Your incredible response to the 2015 End of The Year Appeal put us in the position to be bold and creative and go after highly competitive community investment funding from the NYS Community Investment Fund.  We got it thanks to you and your demonstration of community support.  (Your support really counts BIG TIME.) Now we are knee deep in construction to complete the building renovations, the installation of commercial kitchen equipment, solar energy on the roof, hot water thermal panels on the mansard, and a few little extra beauty touches for the Philmont Market & Cafe as the anchor business beneficiary to open in the spring working with our local farmers providing food for the community.   

Please click the circle to see why we're asking you again to lend a hand by making an additional community match contribution to help close our gap in costs not covered by the NYS CIF grant!
What does this project REALLY need to complete? 
A total of $1,000 was donated last week!
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Every donation counts. 

Click the engineering circle to see the construction plans for the commercial kitchen, cafe, retail display, cold storage, and solar green energy solutions.

Click the grant budget circle to see what the NYS grant pays for, our construction crew, and how we're keeping it local supporting the local economy.


The co-op is the anchor business and beneficiary of this project providing the opportunity for local farmers and food producers to come together to produce a hub of creative energy around direct-market local food in Philmont.  The Co-op's unique producer/consumer model will work with our local farmers and emerging food entrepreneurs to serve the community with fresh, affordable, healthy foods on the shelf, from the kitchen, and from the fields year round. 

A message from Elizabeth Angello, President of the Co-op, "once we renovate the kitchen and develop a revenue stream,  the business will be self-sustaining and won't need the back-up funding we need right now to get the doors open. This is it, the final push."


To make a contribution by check please contact  
Elizabeth Angello 518 227 6393, or Sally Baker 518 672 7556
or mail to
Philmont Beautification, Inc.
113 Main St. PO Box 1072
Philmont, NY 12565  

The excitement for this project was palpable at the Sunday markets. MetaBee Farm  owner, Elizabeth Coe, was thrilled to experience firsthand how we are building community consensus, collaborating with the Co-op, and rolling out the producer consumer model, changing the game for young Columbia County farmers. She told Elizabeth Angello, President of the Co-op, "this is  the project everyone  is talking about." It's happening, people are loving the Co-op food truck Cafe, and are jumping with excitement.

Click on the circle to see the Philmont Market & Cafe Co-op! 


At our request, real estate agency owner Karen Davala assessed the value of PBI's work as the developer producing a fully renovated turn key space for the Philmont Market & Cafe to open and serve the community.  "I believe the addition of the co-op store which includes all the baked goods, vegetables, jams, etc. will be yet another very positive direction for the village to attract the countless people who visit Columbia County for its talents, artists, tourism, and a place to call home!  With all the new business coming in, like the variety store and office rental space, and the popularity of the existing businesses including those that are not as well seen like the cabinet maker and the nutritional counselor, I believe what has been said, "that the Village of Philmont is the gateway to Hudson."

Karen is a PBI supporter and donor who encourages us all to keep growing the village.  She's getting increased business and new people are taking interest in what we're doing together to make the difference! 

A click on the circle will show you Karen's business in Philmont! 

If you got this far reading I hope you are still firmly behind this project and will consider making an End of Year contribution!
Sally Baker
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