February / March 2020
It's Countdown to Moving Day
It’s hard to believe that it’s been very close to a year since a large cadre of staff and volunteers packed up the collection, shelving, and furniture at 5 Lunt Road to move everything into storage and a temporary Library space at Mason-Motz. But it has.

And we are preparing to do the return trip to an expanded and renovated space at 5 Lunt starting twenty-five (25) days from today! Let the Countdown begin!

We will be closing the temporary space to all service on Tuesday, March 17 at 5 pm. But don’t panic! If you are a big reader/watcher/listener, we have a game plan.; March Madness.

March Madness Game Plan:

  • Beginning on Tuesday, February 25, all Falmouth items checked out will be given a due date of May 15, 2020.

  • The last day to place a hold on an any item will be February 25. After this date, Falmouth patrons will be no longer be able to place holds on library items.

  • Now the fun part: If you are concerned you won't have enough to read, be sure to take as many items as you would like prior to March 17. It’s March Madness! Borrow as many Falmouth items as you would like and don't return them until our 5 Lunt Road location opens early- to mid-May.

  • Staff is already working up some fun reading lists to help you out. Read those Stephen King horror stories you’ve heard so much about but never took the time to check them out. What about starting a new mystery series? Forget Netflix, binge watch Game of Thrones in DVD format.

  • Need some calming time while the Library is closed? Try out some audiobooks, including some classic children’s and young adult at bedtime, everyone enjoys a good story-time

  • We’ve also ensured that everyone’s Library cards are updated through May 15, 2020. Why? So you can access the Digital Library for free downloadable e-books and audio.

And if you just can’t stand the thought of not spending time browsing through the stacks, we have a great, free suggestions. All of our patrons can take advantage of the free Portland Public Library card provided to Cumberland County residents. You can sign up for your Portland card at Falmouth or at any of the Portland library branches. Visit https://www.portlandlibrary.com/using-the-library/ for more information.

Finally, we will maintain updated communication via messages such as this one, and on our website and Facebook account
Returning Non-Falmouth Library Items
While you are welcome to borrow our local items until May 15, we ask that any items borrowed from other libraries be returned by March 14. You may return these items to our book drop at 190 Middle Road.
Thank you to the large number of volunteers who have offered to help with our move. You will be hearing from us with more specific information soon.
Beauty and the Books
That's right. We plan to hold our annual Beauty and the Books Silent Auction in the coming months. Stay tuned for further information about making donations or contact beautyandthebooksfml@gmail.com .