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5 Days until Dyslexia Awareness Month
October is almost here, so don't forget to share IDA's website and critical facts about dyslexia! Use social media and the link below to spread the word about IDA's mission and how to get involved during Dyslexia Awareness Month and throughout the year to help struggling readers.

Participant Spotlight

(pictured from left to right: Mandy Tucker, Alexis Juusola, Suzann Vera, Chloe King)

Shout-out to IDA Austin's TeamQuest! This team embodies the true spirit of TeamQuest's comradery and dedication to training and group runs that raise funds to help individuals with dyslexia. Keep up the great work IDA Austin!

Take on the ZYX Challenge

Don't forget to show your support and raise awareness with the ZYX Challenge!

Run through Autumn
Adding layers before a morning or evening run sounds tempting when dressing for the cooler, autumn temperatures. However, it's important to make sure you don't overheat after a five-minute warm up. At the start of your run, dress as if the temperature were 15 degrees warmer and wear a layer that you can unzip or remove during the run to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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