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Life Skills

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Meeting & Greeting w/ A-L-R

Learning to interact with others begins with meeting, greeting, and having conversations. First Tee incorporates this into the five steps for meeting someone new, and Ask-Listen-Respond.

When meeting someone, utilize these five steps:

  1. Face the Person
  2. Smile & look them in the eye
  3. Give a Firm Handshake
  4. State your name clearly and loudly enough to be heard
  5. If you need information, ask a question.

Once complete, you can begin a conversation with a question. This is where A-L-R comes into play.

  • A - Ask Questions
  • L - Listen to Understand
  • R - Reflect and Respond

Asking open-ended questions is the best way to keep the conversation going. Open-ended questions require answers that are more than one word. Instead of asking "do you like golf?" where the answer could be "yes" or "no," you might ask "what do you like about golf?", encouraging the person to elaborate.

Using these methods promotes a healthy social life and helps to build positive relationships.

First Tee College Scholarship Program

At First Tee, we believe that helping young people build strength of character is fundamental to success in life. Our active learning experiences are all about ensuring young people build inner strength, self-confidence and resilience, so when they face new challenges they are equipped to overcome them.

Going beyond our core programs, the enhanced First Tee College Scholarship Program is designed to provide further support, life skill development and mentorship of our alumni through their journey. Higher education continues to be a critical factor in unlocking opportunities for young people to thrive, and First Tee is committed to their success.

First Tee College Scholarship Program supports selected alumni throughout their college career. The need and merit-based program provides scholarships up to $5,000 per year, renewable for up to four years of college admission.


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Club Selection

In most cases the club you select will have a big impact on the success of your shot. There is not always a "right" or "wrong" choice, but can be highly dependent on what you are most comfortable with.

For example, some golfers prefer to chip with a lower-lofted club like a 7-iron or even a hybrid, while others like the feel of a wedge.

The only way to figure out what your preferences are is through trial and error, and it often works out that what you practice with most is the one you prefer.

The same is true for full swings. Most experienced golfers have a Go-To Club. This is the one they have the most success with for a variety of different shot types and lengths.

That's why it's so important to practice different types of shots with a variety of clubs on the range. If you find yourself focusing too much on Driver, remind yourself that it's one of the least used clubs in your bag during a typical round of golf.

A good rule of thumb is the higher the loft, the more you'll tend to use it during your round. Adjust your practice routine accordingly to lower your scores.

The Backswing W/ Rick Shiels