desert. Families and communities build a sukkah (or hut) in the yard that will be used for the whole week of Sukkot for eating and entertaining.
Celebrates the end of reading of the year’s Torah cycle and starting it anew for the new year. Simchat Torah is marked with synagogue services. On this holiday, we finish the annual cycle of Torah reading, and read the very last words of the Torah.
Halloween and Fall Activities 
Happy Fall! As we transition out of summer and into fall, I wanted to share with you some fall activities and events to enjoy in the 3rd District. If you have any other events or happenings to share in our next newsletter, please email us at
PA’s Pumpkin Patch
Pa’s Pumpkin Patch is a classic 3rd District Halloween attraction! Gather with your friends and family to enjoy fall activities, games, rides, pumpkins and all around fun in Pa’s country fair atmosphere. Find more information here. 
Special Events

  • Visit 2nd and PCH for a day of fun supporting small local businesses at the Family Fun Halloween Festival
  • You and your furry friends can enjoy the Halloween season at the 20th Annual Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade on Sunday, Oct. 31 at 2:30 PM. This event features a costumed dog parade and a pet adoption fair!
  • Halloween is always one of our most popular holidays in Belmont Shore and this year the BSBA is bringing back the tradition with a bunch of family-friendly fun! Stop by participating retailers for the candy-fest (look for our SPOOKY SIGN in the windows) and be sure to check out the Family Fun Zone in front of Chase Bank. Festivities will be held from 2-5pm and the trick-or-treating at each storefront will last for as long as each business is able to participate. (Based on closing times and availability.) Tick or Treat on Second Street
  • Head down to Marine Stadium for the Patchwork Show Modern Makers Festival featuring local artisans, DIY crafts, food, music, and activities! 
  • Get your skate on at Pigeon’s Roller Rink throughout the fall season! Make sure to check out these special events to get in the Halloween Spirit: 
  • Thriller themed Silent Roller Disco on 10/29 7-10pm adults only 
  • Costume Party Skate on 10/30 3-5pm all ages and 7-10pm adults only
  • Justin Rudd’s 17th Annual Belmont Shore Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest features over 50 artists along 2nd Street on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 4:10 p.m. 
  • Patz & Hall is one of California’s most highly regarded wineries with a celebrated portfolio of single-vineyard wines specializing exclusively in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We’re honored to host Patz & Hall at our next California Winemakers Series Wine Dinner on October 13th at 6:00pm.
  • Enjoy this special evening of food, wine, and music under the stars in Roe Seafood’s new Garden Patio, with 6 courses expertly paired by Chef Rigo to show off the exceptional line up of limited-production wines from Patz & Hall on Wednesday, October 13th at 6:00 PM. 
  • Reservations are required and seats are limited. Tickets may be purchased in advance to reserve your spot.
Celebrate Oktoberfest
Follow our own 3rd District brewery crawl to celebrate Oktoberfest! Start at Ballast Point Brewing for seaside brews by a fire pit. Next, head down 2nd Street to the Long Beach Tap House to grab a beer and some bite. Finally, stop by the Belmont Brewing Co. for views of the beautiful Long Beach coast and a few drinks to end the crawl! 
Sweet Treats
A perfect way to celebrate the fall season is with some sweet treats! Check out these great local businesses to satisfy your sweet tooth: 
  • A new edition to Belmont Shore, Colossus serves fresh pastries,bread, and coffee on 2nd Street! Pop in for their classic flavors, or try some of their seasonal pastries or a Pumpkin Spice Caramel Latte.
  • It wouldn’t be Halloween time without candy! Stop by Tuesday’s Sweet Shop at 2nd and PCH for some sweet or sour candies!
  • A Belmont Shore classic, Sweet Jill’s has an array of cookies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls to add some sweetness to your fall season.

