subarashii s'mores
Asian Pear Picnic!

Summertime fun is in your own backyard! Spread out a blanket, turn up the tunes and serve some tasty Asian Pear treats for an evening of enjoyment.

Try these picnic-perfect pleasers: Chicken Salad Wrap w ith Dried Asian Pears, tortilla chips and Guacamole made with Aged Asian Pear Vinegar, and, for dessert, Subarashii S'mores with our own Asian Pear Spread.
Speaking of Pears... 
"My relatives love the dried pears. I can't show up without them. "
 Bill, Center Valley, PA
Countdown to Harvest...

Harvest time is getting closer! This picture shows an Asian Pear Team member thinning a JunoSan Asian Pear Tree. A curved stick is used to gently pull down the taller branches. The extraneous fruit is removed to allow the nicest fruit to grow full size, unhampered by any competition with neighboring fruit. The "thinned" fruit is used as natural compost for the continued health of our Asian Pear trees.

We all look forward to Harvest 2020 beginning early September. Visit our online store in the coming weeks to order tree-ripened, sweet, juicy, and crisp, gourmet Asian Pears shipped right to your door.
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