Countdown to Reopening #2
Libby Davis
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Lewis & Clark Law School

P.S. Next week's countdown email: Boley Law Library

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Campus Activities, Events & Meetings

Most activities, events, and meetings will be hosted remotely, per the institutional Interim Policy: Event Management During COVID-19 Pandemic but, even when we can’t use the physical space on campus, we will find ways to connect with each other. On the plus side, remotely-held events usually allow a greater number of people to attend and also allow for a diversity of speakers.

Be sure watch your email inbox for the Daily Announcement emails, which will resume at the start of fall semester and will promote upcoming events and include general announcements.

SBA Student Groups

Coronavirus will not stop the SBA or student groups from their work.

The Student Bar Association (SBA) has been busy over the summer and has already started coordinating with our many student organizations. To kick off the year, the SBA has coordinated a Virtual Student Organization Fair, which will be held, via Zoom, from 5:30-6:30 pm on three dates: September 9, 10, and 11. You are invited to drop into one of these sessions to learn about the student organizations and ways to get involved with their activities. In addition, the SBA is coordinating 1L equity and inclusion sessions, which will be held during the week of August 31.

Meeting in small groups on campus

We are not encouraging groups to meet on campus, but we realize there may be times where this makes sense. There can be no groups larger than 25, and, if possible, we ask that you meet outside. Of course, you must wear masks at all times and maintain a 6 ft. distance from each other. 
Support and Resources
The law school faculty and staff, as well as the institutional staff, will be available to you throughout the year. Many of the staff will be working remotely but will be able to meet with you virtually or talk with you on the phone. You can find a list of the student-focused/support offices on the law school Student Life webpage. 

Requesting Non-Covid-19 Accommodations

Contact our Student Support Services Office if you would like to request non-COVID-19 accommodations.

Requesting Covid-19 Accommodations

Contact me directly ( for COVID-19 accommodations.

Support and Counseling

Our Student Counseling Office is available for support and counseling. They are scheduling virtual sessions so you do not have to go to their office on the upper campus to talk with a counselor.
We also have a strong affiliation with the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program (OAAP), which provides no-cost law student counseling and support.
Study Space
Study space on campus will be more limited than usual, due to the social distancing and room occupancy limitations. There will be space in the Boley Law Library, Wood Hall, and the Legal Research Center. Next week’s countdown to reopening message will include information on available study space and instructions on how to use the space.
Dining Options
Dining space will be available in the Legal Research Center (LRC) and outside in the amphitheater, weather-permitting. Our Café will be using an app for online ordering of food with online payment. Areas to pick up the food safely have been established. Our coffee stand, Brewed Awakenings will open when the cafeteria is closed to limit the numbers of people in the LRC at any given time. Additional microwaves are being placed in LRC so that students can have safe access for heating food brought from home.
The law school bookstore is scheduled to reopen on Thursday, August 6 and expects to operate with regular business hours throughout the semester. The Fall 2020 book lists are posted on the bookstore webpage.
Lockers will only be assigned to 1Ls who request lockers. As in all areas of the law school, students will have to maintain at least a 6-foot distance in the Gantenbein locker area.