Mollie Wilson
3rd District Legislative Assistant
ACE Band Community Concert Recap
This past Sunday, the Third District celebrated the final concert of the summer season! Councilwoman Suzie Price brought the ACE band to Marine Stadium Park for an afternoon of great music, delicious food, and neighborhood fun. The Goodbye Girls, a local middle-school aged girl band, opened for the ACE band, rocking the park with hits like “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and “Love You Like a Love Song.” The ACE band got the community on their feet and on the dance floor with their full band, including a “kids bands” of instruments provided to the kids in the audience. We would like to thank Carmen’s Coffee, I Love Funnel Cakes, Boom Mexican Food, Wing Bros, and Musical Theater West for contributing to this community event, as well as extend a thank you to all community members, near and far, for attending this event! We look forward to our community concerts beginning next April, and hope everyone enjoyed our community concert series this past summer! 

 Mollie Wilson
3rd District Legislative Assistant
3rd District and City Community Events
Belmont Heights "Last Saturday of the Month" Drive-Thru
October 30th, 2021
Join Belmont Heights Community Association for a "Last Saturday of the Month" food collection! 

Every month they collect food for a different local food pantry. Additionally they also collect a different household item that goes to different organizations in need. 
Their next collection is on Saturday, September 25th from 9 to 11 am in the parking lot of the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church. 

Will Cullen
 Vice President
Belmont Heights Community Association
Business Spotlight
Working with business owners to help them get their dream to come to fruition is one of the highlights of my job, and my experience with Dharma Shakti, owner of Yogalution Movement & Wellness embodies what the word “Yoga” means…”that which brings you to reality.” It was a privilege to help someone that helps the community on a daily basis bring her idea to reality.

Yogalution Movement and Wellness has a new home in Belmont Heights!  Located at 244 Redondo, Dharma’s concept is “a donation-based yoga studio and wellness center with a mission to make yoga accessible to ALL regardless of financial situation, socioeconomic status, race, religion, spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs, age or gender preference. Our goal is to provide tools and knowledge for health, well-being, and to allow for a balanced body, mind and spirit.” The movement was founded by Dharma Shakti, who received her 200 RYT through a month-long training immersion at the Sivananda Ashram in 2005. Dharma's classes “are influenced by her ayurvedic knowledge and each class is adjusted to who is there and the time of day and and the time of year so that our yoga practice is balanced for what we need in the moment.” 
Yogalution is best known in the community for Yoga on the Bluff, their daily free yoga classes that occur daily at Bluff Park. In addition to Yoga on the Bluff, Yogalution hosts community events and workshops, as well as classes at their brand new studio. We highly recommend you check out the new studio, and we wish Dharma Shakti the best of luck in her new location in the 3rd District!
Studio Hours
Mon-Thurs: 7 AM – 9:15 PM
Friday: 7 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday: 7 AM – 12 PM
Sunday: 7 AM – 12:30 PM

244 Redondo Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90803
*Enter Yoga Studio from Redondo sidewalk
*Enter Wellness Center from parking lot
Lisa West
3rd District Director of Business Relations,
Programming and Outreach

Mollie Wilson
3rd District Legislative Assistant
Artist Spotlight
Charles Hickey
Charles Hickey (he/him) is a Long Beach based interdisciplinary artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Working primarily with digital modeling and digital fabrication, Hickey creates still lives, drawings, and 3D pen sculptures to explore body functions and visual communication. Engaging with how we see and how we represent objects in space, he pulls from the traditions of still life painting and sculpture, using the genre as an armature on which to experiment and communicate. Hickey received a M.F.A. in Studio Arts from Syracuse University in 2020 and a B.F.A. with a concentration in sculpture from Winthrop University in 2017. His work has been shown at the Everson Museum and Olive Tjaden and Experimental Galleries at Cornell University. He has had solo shows at Random Access Gallery, Syracuse, NY and at West Forty Third in Savannah, GA, both in 2021.

