Hello My Friends,

I decided to retire bobble head Lynne and move on to tell you where I really will be going as soon as I can:
Gardens at Mole Cottage with Mr. and Mrs. Mole!
I lived at Yew Tree Cottage, Brundish, Suffolk, England in a 1640 thatch roofed cottage, for the first four years of my marriage (1970-1974). Down the road lived these folks – Anne and Tony St. Quinton (now in their 80’s) at Mill Cottage or, better known, Mr. and Mrs. Mole at Mole Cottage. From Mrs. Mole. I learned an enduring love of gardening that I brought back to Connecticut. When I moved to Ashcroft in 1995, gardening was not an option – although I remember my younger brother Alan trying to grow some lettuce back in the day.  I digress. Over the ensuing 46 years, the Moles have created the most charming gardens and woods. My last trip there was sometime in early 2000 – and I long to return. So, no seaside, no Paris and no mountains (although it could be said that I have been climbing the proverbial mountain since May 11). Just gentle, pastoral, rural Suffolk in the company of these two remarkable friends.


My lease on this space does not end until July 31. I am plotting something very wonderful….but….it is not fully formulated as there are several moving parts and other people involved. It shall be revealed in the next newsletter. However, I will be here a lot – and will decide on July 1, after I have slept for the whole day, what the hours will be. 

29 June 2020