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Jennifer Johnson
Dean, Lewis & Clark Law School
A Necessary Commitment To Each Other
Lewis & Clark has asked all faculty, students and staff to make a necessary commitment to community health. Please read the Commitment carefully and do everything you can to avoid exposure to COVID and in turn, to help keep our community safe. Only with your help can we keep our campus open for you. 
Maximum Density in Law School Rooms
You will see signs outside of all the rooms indicating the maximum density for the room. The density is determined by 1) how many persons can fit in the room while accommodating the 6 foot social distancing requirement, and 2) the governor’s orders for higher education that allow no more than 25 persons in any size room so long as Multnomah County remains in Phase 1 of the Oregon re-opening guidelines. 
Classroom Density
Classes are currently operating under the 25-person room capacity rule. Professors with larger classes with higher enrollments are making various arrangements with their students, including alternating in-class and remote attendance. Similar arrangements are underway for courses held in smaller classrooms, where social distancing guidelines further limit the maximum number of persons in those particular spaces. Your professors will be in touch with specific instructions. Thank you to all for your flexibility!

Wipes and sanitizing supplies are available for you in each classroom.
Instructions for Zoom Attendees
Most of you are experts on Zoom by now but our Computing Services Department has developed instructions for logging into Zoom. The instructions were emailed to you two weeks ago and can be accessed via this link.

If you will be attending via Zoom, you need to attend the class on the day and time it is scheduled. The faculty will ask that you appear with your video on and your full chosen name on the screen. If you would like to request a waiver of video appearance, please contact Associate Dean Libby Davis ( You are welcome to add your pronouns after your name. 
Instructions for In-person Attendees
If you will be attending in-person, you will have plenty of time between classes to enter your classroom and get settled.

Classrooms 1, 5 and 6 have just one set of double doors and are marked Enter through door on the right and Exit out door on the left.

Classrooms 2, 3, and 4 are all Enter through double doors on the right side of classrooms and Exit out doors on the left side of classrooms (and exit doors are kept locked so one cannot enter through those doors).

In Wood Hall classrooms 7 and 8 you will enter through the "inside" doors, in the center of the hallway, and exit out the far left, far right doors respectively.

When you enter the room, please go to a row and take the available seat that’s furthest over from the entrance so no one will have to walk behind you in that row to take a seat.

There are usually students who, due to hearing or vision issues, need to sit near the front of the classroom. If you do not need to sit near the front, please find a seat towards the middle or back of the classroom and save the front seats for students who need them. 
Attending Remotely-taught Classes on Campus
If your schedule combines remotely-taught and in-person classes on a single day, you can use the assigned classroom to attend the remotely-taught class.

If the remotely-taught class has more than 25 students enrolled or the classroom capacity is smaller than the number of enrolled students, you can reserve a seat in a Wood Hall study room or a seminar room that is not being used during your remotely-taught class meeting time.

To reserve a seat in a Wood Hall study room or an unused seminar room, use the Boley seat reservation system.
Attendance App
Some faculty may use the EZCheck app to take attendance. It’s easy to download and use. If your professor is using this app, they will send instructions to you. 
No Eating and Drinking in Classrooms or the Library
In order to keep your masks on at all times in classrooms and in the library, there will be no eating allowed; for water, drink only from a straw.  
Many Staff are Working Remotely
To keep the campus density as low as possible, any staff that can work via telecommuting are doing just that. Staff are still available to meet with you either remotely or in person where feasible. If you need staff support, please email them.
Directional Signage
To help maintain social distancing there are clear entrances and exits marked.

Stairways in the LRC are now either Up Stairways or Down Stairways.

Elevators are limited to one person occupancy.
Campus is Closed to the Public
You will see signs that indicate the campus is closed to the public by executive order of the Governor. 

Students, faculty and staff who need to be on campus are the only folks that should be on campus with exceptions for
pre-arranged admissions tours.
Food Service on Campus
Law Cafe Hours:
Monday-Thursday 11am - 3pm; Friday 11am - 1:30pm

The law cafe will have hot menu items, grill options, and grab-and-go items available. For now, students will need to order in person, and orders will be packaged and available for quick pick up in individual cubbies. A new, much faster credit card processor will get you in and out more efficiently. More details are coming soon.
Your Questions Answered...Boley Library Use
The last Countdown email listed how and when you can use the library. You can view that information here. The Library communication inspired some further questions:

Why only 25 people in the Boley Reading Room? It could accommodate more and keep the 6’ distance requirement.

Yes, we agree! 25 students in the Boley Reading Room is much too low a number. But our hands are tied by state-issued orders.
Why only 4-hours for seat reservations in the Library? What about low use times?

We are working to distribute the available library seats as equitably as possible, thus the current four-hour limit to all seat reservations as well as study rooms.

We will be watching the use quite closely during the first week of full classes. If it turns out that we can extend access during certain hours, we will certainly do so.

Why can’t we have 24-hour access to Wood Hall and Boley Library?

There are institutional issues that come up that leave us no choice, including providing time and safe space for our daily cleaning crew to sanitize our study areas, and the need to match study hours with staff hours so that the building is never un-staffed.

Other law school libraries around the country, many with 24-hour library and building access, all report the need to temporarily apply standard closing times to their buildings.
Can we reserve rooms (classrooms or other space) to study in groups?
This is a tough one to solve on our campus when you combine:
  • the 25-person max room limit
  • social distance requirements which severely limit how many people may be in our smaller rooms
  • the effect of those limits on classroom scheduling
  • the need for quiet study space
  • the need to provide additional space for students to attend remote classes when they do not have enough time to return home between or after in-person classes

Thus, we begin with a very limited-access campus.
The Boley Law Library, handling room reservations, will be keeping an eye on how this works out and whether classroom space opens up. Our first priority will remain the safety of our students.
Reminder: Virtual Study Rooms Are Available!

We do have virtual study rooms available. We have full appreciation of how they are not the same thing. But, they have been popular and can come in handy in a pinch.