In the world of computers, TVs, and phone screens, we are habituated to the act of traveling inside a 2D surface and experiencing a 3D reality within. This spatial experience is broad and adept even as I write this statement in a Word document, there is gentle shadow surrounding each page cluttering my screen that pushes them apart into a three-dimensional arrangement. This layering and creation of depth pulls us in and so much so that we forget the physical surface of the screen. We submerge into the flat space and shuffle though our objects there. The screen disappears.
We enter into flat spaces automatically and experience an understanding of the depicted three-dimensional space with ease. With the historical precedent of painting, there is much to be said about the development of an ability to design and depict space on a flat surface and in this history of depiction there is the parallel history of viewing the flat surface to enter it. This body of works pairs the painting surface with the digital surface to explore the way we think about objects and space through 2D representation.

The transitional theme from 3D to 2D is paired in each work with a selection of objects that take advantage of linguistic capacity of objects to relay meaning. Throughout the tradition of still life painting, objects are used as armatures on which to develop painterly techniques and as vessels for language in order create a theme in the work.
These works each contain an individual theme that uses the still life tradition mixed with the ideas of representation so that each of the two branches of still life, technique and content, build on one another.

Lincoln and Mary, for example, is a musing on empathetic relationships using the idea of the vessel. Dutch Dart Dinner is a contemplation on domesticity and gendered traditions familiar to the table and food. These themes take full advantage of the still life as a space for time and reflection on both the objects as depictions and as carriers of information, used not to give clear answers but to evoke mumbled questions.

Instagram: @charleshickeystudio
Did You Catch Suzie In September?
Walking the "Honoring Women of Long Beach History" Rancho Walk
Celebration of the second phase of Bluff Park's historic lamp post project
Bluff Park Neighborhood Association Block Party
City Council Meeting
2nd and PCH Brixton Grand Opening
Presenting updates and talking with Bluff Park residents at this month's Bluff Park Neighborhood Association meeting
3rd District Neighborhood And Association Meetings
Alamitos Heights Improvement Association - AHIA Meetings calendared Quarterly. Please visit their website for more information.

Belmont Heights Community Association
2nd Wednesday of each month
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Belmont Heights United Methodist Church

Belmont Shore Residents Association
2nd Thursday of each month
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Bay Shore Library

Bluff Park Community Meeting
Please check their website for meeting details

Friends of Belmont Shore
First Thursday of each month, 6:00 - 8:00 PM via Zoom
Visit their web site for the zoom link

Friends of Bixby Park
Please check their website
Greenbelt Heights Neighborhood Association
All neighbors welcome!
Regular meeting: 3rd Tuesday at 8pm-9pm
917 Bennett Ave., LB
2nd Sunday neighborhood clean-up at 9am

NW Belmont Park Community Watch
Approximately every 3 months as determined
Third District Field Office
Email Carleton Carlson for meeting confirmation at 
Peninsula Neighborhood Association
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Stoneybrook Villas Association Meeting
3rd Wednesday of each month
7:00 PM - Clubhouse at 500 Bellflower Blvd

Do you have a community or neighborhood meeting that you would like to add to the 3rd District calendar? Email:  
Important Phone Numbers For City Services
Abandoned Shopping Cart
(800) 252 – 4613

Broken / Inoperable Traffic Light (562) 570 – 2768

Broken Curb
(562) 570 – 2726

Broken Street Light
(562) 983 – 2000

Broken Parking Meter
(562) 570 – 2741

Damaged Banner
(562) 570 – 5333

Damaged Mailbox
(800) 275 – 8777

Damaged or Missing Tree Grate (562) 570 – 2726

Damaged Sewer
(562) 570 – 2726

Damaged Bus Shelter
(562) 591 – 8753
Damaged Trees
(562) 570 – 2700

Graffiti on Buildings
(562) 570 – 2773

Gas Emergency
(562) 570 – 2140

Leaking Fire Hydrant
(562) 570 – 2390

Noise Abatement
(562) 570 – 4126

Overflowing Sidewalk Trash Can (562) 570 – 2876

Pot Hole
(562) 570 – 3259

Shoes on Powerlines
(562) 570 – 2726

Trash in Street
(562) 570 – 2876 OR (562) 570 – 3867