February 2019
Kindergarten Countdown: 6 Months
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Welcome to the official Edina Public Schools Pre-K newsletter. We are excited that you will soon be joining the EPS family. In this newsletter you will find helpful tips, resources, and advice from kindergarten experts at all of our elementary schools that will ease your child’s transition into kindergarten. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us with Countdown to Kindergarten in the subject line.
Recommended Books by Countryside Elementary Media Specialist, Kathy Koepp
My Kindergarten , by Rosemary Wells

Max Goes to School , by Adria F Klein and illustrated, by Mernie Gallagher-Cole

Look out Kindergarten, Here I Come, by Nancy Carlson

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, by Joseph Slate illustrated by Ashley Wolf
Ask an Educator
by Leah Byrd, Early Childhood Coordinator
Starting kindergarten is a big step in a child’s life. One of the biggest factors of a child being ready for kindergarten is his or her social and emotional skill set. How well does the child adapt to a new situation? Does the child understand some of the social “rules” in society? Does the child like to play alone or with a group of friends? Can the child problem solve? Lastly, does the child enjoy learning?

At the Early Learning Center, we provide a variety of Pre-K (4 year old) options for families. All curriculum is rooted in play-based learning with a focus on using Pyramid Implementation skills to develop a student’s social and emotional skills. Children are given the opportunity to learn through independent and guided play with a focus on school readiness and social emotional development. Below is a list of some things parents and caregivers can do to help a child develop their social emotional skills.
  • Purposely read books about school. Ask your child what they think school will be like. Ask them what they will do if something at school is different than they thought it would be? 
  • Talk about characteristics of good friends. Ask what they think makes a good friend and what does not? Ask what skills they are really good at and what they need to practice more of?
  • Bring your child to playgrounds or play dates with lots of children. Kindergarten is different than preschool. There are typically 22+ kids with only one adult. Watch and observe how they problem solve without an adult helping.

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by Concord Elementary kindergarten teachers
Concord kindergarten teachers want students to be as successful as possible when they begin school. Teachers composed a list of skills kindergarteners should be able to display before the first day. The list is divided into three categories: self-care, academic skills, and social skills.

Students should be able to:
  • Tie shoes (otherwise purchase Velcro).
  • Zip coat.
  • Use the bathroom independently.

Academic Skills
Students should be able to:
  • Count to 10+.
  • Recognize numbers to 10.
  • Read lowercase letter sounds.

Social Skills
Students should be able to:
  • Use words to solve problems.
  • Share with others.
  • Take turns.

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Kindergarten Video
A Day in Kindergarten
Parents are curious as to what a typical day is like for a kindergartener. Watch these kindergarteners walk, skip, and jump through their day to see what your child will experience at Edina Public Schools.
Ask a Parent
by Sonika and Atul, Countryside parents
There are many parents who struggle with the decision of when to send their child with a summer birthday to kindergarten. Countryside parents, Sonika and Atul faced this decision with their daughter last year. Sonika and Atul shared how they navigated their decision to help current Pre-K parents who are faced with a similar dilemma.
Q: What month is your child’s birthday?
  • Our daughter’s birthday is July 15.

Q: Did you seek advice from others when making the decision?
  • We discussed it with other parents, but we had experience making the decision with our older child, which made the decision making process easier.

Q: How did you make sure your daughter was ready for kindergarten?
  • Some of the most important things were to make sure that she did not need a nap during the day and that she was able to communicate if she needed anything.

  • A few weeks before school started, we moved her from daycare, which was her comfort zone, and placed her in a summer program at the YMCA. This was a completely new environment for her to make new friends and to talk to new teachers. If she needed anything, she had her older sibling, who was in the same program, but she was basically independent. Since naps were not an option in the summer program, she learned not to rely on them. She also learned how to eat without assistance and how to take care of her own belongings.

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Kindergarten Registration
Easy Online Registration

It's not too late to register your child for the 2019-2020 School year! Visit the Edina Public Schools kindergarten registration webpage to complete kindergarten registration.
Upcoming Events
March 7: Countryside Incoming Kindergarten Open House at 4:30 p.m.
March 11 Concord Kinder Welcome Night at 6-7 p.m.
April 4: Welcome to Cornelia Self-guided Tour at 5-6:30 p.m.
May 7: Creek Valley Kindergarten Welcome Night at 4:30-6 p.m.
July 22-August 9: Ready, Set, Kindergarten Camp - This Kindergarten Camp is a partnership with Hopkins Schools. The program will accept 50 kids from each district. To be eligible for the program participants must have no prior preschool experience and participants must be entering either Edina or Hopkins Kindergarten. Contact Leah Byrd for more information.
July 22-August 9: Edina Public Schools Kindergarten Camp, register online at edinaschools.org/earlylearningcenter
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